Reformation in Islam: Only in it’s Tactics and Not in it’s Fascist Ideology!

There has been a Reformation of sorts, and only on the surface, in Islam. It’s called the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, the terrorists in suits, where they are still marching toward the same goal, an Islamic World Caliphate, only by stealth! Their Reformation is only in it’s tactics, and not in it’s fundamental tyrannical and Fascist ideology. And, they are still creating their terror arms which morph into other terror arms. Every ideology that is tyrannical in nature has it’s terror arms, to make them the targets, and their propagandists who work in the shadows, or sometimes in full daylight.

Yesterday I was reading Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas and I was stunned by learning of the way that Hitler waged war with Poland. Here’s the excerpt:

Back in March, when Hitler had marched on Prague, Neville Chamberlain set down his teacup and took notice. It was then, exchanging one of his carrots for a stick, he vowed that Britain would defend Poland if Hitler attacked it. That time had come. But Hitler couldn’t simply attack. He must first make it look like selfl-defense. So on August 22, he told his generals, “I shall give a propagandist reason for starting the war; never mind whether it is plausible or not. The victor will not be asked afterward whether he told the truth.”

The plan was for the SS, dressed in Polish uniforms, to attack a German radio station on the Polish border. To make the whole thing authentic, they would need German “casualties.” They decided to use concentration camp inmates, whom they vilely referred to as Konserve (canned goods). These victims of Germany would be dressed as German soldiers. In the end only one man was murdered for this purpose, via lethal injection, and afterward shot several times to give the appearance that he had been killed by Polish soldiers. The deliberate murder of a human being for the puposes of deceiving the world seems a perfectly fitting inaugural act for what was to follow. This took place on schedule, August 31.

In “retaliation,” German troops marched into Poland at dawn on September 1. Goring’s Luftwaffe rained hell from the skies, deliberately killing civilians. Civilians were murdered more carefully on the ground. It was a coldly deliberate act of terror by intentional mass murder, never before seen in modern times, and it was the Poles’ first bitter taste of the Nazi ruthlessness they would come to know so well. The outside world would not hear details for some time. It knew only that German forces were cutting through Poland like the proverbian hot knife through butter as Panzer divisions neatly erased thirty and forty miles of Poland per day.

But Hitler gave a speech to the Reichstag, casting himself in the role of the aggrieved victim. “You know the endless attempts I made for a peaceful clarification and understanding of the problem of Austria,” he said, “and later of the problem of the sudetenland, Bohemia and Moravia. It was all in vain.” Poland had refused his gracious offers of peace and with a callousness not to be borne, the Poles rewarded his good faith with violence!…

This is what we are up against! Islamists, and Nazis in this case, who always partner together along with the far Left for their tyrannical agenda of control over us, who don’t play by the same rules as we do!  Our continual dilemma is how to best deal with these liars and deceivers, and outright mass-murderers. For 1400 years our tactics haven’t worked. It only pushes them into further modes of deceit and deception. They are always the victims rather than the victimizers! And when we expose their actions they are so horrific and so beyond the pale as to be unbelievable by a civilized people!

In other words, we are continually on the defensive and trying to explain why the proponents of Islam, and fascism, are “dangerous and not beneficial to society” even though that is patently obvious by their horrific actions!

It is, what do we do about it to cause them to stop their egregious plunder and occupation? There are those who believe, those who’ve lived with their plunder and atrocities for centuries, that there is nothing short of eradication that is going to stop them in the end, and we are just scratching at the surface.

Mutiny results in an argument over the best way to deal with the enemy. In my opinion, there must be a multi-pronged approach to deal with this one,  and their collaborators, depending on the immediacy of the threat, and ours is one of them!

The Metastasizing of Islam and it’s Egregious Incursion Into Western Civilization With Impunity!

On June 4, 2012 it was reported in Berlin that a 32 year-old man named Orhan S. (they don’t report last names in Berlin because of EU political correctness) cut off his wife’s head and her breast while shouting Allahu akhbar. Apparently the man had been unfaithful to his wife and had a mistress in the building complex and had two children with her, and his wife  had often forgiven him in the past, however, and a few days before, she threw her unfaithful husband out, whereas she would have been put to death for the same offence. 

The Gates of Vienna blog stated:

“In another source it’s reported that as his wife lay on the roof deck Orhan cut into her throat, carved her face, and removed her right breast. While doing so he shouted “Allahu akhbar”. A neighbour said that not only her head was in the background, but also her breast was there.”

There are numerous reports like this all over the world that get no media attention in the West because it does not suit the agenda of the Left.  Women are being raped and massacred on a regular basis in Islamic countries, and Christians are having their heads cut off with knives.  Yet, the politicians in the West continue to shut us up and they continue to whitewash the metastisizing of Islam and it’s incursion into the West with impunity! It is a sick society that allows these vile acts to continue with no ramifications for these Islamist’s behavior which is sanctioned by Islam in Islamic countries under Sharia.

Western Civilization is being taken over by a 7th century barbarous ideology, clothed as a religion, and the politicians in the West, are outright apologizing and appeasing these Islamists who continue to commit their horrific acts of barbarism here in the West, through honor killings and the like, when they immigrate.  It isn’t enough that they do this, and this barbarism  is excused!  The politicians are also implementing Sharia when they are shutting us up when we talk about it because of their own cowardice in not wanting to address or do anything about the problems of Islam and Sharia and it’s aggression and incursion into Western Civilization!  

