Muslim Rage Based In Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories and extremism go hand in hand because the theories are generally invented to advance a political objective.  Muslims have been whipped into a rage countless times by firebrand clerics lying about some supposed offense or threat to Islam.  It shouldn’t come as a great surprise that Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s brother in law recently reported that Tamerlan was enamored of conspiracy theories. reports that:  Boston Bombers Were Angry Because People Thought Islam was a Violent Religion



“He was looking for connections between the wars in the Middle East and oppression of Muslim population around the globe”

There’s a big difference between, suspicion and curiosity, and unquestioning belief in unsubstantiated theories that defy mountains of facts to the contrary.  After you have taken the time to debunk a particular conspiracy theory, take a few minutes to consider who would benefit from inventing such a theory and you will be on track to discover the real conspiracy.

Here are a few of the more popular and resoundingly disproved conspiracy theories (every one of these is absolute total bunk).

Israel intentionally attacked the USS Liberty in 1967.
The Jews control the mainstream media.
The US or Israeli governments either allowed or orchestrated the 9/11 attacks.
Muslims only attack us because of our foreign policy.
The US never landed on the moon.
Someone is spraying chemicals (chemtrails) into the clouds.
The Illuminati (Jewish Bankers) cause all of the wars in the world just to profit from loans.
There are or were aliens living here.
There is something evil in the Bermuda triangle.
The government has aliens or alien spacecraft in Roswell NM.
AIDS is a government created virus intended to.
Hitler was a Christian.
Mohamed and Islam were and are peaceful.
The holocaust is a hoax.
The country of Israel has no claim to the land it sits on.
Guns not people cause violence.
Muslims fought against Hitler in WWII.
You don’t have to pay taxes because the 16th amendment was never ratified.
The US government is actually federal corporation.
The US government is operating under admiralty law.
The US government is at war with Islam.
Islam isn’t at war with the rest of the world.
Unborn babies aren’t human.
The US government will never go bankrupt.
The government can do whatever it collectively decides to do.
The Tea Party is a bunch of simple minded racists.
The polar icecaps are going to melt in the next 2 years and the entire world will be underwater.
The KKK was not part of the Democrat party.

It’s exactly these types of inflammatory conspiracy theories (thoroughly debunked countless times) that cause people to take irrational actions.  Consider the irrational action likely to be provoked and who would want such a thing to happen and you will be well on your way to discovering the real conspiracy behind conspiracy theories.

Failing to challenge conspiracy theorists is exactly the kind of failure that allowed two Muslim men from Boston to believe they needed to attack their unsuspecting and infinitely more sane neighbors.

Trial of Jihadist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan To Begin In May

Maj. Nidal Malik HasanThe trial of Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder, is scheduled to begin in May.

A new judge has been assigned to the case and Hasan’s delay tactic challenges are being rapidly resolved. (Who really cares if he is convicted with a beard or without one? The important point is that he stand trial and face the consequences of his actions.)

Several witnesses have testified at pretrial hearings that they heard Hasan shout. “Allahu akbar” — Arabic for “God is great” — before opening fire.

Although military executions are rare, Hasan could be an exception.

The last military execution was that of John Bennett, hanged on April 13, 1961, for the rape and attempted murder of an 11-year-old Austrian girl.

Islamophobia Accusations Hamper Counter Terrorism Efforts

Have you thought about what could have stopped the Boston bombing?

The simple fact, known to virtually everyone, is that Islam produces terrorists like no other ideology known to man. The problem is that anyone that mentions this unquestionable fact is branded a racist hatemonger and any potential deeper discussion or understanding is suffocated.

The left (who have no problem with 3300 babies killed per day) thinks the war on terrorism is pointless, they offer no alternative strategy – just criticism and resignation that the problem is unsolvable so it’s pointless to try. Their view of people on the right is so jaundiced that they imagine that any discussion of the Islam problem will generate acts of violence against innocent Muslims. It’s not hard to understand why they worry about such things because they themselves adhere to a set of beliefs that advocates imposing their particular set of values onto others using force. The history of the left is a brutal bloody one which includes individual vigilantism, terrorism, and numerous state sponsored and executed genocides.

