Norway shooter Anders Behring Breivik is not a conservative, nor a Christian

Breivik the ‘active shooter’ and some of his victims

Oslo, Norway

On Friday July 22nd, 2011, Anders Behring Breivik allegedly orchestrated the biggest massacre this Country had experienced since WWII.

Breivik is accused to have planted a remote control bomb in downtown Oslo. He then dressed up as a policeman, and entered a nearby Island where a youth camp was attending a retreat.

However just prior to entering the island via ferry, he activated the downtown bomb, creating a tactical diversion. The end results? Breivik murdered 93 human beings. 8 of them were from the bombing site, the rest he shot on the above island.

The mainstream media often lies, calling gunmen or assassins “right wing extremists” or “Christian extremists.” They again did the same with this Norway shooting, by calling Anders Behring Breivik a “conservative evangelical christian.”

I wanted to give this tragedy some time before making any public comments. I’ve done a lot of investigative research on this incident. Rather than write extensively reinventing the wheel, the below video sums it up the best. However I will briefly comment on the following.

Breivik is not a conservative, nor a Christian as the media stated. Religion wise, he is an evolutionist / agnostic that adhered to the Darwin theory. Politically, he was in fact a ‘left to the center’ moderate.

Anders Breivik and Timothy McVeigh did share a few things in common.

  • They were both upset with their Government
  • They were both upset with their Countries open border policy
  • They were both agnostics.

The distinguishing characteristic that separated Breivik from McVeigh (which the mainstream media will not admit,) is that Timothy McVeigh was doing his work on behalf of Al Qaida. Whereas Breivik was very distraught over Islamic extremists, specifically members of Al Qaida migrating into his Country.

Nonetheless, the acts of Anders Behring Breivik were egregious and despicable.

From Hi-Caliber Investigations blog.

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