We are constantly told that these vile acts are committed only by a minority of the Islamist population, as if this excuses them.  We are constantly told that this has nothing to do with the ideology of Islam and the implementation of Sharia.  Even knowing that these acts are sanctioned in all Islamic societies, and that all women and Christians and non-Muslims are always relegated to 3rd and 4th class status (Muslim women to 2nd class status) and do not have citizenship in the countries in which they are born under Sharia.  Sharia is touted to be completely in accordance to our U.S. Constitution by these Islamists even when we know it is a complete contradiction to it, and it is often validated in the courts here by judges who are blatantly violating the law of our land with impunity!

Meanwhile, our politicians in the West are openly colluding with the  Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood, and inviting them into the White House, who have spawned the terrorist organizations like al Qaeda and Hamas, who seek to overthrow our Western Civilization and replace our U.S. Constitution with Sharia where all men will not be equal!  This is a fact that the Left in America ignores, at all our peril, because they have egregiously partnered with them for a political agenda. 

It is a time to put an end to the appeasing and apologizing, and outright collusion, with these Islamists who take the law into their own hands and seek to replace our U.S. Constitution with Sharia and overturn our American government and turn America into a Caliphate. It is time to put an end to these horrific acts of aggression, under the guise of a religion,  in the 21st Century.  1400 hundred years of Islam’s  incursion into Western Civilization and freedom, where all men are created equal and endowed by our creator with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property), is enough!  It’s time for the American Left to end their partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood who have spawned innumerable terrorist organziations and seek to implement Sharia, and whose real war on women and non-Muslims and freedom, including the freedom of speech, is everything that should be despised and abhorred by all free people everywhere.

Hillary Clinton and the Left: Wars of Aggression Excused by a Complicit Media!

While the Left and their complicit media screamed bloody murder over the wars waged by George Bush in Afghanistan and Iraq they were oddly silent over the wars waged by Bill Clinton in the former Yugoslavia where he bombed the Christian Serbs four separate times, and are equally mute over the wars waged by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in Libya, Pakistan, and Afghanistan where they are using drones to kill their targets. 

As is always the case with the Left there is one rule for the Left and another for the Right.  Why?  Because the media has abrogated it’s responsibility long ago and they do not give the same scrutiny to the Left that they give to the Right because they are in bed with them and the Left’s agenda is often their agenda.  In other words, the Left is no longer held accountable for their wars of aggression, that are usually waged completely without the consent of the Congress, as was Bill Clinton’s war on the Christian Serbs in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia in the 1990s culminating in the bombing of Serbia in 1999,  and now Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s wars in Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uganda and Yemen where they are using drones and conducting clandestine operations with impunity and without the consent of Congress.

The following is an article written by Victor Sharp, freelance writer for, Townhall. com, Outpost, the Wall Street Journal, the London Daily Telegraph, Israel Alert, Jewish Review and other publications.  In the article Sharp takes a look at the bombing of Serbia and points to Hillary Clinton as being instrumental in the NATO bombing.  Sharp also points to Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice, using the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine financed by none other than George Soros, as being instrumental in the NATO bombing of Libya.

Meanwhile, the Left and their partners in the media are equally silent about the consequences of the NATO bombing of Libya where we allied with terrorist rebels who actually fought against us in Iraq and elsewhere, and silent about the drones being used and the clandestine operations conducted by Obama et al  in the aforementioned countries, all without the consent of Congress.  Just as they were previously silent when Bill Clinton bombed the Christian Serbs and never mentioned the atrocities committed against the Serbs by the KLA Muslim Albanian Mafia terrorist aggressors in Kosovo and the al Qaeda, Mujahedeen and Wahhabi terrorists in Bosnia and Croatia.

The Left conducting a foreign policy without the same scrutiny that the media gives to the Right has allowed the Left to get away with waging wars of aggression with impunity in countries that are not even an imminent threat to America.  And until we expose these reprehensible acts of aggression by the Left, these undeclared wars, we will never be able to conduct a rational foreign policy based on the values and principles held by America, and our founders before us, and with the consent of we the people as represented by those we put in Congress. 

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Op-Ed: HIllary’s War

Published: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 9:18 AM
Is Hillary so naïve as not to realize that these are not Libyan rebels in the true sense of the word?

Let us first look back to the bombing of Serbia by President Clinton and who was most instrumental in encouraging him.

According to Dean Murphy in the New York Times of October 2000,

“Hillary Clinton called for the US to reject isolationism and aggressively engage itself in world affairs in the tradition of President Truman at the end of WWII.

“She cited American involvement in Bosnia and Kosovo as examples of foreign engagements she favored on moral and strategic grounds, but also suggested that Americans needed to consider becoming involved in solving crises that are not only military in nature.”     

In other words Hillary urged Bill to launch the first “human rights war” in Bosnia and Kosovo. But in doing so she laid the foundation for an Islamic beachhead in territory previously fought over for centuries by Christian Serbs who were resisting Muslim invasion and conquest. 