Not everything the left says is wrong nor are their concerns completely without merit. No one disagrees that we need to prevent vigilante justice and trampling of civil and constitutional rights. We would, however all be much better served if the left put as much effort into cleaning up their own violence promoting factions as they do projecting their own problems onto the right.

Defendants of our current strategy point out that 50 terrorist attacks have been foiled since 9/11 and call for a stepped up effort every time there is a near miss or successful attack. Preventing most of the attacks (2 successful attacks in 52 events is approximately a 4% success rate) which is fine unless you’re one of the unlucky ones.

One could say that we had just been lucky until the Boston attacks but the truth is that ordinary citizens have played a role in virtually all of the prevented terror attacks.

The one common factor that is crucial in preventing terror attacks is detection and recognition of terrorists before they take action. In order to detect and recognize we must have a public which is educated about the characteristics, behaviours and beliefs of the potential terrorist. That means not only admitting that terrorists are virtually always Muslims, but also that terrorism is a form of Jihad. It means learning to recognize the behaviors of a person that is becoming a fundamentalist which include attitudes and behaviours directed towards specific groups called out in Islamic texts for castigation such as women, non-Muslims, Jews, Christians and non fundamentalist Muslims.

If the Muslim community wants to be partners in this battle they need to stop opposing the efforts to battle terrorism by labelling anyone interested in exploring characteristics of potential terrorists to be Islamophobes and join the discussion.

There is ample evidence that the Tsarnaevs had displayed numerous behaviours that should have made them stand out as potential terror suspects. Law enforcement isn’t the problem, detection and recognition of terrorism is the problem. Detection and recognition depend on an informed public as the first line of defense something that is increasingly difficult to accomplish where leftists want discussion of the relationship between Islam and terrorism to be being criminalized.

If the Islamophobia accusers carry the day, fewer and fewer people will come forward with suspicions. Would you report a potential terrorist if doing so was likely to cause you to be accused of a crime?

Paris Suburb Awards Honorary Citizenship to Palestinian Terrorist in Israeli Jail

Al-Rimawi,  sentenced by an Israeli court to life imprisonment plus 80 years for participating in the planning and murder of Israeli Minister Rechavam Zeevi in 2001, has been awarded Honorary Citizenship by the Bezons suburb of Paris. The inscription on the plaque prepared by the municipality refers to Al-Rimawi as a “political prisoner.”

In reality, Al-Rimawi is a member of the terrorist group, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which has been responsible for perpetrating scores of deadly attacks against Israeli civilians.


Rehavam Ze’evi, Israel’s tourism minister, was assassinated on Wednesday, 17 October 2001, at the Hyatt Hotel in Jerusalem by a squad of Palestinians assassins acting on behalf of the PFLP militant organization.

Here is video of Palestinians celebrating the assassination of Rehavam Ze’evi:

The European Jewish Congress (EJC) has slammed the decision by Bezons, a suburb of Paris, to grant terrorist murderer Majdi al-Rimawi “honorary citizenship.”

“This is an outrageous and horrific decision, not just to honor a murderer, but the murderer of an Israeli government cabinet minister,” EJC President, Dr. Moshe Kantor, said. “Today is exactly a year since the terrible and tragic murder of Jewish schoolchildren in Toulouse and the honoring of al-Rimawi in France demonstrates that murder and terrorism is being glorified when it should be condemned in all forms.”

“We call on the French authorities to immediately remove this stain on the French landscape out of respect for a friendly government, the people of France and tolerance.”

The Mayor of the city of Bezons, Dominique Lesparre, made a speech at the ceremony honoring Rimawi in which he justified the acts of the convicted terrorist murderer, calling him a “victim”.

“It is inconceivable that an elected figure can be so ignorant to call a cold-blooded murderer a victim,” Kantor said. “This is the kind of ignorance which leads to people like Mohammed Merah perpetrating the murder of children because they are Jewish. This type of glorification of murder is sending a very ominous message to the next Merah.”

Since the Toulouse murders a year ago, there has been an upswing in anti-Semitism in France with Jews physically assaulted across the country. The EJC said that it recognizes the strong reaction in the aftermath of last year’s Toulouse murders, and also commends the current government under President Hollande. However, more needs to be done to reduce anti-Semitic attacks in the year since the horrific events of March 11, 2012.

