Serbian Government: Video Documentary of Violence and Oppression by Albanian Muslims

Christians in Serbia live in constant fear of violence from Mohamedists (Albanians)


On the spot: Films on Kosovo and Metohija


The documentary films and video-recordings from the south Serbian province found on this internet site have been filmed by directors who over the previous eight years have actively followed the condition and position of Serbs and other non-ethnic Albanian communities in Kosovo-Metohija, receiving awards for their work at domestic and international festivals of documentary films.

These films represent the experiences of a threatened existence and fear of individuals on the part of Serbian territory under international control, as well as the hope of these people that their everyday life can gain dignity, with the full respect of human rights and freedom of movement on the territory they inhabit.

Documentary films by TVNS Radomir Grujic

Documentary films and video-recordings by RTS journalist Svetlana Vukmirovic

Documentary film “UNMIK-Titanic” directed by Boris Mitic

Video-recordings of members of the church choir “Presvete Bogorodice” from Belgrade

Documentary Films of director and producer Ninoslav Randjelovic

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One Response to Serbian Government: Video Documentary of Violence and Oppression by Albanian Muslims

  1. ADL [007] says:

    I am embarking on a journey into Serbia’s past and I hope you will take this journey along with me. A journey that is going to take you and I down a road that has seldom been travelled before. At least not in this way, and not here in America.

    It began for me on the day I found out about our illegal Bosnian war where we, a Christian country and founded by Christians, bombed Serbian Christian villages, and I wanted to know why. I had known about the Bosnian War, though I had paid little attention to it, being involved in life and living as we all are.

    I have learned to regret my inattention to such things and I have vowed to make up for it now, because the ethnic cleansing of the Serbian people is still going on in Kosovo, Bosnia and Croatia to this day and with impunity.

    I also wanted to know why we sided with the Islamists and Croatians, and against the Christian Serbs, whose seat of Orthodox Christianity, Kosovo, was bombed. As of 1999-2000, 80 Serbian Churches had been dynamited in Kosovo by the KLA, many dating from the earliest period of Eastern European Christianity, and under the watchful eyes of KFOR.

    The Serbian people have been systematically driven out of Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo. Places where they have lived for thousands of years. And, yet Nato found the pretex to bomb Serbia and the nearly one million refugees who were sheltered there.

    In the holocaust of the Serbs, Jews and Roma, 750,000 Serbs, 75,000 Jews, and 50,000 Roma were murdered in the Jasenovac concentration camp in Croatia and at the end of that war Tito forbade them to talk about it and Jasenovac was bulldozed.

    Take this journey with me, will you? Because I want to know why. And I want the truth about Serbia and the Serbian people to be told.

    This is a revolutionary act. It is about telling the truth.

    Today they are continuing the cleansing of the Serbian Christians in Kosovo. Will this genocide, condoned and aiding and abetted by the globalist institutions like the U.N., the E.U, NATO, the Leftist thug-governments, and the Hague kangaroo court continue? It will if we the people don’t stop it.

    Join me as I will continue to tell the story of Serbia here. And please be patient because I am in the process of getting a good translator who will do justice to the story of a courageous people who have battled all odds and are still standing firm to their Christian beliefs and to freedom from which all freedom emanates:

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