Again, according to Gail Sheehy writing on December 9, 1999 in Hillary’s Choice, page 345: On March 21, 1999, Hillary expressed her views by phone to the President:

“I urged him to bomb. The Clintons argued the issue over the next few days. The President expressed what-ifs: What if bombing promoted more executions? What if it took apart the NATO alliance?

“Hillary responded, “You cannot let this go on at the end of a century that has seen the major holocaust of our time. What do we have NATO for if not to defend our way of life?”

The next day the President declared that force was necessary. Thus it was Hillary Clinton who urged her husband to bomb Serbia. And it was done, predominately, with the use of U.S. aircraft wearing NATO insignia and bombing from thousands of feet. Inevitably such indiscriminate force led to the destruction of bridges in Belgrade with untold numbers of Serbian civilians killed. Some humanitarian war!

The same thread appeared in June 1999 when Hillary spoke at the Sorbonne in Paris. She again defended the bombing of Serbia by claiming that:

“We will not turn away when human beings are cruelly expelled or when they are denied basic rights and dignities because of how they look or how they worship. When crimes against humanity rear their ugly heads, we have to send such a message as an international community.”

She was referring to the Muslim victims of the war but she lost sight both of the Serbian victims who had died at the hands of Muslims she was defending or who themselves had been expelled from their lands by Muslim aggressors. She misread the strategic and humanitarian disaster to the West that increasingly jihadist Muslim states in the Balkans were bound to create. It was not America’s finest hour.

Now Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is doing the very same in Libya that she set in motion in Bosnia and Kosovo. Like the pressure she brought to bear on President Clinton, Hillary has repeated it with President Obama.

So we have Obama signing on to United States bombing in Libya in order to protect the so-called Libyan rebels against the deplorable President Gaddafi. But, like the Muslims in the Balkans that Hillary wept over, we have no true idea who these rebels really are. There are commentators who believe that, as Gaddafi himself suggested, the rebels are members of Al Qaida or the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is instructive to read Tom Dickinson writing in the far from conservative website, Rolling Stone, on March 21, 2011. Though Dickinson is critical of Obama, remember it was Hillary Clinton who pressured the present president, as did Samantha Power, one of his most influential foreign policy advisors, and Susan Rice, his ambassador to the United Nations. Dickinson wrote:

“In recent years, at mosques throughout eastern Libya, radical imams have been “urging worshippers to support jihad in Iraq and elsewhere, according to Wiki-Leaked cables. More troubling: The city of Derna, east of Benghazi, was a “wellspring” of suicide bombers that targeted U.S. troops in Iraq.

“By imposing a no-fly zone over Eastern Libya, the U.S. and its coalition partners have effectively embraced the breakaway republic of Cyrenaica. A West Point analysis of a cache of al Qaeda records discovered that nearly 20 percent of foreign fighters in Iraq were Libyans, and that on a per-capita basis Libya nearly doubled Saudi Arabia as the top source of foreign fighters.

“The epicenter of Libyan jihadism is the city of Derna – the hometown of more than half of Libya’s foreign fighters. The city of 80,000 has a history of violent resistance to occupying powers – including Americans, who captured the city in the First Barbary War.

“A surprisingly readable cable titled “Die Hard in Derna” makes clear that the city “takes great pride” in having sent so many of its sons to kill American soldiers in Iraq, quoting one resident as saying: ‘It’s jihad – it’s our duty.’”

So here we see Hillary at it again. Having brutally harmed Serbia and forced it to lose its heartland of Kosovo — what Serbs call their Jerusalem — she aided and abetted Muslim jihadist ambitions and is now doing the same in Libya.

Let us also not forget that in Frankfurt, Germany, two U.S. servicemen were recently murdered by a Kosovo Muslim terrorist screaming Allahu Akbar (Allah is greater) as the unarmed soldiers sat in a bus at the airport.

Is Hillary so naïve as not to realize that these are not Libyan rebels in the true sense of the word? No, I believe she fully understands what she is doing and that makes for one truly frightening scenario.

The rebels are jihadists, murderers of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are enemies of the West; enemies of Jews and Christians and of all other non-Muslim faiths. What is shameful is that Americans are being put yet again in harm’s way in another Muslim country and at the urgings of the Arab League: that ever corrupt body that is using American and European forces as cannon fodder. 

The jihadists are now the creatures that Barack Hussein Obama, with the connivance and urgings of Hillary, Samantha Power, Susan Rice and so many other “progressive” denizens of the White House and State, are supporting. If this were a novel it would be considered too far-fetched.

It will be interesting to see how the far left views Obama’s and Hillary’s War? Unhappy, to say the least, with the protracted conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and now the Libyan imbroglio, one thing is certain: they cannot this time blame Bush.

Oh, what noxious weeds has Hillary Clinton sown!


KLA Muslim Albanian Mafia Plunder in the Former Yugoslavia: In Retrospect and Now!

What happened in the former Yugoslavia is a reprehensible act of aggression against the Christian Serbian people and the sovereignty of the enlightened Nation of Yugoslavia, and at the ADL we will never stop talking about it until our foreign policy toward the Serbian Christians is reversed and we reach out to them and ask them for their forgiveness and ask them to join us as allies once again against this holocaust against the people of the world by worldwide Islamic plunder against Christians and anyone else who does not submit to Islam’s bloodied sword of intolerance, plunder and death.