“It is inconceivable that an elected figure can be so ignorant to call a cold-blooded murderer a victim,” said EJC President, Dr. Moshe Kantor. “This is the kind of ignorance which leads to people like Mohammed Merah perpetrating the murder of children because they are Jewish. This type of glorification of murder is sending a very ominous message to the next Merah.”

Read More:

Unindicted 1993 WTC Bombing Co-Conspirator to Headline at CAIR banquet

CAIR-PA Philadelphia Chapter will Hold its Seventh Annual Banquet on March 16th.

ImageThe banquet theme “Upholding Our Constitution, Embracing Our Faith” sounds patriotic and non-threatening but as with everything else, the Devil is in the Details.

One of the keynote speakers at CAIR’s event is IMAM SIRAJ WAHHAJ:

-Named as a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing

-Invited Omar Abdel-Rahman, leader of a terrorist organization known as the Islamic Group, to address his congregation several times

-Advocates the replacement of the U.S. government with an Islamic Caliphate
Supports violent Islamic jihad

I suppose when they say Upholding Our Constitution – they are not talking about the United States Constitution but rather some Islamic Constitution

Morocco 1942: Operation Torch – Muslim Racism Shocks American Military Leaders

On 8 November 1942, in Operation Torch, American and British forces landed in Morocco and Algeria. The U.S. Navy saw most of its action around Casablanca and elsewhere on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Local French resistance was fierce, but short, and an armistice on 11 November ended the fighting. This ambitious trans-oceanic amphibious operation gave the Allies bases for future operations. In six more months, all of North Africa was cleared of Axis forces, opening the way for an invasion of Italy.-1

The Algerian administration vigorously enforced the anti-Semitic laws imposed by the Vichy-French government, which stripped Algerian Jews of their French citizenship.

After the fall of the Vichy regime in Algeria, General Henri Giraud, Free French commander in chief in North Africa, slowly rescinded repressive Vichy laws despite opposition by colon extremists. He also called on the Muslim population to supply troops for the Allied war effort. Ferhat Abbas and twenty-four other Muslim leaders replied that Algerians were ready to fight with the Allies in freeing their homeland but demanded the right to call a conference of Muslim representatives to develop political, economic, and social institutions for the indigenous population “within an essentially French framework.” Giraud, who succeeded in raising an army of 250,000 men to fight in the Italian campaign, refused to consider this proposal, explaining that “politics” must wait until the end of the war.

In March 1943, Abbas, who had abandoned assimilation as a viable alternative to self-determination, presented the French administration with the Manifesto of the Algerian People, signed by fifty-six Algerian nationalist and international leaders. Outlining the past evils of colonial rule and denouncing continued suppression, the manifesto demanded specifically an Algerian constitution that would guarantee immediate and effective political participation and legal equality for Muslims.-2

In summary: After Hitler’s Nazi forces overran free France and the Nazi sympathetic Vichy came to power,  the Muslim population of Algeria happily sided with them in their brutal oppression of their Jewish neighbors (which is a nice way of saying they wanted to be rid of the Jews and could have cared less how it happened, come holocaust, come ethnic cleansing.

The United States and Great Britain  sent 70,000 soldiers to Algeria to liberate them from  not only anti-semitic German occupation but also promised self-determination and liberation from French  colonialism as well.  The Algerian Muslims response was that they were only interested in fighting if they would could establish a Sharia constitution that granted legal rights to Muslims only.

In the end, the only thing ‘shocking’ about this story is that we continue to be shocked by the unerring Muslim adherence to Sharia law and its full brutal plague of evil.

1- Naval History & Heritage Command, Operation Torch

2- US Library of Congress: Country Studies: Algeria - Polarization and Politicization

Germany: Jihadist Internet Propaganda Rising with Increased Muslim Population

A study by the Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) examines how many jihadists and sympathizers live in Germany as well as the new means by which propaganda is being spread.

Screen shot from a jihadist video (picture: dpa)


Jihadist Internet propaganda on the rise

A study by the Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) examines how many jihadists and sympathizers live in Germany as well as the new means by which propaganda is being spread.

On March 2, 2011, 21-year-old Arid Uka shot dead two US soldiers at the Frankfurt airport and severely wounded others. His motive was hatred against soldiers deployed in Afghanistan.

