The Globalist Manipulators Of Nation Destroyers & Killers: The Fabian Society & Soros Crime Inc.

Everyone should know about The Fabian Society and it’s offshoot the London School of Economics and their influence on the gods of George Soros Crime Inc. because therein is the insidious ideology behind all these global manipulators and nation destroyers who hide behind their shadow-thug governments and global institutions in the West in order to mold the world into a globalist tyranny ruled by them.

In the old country of Great Britain, during my father’s generation, the children used to sing a song.  It went something like this: 

~Georgy porgy pudding and pie

Kissed the girls and made them cry

When the boys came out to play

Georgy porgy ran away~

They must have been talking about open borders hedgy hedgefund billionaire George Soros because Soros hides behind his multitude of shadow organizations with patriotic sounding names that are in a multitude of countries in Western Civilization for the sole purpose of destroying them from within.  The villain who betrayed his own people back in Nazi Germany when at the ripe age of fourteen he confiscated the Jewish people’s property as they were sent on those packed trains to the Concentration Camps and their sure death in the gas chambers. George Soros aka Gyorgy Schwartz said on tape that it was the best year of his life. 

The Fabian Society and the London School of Economics from which Soros graduated and developed his open borders ideology believed in the gathering together of a group of elites whose sole purpose was to mold the world into a Marxist socialist tyranny to their specifications and controlled by them.  They went about doing this by forming all the world’s global institutions, like the E.U. the U.N. and NATO, to that end.  NATO was then used as their global entity of enforcement by bombing.  Their endgame is their absolute tyranny over us, the people, with impunity.  In other words, they and their institutions could never be held into account for their lethal aggression where they selectively bomb certain people and countries and selectively prosecute and convict certain people in the Hague,  in order to mold the world into what they want it to be.

The globalist elites who control these global institutions of no accountability are bombing nations of their choice who will not bend to their demands.  They’re cherry picking nations and people to drop their bombs on in order to create their Fabian Society utopian nightmare of total control over us.

George Soros Crime Inc. is in his 80′s now and he’s in a hurry to achieve his long-time dream of collapsing America, among other things, and fundamentally transforming  the world into a borderless and godless Orwellian nightmare.   His only obstacle to achieving their absolute tyranny over us, the little people of the world, you know, the pawns to be manipulated at will,  the stupid people as Bill Maher says, is America.

And Soros’ Crime Inc. is all over Western Civilization morphing us into a godless and a drug-driven borderless society with no roots and no allegiances.  A society of yes people to be herded into nations without borders and molded into a carbon copy of the Fabian Socialists who thought we should get rid of the undesirables, yes kill them, because they were too stupid or deformed or mentally challenged  to know what they wanted and would never be contributing members of society and in fact would be a burden on it.  To them, those sort of people had to be gotten rid of. Sound familiar?

People like Margaret Sanger, a well-known Fabian Socialist, started Planned Parenthood to get rid of Blacks, because according to her, they were a defective race of people and just couldn’t contribute to the world they had envisioned for themselves.  And, of course, they were the elites, the cream of the crop, and they knew better than we did.

George Bernard Shaw was another one of the Fabian Socialists, emulated in his time, and he said that if you couldn’t contribute to society you must be eliminated.  Yes, and he is on tape saying this.   

So, these global institutions, like the E.U. the U.N and NATO enforcer by bombing, were created by a bunch of Marxist and socialist elites, now partnered with those other Mohammedist elites the Supremacists who are eradicating the Christians and other religious people on their behalf, and who think they are gods who can determine who lives and who dies.

Just like George Soros aka Gyorgy Schwartz.  Coward.  Nazi collaborator. Who uses his billions to nudge and ultimately force people into doing his bidding in all of the countries in Western Civilization and beyond.  Product of the Fabian Society and the London School of Economics which it founded.  The enemy of all free people everywhere.

It is not an accident that our Founding Fathers in America said that the best government is the government closest to the people.  They had lived under the tyranny of the King.  They knew what tyranny was all about.  They saw people drawn and quartered for disobeying the King.  They knew that all tyranny leads to death by government.  It had been proven in all of history over and over again.

The gods of George Soros Crime Inc. and their global institutions with impunity, product of the Fabian Society and the London School of Economics and enemy of we the people of America and all free people everywhere, must be stopped.  The ship may have sailed, as George Soros says, but we can torpedo it, and sink it.  And together we will.  Together we intend to.

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