About a month ago five Christians were fishing in Macedonia and they were reprehensibly gunned down by the Islamists.  Shot in the back!  As cowardly an act as is usual by these vicious Albanian Islamist KLA  killers.  Four of the Christians were aged between 18 and 22, and the other was 45 years of age.  Their lives snuffed out because they were Christians.

Fast back to March 21, 1999 and this video shows the funeral of another Serbian Christian, a policeman, who was murdered by the KLA Islamists in a terrorist attack just before the bombing of Serbia by six hundred NATO planes versus 12 Serbian planes.  Clinton et al and their NATO enforcer-by-bombing used overwhelming force against the Republic of Serbia that would defend itself and would win on the ground, and went against all odds to defend itself in the air against six hundred NATO planes that bombed it ruthlessly for 78 days in 1999. Simply because Serbian President Milosevic refused to withdraw his police and army from defending the Christian Serbs against the KLA Muslim Albanian mafia terrorists who were horrifically slaughtering them.  Case in point, when the Muslim Albanians slaughtered fourteen in Staro Gracko and got away with it.

We at the ADL aim to put a stop to the EU and the UN-NATO globalists plunder as well. This sort of bullying, dividing up, and consequent Islamist seizing of the Republics of Nations must be stopped, as evidenced by what has happened, and is happening, in the the Republics of the former Yugoslavia that rightfully should be reunited and the terrorists should be deported, or put in prison! Thereby sending these Islamist plunderers the message that the former Yugoslavia will be restored and law and order will prevail in Europe, as it was before these terrorists were allowed to pour into it, aided and abetted by Clinton-NATO-EU-UN globalists et al.

We demand that Kosovo be returned to the Serbian Christian people and that KLA Mafia Hashim Thaci, PM of seized Kosovo, be convicted of his crimes against the Christian Serbian people.  And we demand that KFOR and NATO get out of Kosovo, and the Kumanova Agreement be abided by, because Kosovo belongs to Serbia and it is the seat of Serbian Orthodox Christianity for over a thousand years!  

Today Fatmir Lamaj  and three former members of the KLA was acquitted of his crimes against the Christian Serbs in Kosovo!  The court “dismissed as inadmissible the evidence given by the prosecution’s chief witness, Agim Zogaj.”  Chief witness Ajim Zogaj was found hanging from a tree in a park in Germany last September!  How convenient for Fatmir Lamaj and the three former members of the KLA terrorist mafia!  A dead man can’t speak!  And now those 49 pages that he wrote in a diary is inadmissable.  And those families of those  kidnapped and murdered Serb civilians and members of the Yugoslav Army in a KLA camp in Klecka in 1999 will not see justice.  At least not in this world.  

And so, the criminals are now free and waiting to commit more crimes in Kosovo!  That Holy Kosovo Field where 77,000 Christian Serbian Warriors and their Prince Lazar martyred themselves rather than live under Muslim Turk tyranny! 

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Evidence ruled inadmissible in KLA war crimes case

Source: B92, Beta, TanjugPRIŠTINA — Fatmir Limaj released; a Priština court dismisses evidence of a now late witness, citing prosecution’s failure to meet “certain procedural standards”.

A file photo of Fatmir Limaj (left) (FoNet)
A file photo of Fatmir Limaj (left) (FoNet)

Fatmir Limaj, a former leader of the ethnic Albanian so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and later a minister in the government in Priština, and a group of other KLA members are on trial for war crimes committed against Serb and ethnic Albanian civilians in the province during the 1999 war.

Today, a judge of the District Court in Priština ordered Limaj and nine other defendants released from custody.

Limaj was under house arrest since last September.

Previously, a panel of judges, composed of international and local members, dismissed as inadmissible the evidence given by the prosecution’s chief witness, Agim Zogaj.

Zogaj was found dead, hanging from a tree in a park in Germany last September. The EU mission in Kosovo, EULEX, two months later officially announced that his death was a suicide.

Zogaj’s testimony consisted of statements and wartime diaries, but the judges said the prosecution’s failure to meet “certain procedural standards” rendered them inadmissible.

During less than two years that he spent as a member of the KLA, Zogaj wrote 49 pages in his diary, detailing the events in the village of Klečka that he took part in, thus securing evidence for a war crimes indictment against the ten KLA members.

Zogaj wrote that he was forced to execute some prisoners “because of Limaj”, and also mentioned that there were four attempts against his life, once again accusing Limaj.

The prosecution and the defense have also been told by the court today to submit their closing statements in the case.

An EULEX spokesperson in Priština said the decision was made by a court council made up of two EULEX and one local judges.

Albanian language media, and Limaj’s defense, believe that today’s decision means that the entire indictment against him related to the Klečka war crime will now collapse.

Limaj and nine others are accused of kidnapping and murdering civilians and members of the Yugoslav Army (VJ) in a KLA camp in Klečka in 1999.

Limaj, who is now a member of the Kosovo assembly in Priština, was previously charged with war crimes committed in a camp in Lapušnik by the Hague Tribunal, but was set free for lack of evidence.