Previously Uka had seen a video on YouTube purporting to show Muslim women being raped by US soldiers. The young man frequented Islamist discussion forums online and regularly watched videos of radical preachers. However, he never had direct contact with jihadists.

Fredrik von Erichsen (picture: dpa)Alexander Eisvogel talks of “jihad 2.0 – a kind of virtual jihad”

Arid Uka represents a typical case of self-radicalization by way of the Internet, says Alexander Eisvogel, vice president of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Germany’s internal security agency. Eisvogel told the daily “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” this year that he has observed what he dubs “jihad 2.0 – a kind of virtual jihad.”

The Internet offers a platform for what was once the domain of certain preachers, prayer circles and schools: Indoctrinating a social group against others.

From fax machines to Facebook

This represents a relatively new development in Germany. The Berlin-based German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) undertook a close study of the last 15 years of Jihad propaganda, producing a summary of its results. SWP experts say that around the year 2000, the Internet played just a small role. Al Qaeda sent its declarations via fax or recorded videos, which where then sent to TV broadcaster Al-Jazeera.

But shortly after the attacks on September 11, 2001, various Arabic forums advocating jihad gained influence.

German Islamist Abu Askar in a propaganda video (picture: dpa)German Islamist Abu Askar in a propaganda video

SWP terrorism researcher Guido Steinberg notes that a number of materials published online between 2003 and 2008 attracted lots of attention. They included the execution of American businessman Nicholas Berg in 2004. At the time, the Berlin study reports that terrorist groups still published their videos themselves. However, the authors add that sympathizers and supporters are becoming more and more active.

As the popularity of Facebook and Twitter escalated in recent years, jihadists have gotten active in social networks, and propaganda is now being generated from many countries around the world.

Transition to terrorism

Jihadist Internet propaganda in the German-speaking world began in 2005. In the early phases, propagators of the materials did not work very professionally, terrorism expert Steinberg told DW. They created convincing propaganda videos and translated Arabic texts in to German to reach a broader public.

“But on the other hand, it was often quite easy for security officials to see who was behind these activities,” he explained.

Guido Steinberg(c) DWSteinberg warns the videos are becoming ever more professional

A number of influential people within the movement were put in jail within the last ten years in Germany. But the displaced members were often quickly replaced, Steinberg said, citing the example of a group banned in summer 2012 called Gemeinschaft Abrahams (The Abraham Alliance). Its leaders have now left Germany, moving abroad to continue publishing propaganda from abroad.

“That raises concerns because this content is constantly being spread online,” he said. Steinberg fears that the jihadists may not just be disseminating anti-Western materials but actively trying to build up terrorist structures.

Peculiarities in Germany

The development of terror groups has taken a different form in Germany compared with other countries in recent years. Apparently the language barrier to propaganda written in Arabic was very high for many radicals living in Germany, Guido Steinberg said.

“The German scene is heavily shaped by recruits with Turkish or Kurdish backgrounds, and in most cases they have gone on to join organizations based in Uzbekistan.”

The Turkish and Uzbek languages have the same roots, just as certain segments of the Turkish and Uzbekistani populations. By eliminating the language barrier, groups like the Islamische Dschihad-Union (Islamist Jihad Union) or the Islamische Bewegung Usbekistans (Islamist Movement of Uzbekistan) have been able to attract young men to train as fighters.

Modern tools targeting modernity

A still from a video calling for jihad in German (picture: dpa)A video calls for jihad in German

The case of Arid Uka is a reminder that terrorist groups can persuade their followers remotely, with no physical contact. Uka was fascinated by German-language propaganda online. That’s no surprise to Guido Steinberg: “The producers of these materials have become enormously professional.”

Videos have come into favor as a tool for radicalization, and they’ve shown their effectiveness, Steinberg argues.

Researcher Nico Prucha expresses his astonishment about propaganda of this sort in the SWP report: “Ironically, Jihadists are using the most modern methods of communication in order to fight against modernity.”

The SWP study estimates Germany is home to just a few hundred jihadists as well as several thousand supporters and sympathizers. With numbers that small, Steinberg suggests that when influential figures in the scene are arrested, attempts should be made to convert them. They might then help stop messages supporting armed conflict.


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