UN-NATO-EU-KFOR Betrayal of The Christian Serbs: Norwegian Former KFOR Contingent Tells The Truth And Is Now Siding With the Kosovo Christian Serbs

The ADL has been writing articles about the ethnic cleansing of the Christian Serbs from their land and homes in Kosovo and Bosnia, where they have lived for a thousand years and more and where 77,000 mighty Serb Christian warriors martyred themselves and their Prince Lazar on that blood-drenched  Holy Kosovo Field in 1389 rather than live under Muslim Turk tyranny, for some time now and at last the tide is turning and people are seeing the truth of the absolute treachery of the global institutions, like the UN-NATO Enforcer-by-bombing KFOR and the EU and their global manipulators who have collaborated with the vile Mohammedist aggressors in the Balkans to exterminate the Christian Serbs.  The former Major KFOR contingent of Norwegian Christian Kas is now speaking up!

Vostaniserbie justice and truth for Serbs

Former KFOR officers at the barricades with the Serbs in Kosovo

November 4, 2011

Barricade in the teeth of Thursday defended an unusual guest. Former Major KFOR contingent of Norwegian Christian Kas, saying Kosovo’s Serbs because of what has worked as an officer in the information service of international forces in Kosovo, and stood beside them.

He now admits he was naive when in 2000. came to this area convinced that NATO attacked Serbia, and led his troops to Kosovo to protect human rights.

“Our obligation under Resolution 1244 and the military-technical agreement was to protect Serbs from Albanian reprisals, but in a thoroughly failed. During the time we were responsible for security in Kosovo, ethnically cleansed from here is about 250,000 Serbs and other non-Albanians. So , as a former officer of KFOR feel obliged to apologize, “said Trot,” Evening News “.

Media misled, KFOR was cowardly

The caller “News” says that “thanks to friziranoj media euphoria over Kosovo decided to report in the Norwegian army and become a member of KFOR.” He says that thanks to the experience of journalism education and earned the rank of Major, and that before coming to court spent much time learning about Kosovo at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs:

“My mentor to me even then to say that the bombing of Yugoslavia was a catastrophic mistake and that the Albanian mafia takes most transactions with narcotics in Europe. However, it turned out that I was not prepared for the reality on the ground. I was not aware of the fact that KFOR does not work their job. we were cowards, because we have allowed the KLA into a Kosovo Protection Corps and later in Kosovo Police. in this way the criminal elements get a legitimate status in Kosovo institutions, “recalls trot.

As the hidden truth about the crimes against Serbs

Kas does not deny that quickly fell into a routine military machine, in which no personal views. “Today I am ashamed of what I wrote, unilaterally and without checks. Information is in fact the American and British led by professional officers, and I was ready to transfer the charge stands. The goal was to hide the truth about the persecution of Serbs.”

A worm of doubt moved in when major pulp is prohibited reporting of Albanian attack on UNMIK bus carrying Serbs, which killed three people.

“I was stunned and horrified. Everywhere was blood and pieces of human bodies, and we are all hiding. Then I met with more on Serbian tragedy that should not have spoken. I broke when I met the family Popovic that in 1999. had to escape from the oven, and whose oldest member, who remained to keep the apartment, still missing. i talked to Albanians living in their apartment. Cold Blood told me that they have no idea what I’m talking “recalls trot.
After seven months stay in Kosovo, Kas has completed the work as an officer of KFOR and no longer wanted to extend the contract.
Serbian second home

“The most terrible feeling I had the 16 February 2001. When the Albanian front of the bus bomb killed 11 Serbs Podujevo, including a boy of two years. After I went to Kosovo to Belgrade and shocked the warm welcome people, even though my country is involved in NATO the bombing. Such a thing had never experienced the Albanians, “said Trot.

He is after the reporting multi-world battlefields returned to Norway. All the while, he says, “felt the need to return to Serbia, which he began to consider the second homeland”.

“I was embarrassed when in 2008. Norwegian authorities have recognized Kosovo and sent back 70 Serbs who were in my country seeking asylum. The Norwegian government then decided that the Serbs are no longer entitled to protection even though we, the NATO countries, made the problem of refugees.”

Expelled asylum seekers living in horrible conditions

“I received past due in February 2011. Then I saw the desperate conditions of the Serbian asylum seekers to Norway is expelled,” said Trot.

“In the refugee center near Belgrade met Swan sisters, Anne and Mary Maslovarić, that the families had to flee Kosovo in 1999. KFOR because it did not protect Albanians from retaliation. I wept and suffered intense post-traumatic psychological reaction. That was the trigger that I started to act and as a former NATO officer apologize to the people in Serbia, because we were unable to protect Serbs and other minorities in Kosovo. “

Former Major KFOR says that writing a book about his experiences in Kosovo and covert ethnic cleansing of Serbs. The book will be printed in Norwegian, English and Serbian.

Writing a book on Kosovo

“I hope that the Norwegian and western politicians read this book and begin to think about the enormous moral responsibility they have when they decide to start a war. They do not understand the consequences of their decisions and why this book enters the war rhetoric and media dynamics that preceded every war. Serbia is at Rambouillet were placed before the selection of non-existent. I fear that the international community is now repeating the same recipe in the case of the Serbs in northern Kosovo. “

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5 Responses to UN-NATO-EU-KFOR Betrayal of The Christian Serbs: Norwegian Former KFOR Contingent Tells The Truth And Is Now Siding With the Kosovo Christian Serbs

  1. ADL [002] says:

    [002] Prayers are being answered… Facts are stubborn things and hammering away at lies with facts is the obligation of everyone. Special thanks to you admin [007] for relentlessly hammering this issue.

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