That trial, meant to bring justice to the 22 Serb and ethnic Albanian victims who were beaten, tortured and killed in the camp, was held in 2004 and 2005 in the shadow of warnings about witness intimidation, that came from then Chief Hague Prosecutor Carla del Ponte.

The war crimes in this case relate to 1998 – a year before the war broke out in the province, and to 1999, during the hostilities.

The ethnic Albanians who were targeted and murdered by the KLA were declared “collaborators”.

This zone was commanded by Ramush Haradinaj, one of the leaders of the terrorist KLA, while Limaj was in charge of the Klečka zone.

First testimonies about the crimes in the area emerged as early as 1998, when former KLA members brothers Bekim and Luan Mazreku made statements for the Serbian justice officials, providing detailed testimony about war crimes committed against civilians.

In 2005, mass graves were discovered in Mališevo and Volujak. Klečka is near these two locations. The remains of murdered Serbs were found in a pit in Klečka in 1998.

The Mazreku brothers said at the time that Serbs kidnapped in Orahovac included women, children and men, and that they were transported to Klečka via Mališevo. They testified that they knew about ten civilians who were executed by firing squads, while three women who were raped.

After the war and the Hague trial, Limaj, a member of the Kosovo Albanian government in Priština, was a suspect in a corruption scandal, when EULEX police searched his offices and those of another minister, Nedzat Krasnici, on suspicion of corruption and abuse of office.

Limaj is also an official of Kosovo Prime Minister and former KLA leader Hashim Thaci’s party, the PDK.


Hillary Clinton Terrorist Alliance: Declares Full Support for KLA Albanian Mafia Hashim Thaci While Serbian President Boris Tadic Resigns!

Kosovo has become a terrorist state under the  KLA Albanian Mafia  Prime Minister Hashim Thaci where his seized Pristina government in Kosovo is now under the complete control of the Muslim KLA Albanian drug mafia and their kingpin Naser Keljmendi.

Yesterday, while the Serbian Prime Minister Boris Tadic was resigning saying that he would never recognize Kosovo which is a Province of Serbia, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton agregiously and reprehensibly declared her full support of the KLA Albanian Mafia controlled government of KLA Hashim Thaci!  The same criminal who corroborated in the kidnapping of young Serbs off the streets of Kosovo and sent them to that “yellow house” in the Albanian mountains to harvest their organs for sale on the European Black Market and who has never been held accountable by the EU and so is free to commit further crimes against humanity! 

Hillary Clinton is counting on the fact that America will never find out what is going on there in the Balkans, and how they have facilitated these KLA Albanian Mafia’s infiltration into all the Republics of the former Yugoslavia and have caused them one by one to seceed from Serbia, and turn into terrorist states!  She is shamelessly standing with this KLA criminal Hashim Thaci and declaring her full support of him on behalf of all America!

Will we stand by and watch the former Yugoslavia turn into a terrorist State and a part of a Turkish Caliphate, or will we stand up against it? It’s time to take a stand and expose these globalist criminals and oppose this treacherous and grievous alliance of this Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, with KLA  Hashim Thaci! 

We at the ADL demand that our government investigate this and expose these terrorist alliances by our Secretary of State Clinton that are infiltrating into America and causing all kinds of havoc here as well, as evidenced by the foiled  terrorist attack by Sami Osmakac  the 25 year-old immigrant who plotted a suicide terror attack in Tampa, Florida in January of this year.   Not to mention that 13 of the 19 911 hijackers were trained in Bosnia where Bill Clinton allied with the al Qaeda and Mujahedeen there and built a monument to them in the heart of Bosnia with one million of our taxpayer dollars!

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Clinton to Thaci: Full support
04/04/2012 21:35

 Clinton to Thaci: Full support

The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, reconfirmed the support of the US for Kosovo and its integration aspirations.

“We will continue supporting Kosovo in the aspirations for becoming a NATO and EU member”, Clinton declared.

In a short press conference held a few minutes ago, at the State Department building, Clinton appreciated the Kosovo-USA relations reached so far.

“We appreciate the Kosovo-Serbia agreement that was reached in Brussels. The reached agreements are merit of both leaders”, declared the Head of the US diplomacy.

Prime Minister Thaci thanked Mrs. Clinton for the support of the US administration.

“We discussed today for some mutual issues. As regards the agreements, those are new chapters between Kosovo and the EU”, Thaci declared.

The Kosovo Prime Minister is expected to meet the vice President, Joe Biden, and other high rank officials and congressmen.

A meeting between Thaci and Barack Obama was scheduled around 6 April, but there is no official confirmation.

President Tadic had also planned a visit at the US, but the presence of Thaci made him change the agenda. The visit will be held later.

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Biden’s Buddy: Organ Trafficker

Biden to welcome accused trafficker of human organs to White House

AP Images

BY: – April 2, 2012 2:07 pm

Vice President Joe Biden is set to welcome to the White House a man who is currently under investigation for trafficking human organs on behalf of a “mafia-like” crime ring.

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci is schedule to meet with Biden this Thursday at the White House, according to the vice president’s public schedule.

Thaci is accused by the Council of Europe of being one of the central players in a crime syndicate that smuggled guns, drugs, and human organs in run-up to the 1998 Kosovo war.

The Guardian newspaper outlined the case against Thaci in a 2010 article:

Hashim Thaçi is identified as the boss of a network that began operating criminal rackets in the runup to the 1998-99 Kosovo war, and has held powerful sway over the country’s government since.

The report of the two-year inquiry, which cites FBI and other intelligence sources, has been obtained by the Guardian. It names Thaçi as having over the last decade exerted “violent control” over the heroin trade. Figures from Thaçi’s inner circle are also accused of taking captives across the border into Albania after the war, where a number of Serbs are said to have been murdered for their kidneys, which were sold on the black market.

“This is striking—even for Joe Biden,” said one GOP operative. “Talk about being out of touch. And can you imagine if the president does a drop-in on the meeting?”

The European Court of Human Rights named Thaci as the head of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a “mafia-like” militant groups that is said to have trafficked in human organs and committed routine assassinations and beatings.

Biden—who has not shied away from public meetings with Thaci—met with the leader in 2010 “as part of the Administration’s frequent consultations with our European partners on our shared agenda,” according to a White House press release. 

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Serbian President Boris Tadic resigns

Associated PressBy DUSAN STOJANOVIC | Associated Press – Wed, Apr 4, 2012

  FILE - March 2, 2012 file photo of Serbia's President Boris Tadic as he speaks and gestures during a press conference, in Belgrade, Serbia. Tadic said Wednesday April 4 2011 that he is resigning, paving the way for an early presidential election where he will face a strong challenge from a nationalist candidate. In the presidential vote, Tadic will be challenged by nationalist candidate Tomislav Nikolic who has received tacit support from Russia. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic, file)FILE – March 2, 2012 file photo …
  • FILE - July 11, 2004 file photo of Serbia's first democratic president Boris Tadic, as he waves to supporters after taking his oath of office in the parliament building and stepping into the Serbian presidency building for an inauguration ceremony, in Belgrade, Serbia. Tadic said Wednesday April 4 2011 that he is resigning, paving the way for an early presidential election where he will face a strong challenge from a nationalist candidate. In the presidential vote, Tadic will be challenged by nationalist candidate Tomislav Nikolic who has received tacit support from Russia. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic, file)FILE – July 11, 2004 file photo …
  • FILE - Jan. 27, 2008 file photo of a pre-election poster of Serbia's President Boris Tadic splattered with paint, in Belgrade, Serbia. Tadic said Wednesday April 4 2011 that he is resigning, paving the way for an early presidential election where he will face a strong challenge from a nationalist candidate. In the presidential vote, Tadic will be challenged by nationalist candidate Tomislav Nikolic who has received tacit support from Russia. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic, file)FILE – Jan. 27, 2008 file photo …

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Pro-Western Serbian President Boris Tadic said Wednesday he is resigning, paving the way for an early presidential election when he will face a strong challenge from a nationalist candidate who has Russia’s support.

Serbia’s parliament speaker is expected on Thursday to scheduled the vote on May 6, the same day when parliamentary and local elections are to be held.

In the presidential vote, Tadic will be challenged by nationalist candidate Tomislav Nikolic who has received tacit support from the Kremlin. Several other candidates also are expected to run, but without real chances of winning.

Tadic, who has worked hard to bring Serbia closer to the European Union, said the challenge will be tough, and he urged voters to choose which way they want the country to go.

“I’m offering a road of European integration and preserving the country’s integrity,” Tadic said. “I will run in that election with optimism because of the positive trends in our country.”

Tadic’s presidential term was to end early next year. But he decided for an early vote apparently to boost the chances of his Democratic Party, which has been slipping in recent pre-election polls against Nikolic’s populist Serbian Progressive Party.

“I think Tadic is the favorite to win the presidential vote and will bring a few percentage points more to the democrats,” political analyst Ognjen Pribicevic said.

Nikolic expressed confidence he will defeat Tadic. If no candidate receives 50 percent of the votes in the first round, the top two contenders face a runoff.

“I hope the election campaign will be fair,” said Nikolic, who was narrowly defeated by Tadic in two previous presidential elections.

Tadic’s governing democrats are being blamed for the country’s deep economic and social problems. The nationalists also claim Tadic is willing to sell off Serbia’s cherished former province of Kosovo, which declared independence in 2008, at the expense of distant and uncertain membership in the European Union.

“I will never recognize Kosovo,” Tadic said while announcing his resignation.

In recent years, Nikolic has won over disenchanted Serbs by railing against corruption and social injustice, and claiming to have shifted from being staunchly anti-Western to pro-EU.

Nikolic was deputy prime minister in a coalition government with late President Slobodan Milosevic in the late 1990s and backed his wars in the Balkans. Therefore, there is growing concern among Serbian liberals that his victory in the presidential election could plunge Serbia back into a confrontation with the West.

The self-proclaimed “Russia lover” seems to be the Kremlin’s choice for Serbia’s new leader, and he has made several recent trips to Moscow for consultations with top Russian officials.


Associated Press writer Jovana Gec contributed to this report

UPDATE April 7, 2012:

Today and yesterday they commemorated the Nazi unprovoked bombing of Belgrade on April 6 and 7th, 1941 in Belgrade, Serbia. Please pay your respects to the 1.7 million Yugoslav civilians who were murdered in the former Yugoslavia by these cowardly criminals, and beyond by their Croat Nazis and Muslim Nazis (Ushashe) collaborators-in-crime against the Christian Serbs, Jews and Roma who are still suffering by their progeny and suffered tremendously under the Clinonista EU-UN et al criminal bombing of the Christian Serbs by NATO enforcer during the 1990s.

God rest their souls!

As posted on b92

April 6, 2012 | 09:52

Belgrade marks 71st anniversary of Nazi bombing

Source: RTS, TanjugBELGRADE — 71 years ago today the Nazi German air force bombed Belgrade without warning, starting the Second World War in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.


The Labor and Social Policy Ministry, in cooperation with the Defense Ministry, the City of Belgrade and the National Library of Serbia organized commemorations in the Serbian capital to mark the anniversary.

The commemorations honored the innocent civilians and members of the Yugoslav armed forces who were killed trying to stand up to a far superior enemy.

The German forces first started with heavy bombing and mass destruction of Belgrade and later Kraljevo, Niš and other cities.

The attack of Hitler’s Third Reich began without a prior declaration of war, and despite the fact that several days earlier the government of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia declared Belgrade an open (undefended) city.

The German bombers dropped destructive and flammable bombs on Belgrade four times that day and around 16:00 CET about thirty Hecht dive bombers came from the direction of Romania shooting columns of refugees who were leaving the ruined city in panic.

The total of 484 Luftwaffe bombers took off from the airports in Vienna, Graz and Arad, delivering a rain of bombs on Belgrade on April 6 and 7.

The then capital of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was attacked again on April 11 and 12.

The attacks were also performed at night, dropping a total of 440 tons of bombs on Belgrade.

The exact number of victims has never been determined. 2,274 citizens of Belgrade, which had, 370,000 citizens at the time, are officially on the list of victims but some estimates say that almost 4,000 citizens died in the bombing.

According to historians, 20,000 citizens of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia died on April 6, 1941 and around 1.7 million people lost their lives during the four-year war against the German occupation forces.

Belgrade suffered enormous damage. 714 buildings were completely destroyed, 1,888 buildings were severely damaged and 6,826 were partially destroyed, including the Old Palace’s dome.

The Nazi air force targeted residential areas, hospitals, Belgrade Train Station, Main Post Office, Zemun airport.

Several hundreds of civilians were killed in the yard of the Ascension Church on the first the day of the aggression and several hundred more died when a bomb shelter in Karađorđev Park was directly hit.

The National Library of Serbia at Kosančićev Venac Street, which was built in 1832, was completely destroyed. 350,000 of books, including priceless medieval manuscripts, were lost in the fire.

The library also kept collections of Turkish manuscripts, over 200 old printed editions dating from 15th -17th century, old maps, engravings, fine art paintings and journals, as well as all books printed in Serbia and neighboring countries since 1832.

The fate of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was determined by a military coup and demonstrations staged in Belgrade on March 27, 1941 against the Tripartite Pact, which was signed two days earlier by the then government of Prime Minister Dragiša Cvetković and Deputy Prime Minister Vlatko Maček.

At the time when the largest armed conflict of the 20th century was lurking, Belgrade was the only city in which the masses staged fierce rallies against the agreement with Hitler and the Axis powers.

Being enraged by the situation in Yugoslavia, which thwarted his attack on the Soviet Union, the Nazi leader signed Directive 25 which envisaged complete destruction of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

The German 4th Air Fleet drafted a plan of attack entitled Operation Punishment which was commanded by General Alexander Loehr.

The airports of the Yugoslav neighboring states hosted the total of 2,236 aggressor planes of various type, including 885 fighter planes and 1,062 bombers.

The Yugoslav capital was defended by the Belgrade Air Defense and the 6th fighter regiment of Royal Yugoslav Air using the Messerschmitt Bf 109 aircrafts and unfortunately only a little number of IK-3 interceptor fighters, the most notable product of the Yugoslav Aviation Industry.

There were 11 sky defenders who gave their lives for Belgrade, though a lot of time passed before the city paid tribute to them by revealing a monument in Belgrade’s municipality of Zemun in 1997.

On April 6, the central Serbian city of Kraljevo was also shelled, while an attack on the southeastern city of Niš took place on April 8, claiming 600 lives.

By April 17, 1941, when the army of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia capitulated, the towns of Kraljevo, Leskovac, Kragujevac and Novi Sad were bombed, as well as several other towns in which the targets were mostly strategic objects, infrastructure and airports.

The victory of the Axis powers was quick and Yugoslavia capitulated after only 11 days in spite of the efforts of the Royal Army to protect the state borders, whereas the king and the government fled the country three days earlier.

In keeping with the general plan of the Third Reich and Hitler’s Directive signed on April 12, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was disintegrated and divided between Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria, with Serbia being allocated to Hitler’s forces.

Seven days before the end of the invasion, April 10, 1941, Croats, headed by Ante Pavelić and supported Italy’s Prime Minister Benito Mussolini, declared the Independent State of Croatia, which included Bosnia-Herzegovina and Srem.

This Nazi puppet state joined the Axis powers in World War II, creating a number of death camps where over 600,000 Orthodox Serbs, 80,000 Roma and 48,000 Jews were murdered.


As posted on Veterans Today

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Washington’s Bizarre Kosovo Strategy Could Destroy NATO

by F. William Engdahl 

    … for Veterans Today                     

In one of the more bizarre foreign policy announcements of a bizarre Obama Administration, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced that Washington will “help” Kosovo to join NATO as well as the European Union.

She made the pledge after a recent Washington meeting with Kosovan Prime Minister Hashim Thaci in Washington where she praised the progress of the Thaci government in its progress in “European integration and economic development.” [1]

Is Mrs. Clinton Smitten, or What? … Looks Like a Marriage Proposal to Me.

Her announcement no doubt caused serious gas pains among government and military officials in the various capitals of European NATO. Few people  appreciate just how mad Clinton’s plan to push Kosovo into NATO and the EU is.

Basic Kosovo geopolitics


William Engdahl

The controversial piece of real estate today called Kosovo was a part of Yugoslavia and tied to Serbia until the NATO bombing campaign in 1999 demolished what remained of Milosevic’s Serbia.

It opened the way for the United States, with the dubious assist of EU nations, above all Germany, to carve up the former Yugoslavia into tiny, dependent pseudo states.

Kosovo became one, as did Macedonia. Slovenia and Croatia had earlier split off from Yugoslavia with a strong assist from the German Foreign Ministry.

Some brief review of the circumstances leading to the secession of Kosovo from Yugoslavia will help locate how risky a NATO membership or EU membership would be for the future of Europe.

Hashim Thaci the current Kosovo Prime Minister, got his job, so to speak, through the US State Department and not via free democratic Kosovo elections.

Kosovo is not recognized as a legitimate state by either Russia or Serbia or over one hundred other nations. However, it was immediately recognized when it declared independence in 2008 by the Bush Administration and by Berlin.

A Very Poor Country

Membership into the EU for Kosovo would be welcoming another failed state, something which may not bother US Secretary Clinton, but which the EU at this juncture definitely can do without.

Best estimates place unemployment in the country at as much as 60%.

That is not just Third World level. The economy was always the poorest in Yugoslavia and today it is worse.

Yet the real issue in terms of the future of EU peace and security is the nature of the Kosovo state that has been created by Washington since the late 1990’s.

Mafia State and Camp Bondsteel

Kosovo is a tiny parcel of land in one of the most strategic locations in all Europe from a geopolitical standpoint of the US military objective of controlling oil flows and political developments from the oil-rich Middle East to Russia and Western Europe.

A Huge Drug Trade Despite NATO Occupation

The current US-led recognition of the self-declared Republic of Kosovo is a continuation of US policy for the Balkans since the illegal 1999 US-led NATO bombing of Serbia—a NATO “out-of-area” deployment never approved by the UN Security Council, allegedly on the premise that Milosevic’s army was on the verge of carrying out a genocidal massacre of Kosovo Albanians.

Some months before the US-led bombing of Serbian targets, one of the heaviest bombings since World War II, a senior US intelligence official in private conversation told Croatian senior army officers in Zagreb about Washington’s strategy for former Yugoslavia.

According to these reports, communicated privately to this author, the Pentagon goal already in late 1998 was to take control of Kosovo in order to secure a military base to control the entire southeast European region down to the Middle East oil lands.

Since June 1999 when the NATO Kosovo Force (KFOR) occupied Kosovo, then an integral part of then-Yugoslavia, Kosovo was technically under a United Nations mandate, UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

Russia and China also agreed to that mandate, which specifies the role of KFOR to ensure an end to inter-ethnic fighting and atrocities between the Serb minority population, others and the Kosovo Albanian Islamic majority.

Under 1244 Kosovo would remain part of Serbia pending a peaceful resolution of its status. That UN Resolution was blatantly ignored by the US, German and other EU parties in 2008.

Germany’s and Washington’s prompt recognition of Kosovo’s independence in February 2008, significantly, came days after elections for President in Serbia confirmed pro-Washington Boris Tadic had won a second four year term. With Tadic’s post secured, Washington could count on a compliant Serbian reaction to its support for Kosovo.

Immediately after the bombing of Serbia in 1999 the Pentagon seized a 1000 acre large parcel of land in Kosovo at Uresevic near the border to Macedonia, and awarded a contract to Halliburton when Dick Cheney was CEO there, to build one of the largest US overseas military bases in the world, Camp Bondsteel, with more than 7000 troops today.

Camp Bondsteel – A New American Footprint

The Pentagon has already secured seven new military bases in Bulgaria and Romania on the Black Sea in the Northern Balkans, including the Graf Ignatievo and Bezmer airbases in Bulgaria and Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base in Romania, which are used for “downrange” military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Romanian installation hosts the Pentagon’s Joint Task Force–East. The US’s colossal Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo and the use and upgrading of Croatian and Montenegrin Adriatic harbors for US Navy deployments complete the militarization of the Balkans.[2]

The US strategic agenda for Kosovo is primarily military, secondarily, it seems, narcotics trafficking. Its prime focus is against Russia and for control of oil flows from the Caspian Sea to the Middle East into Western Europe.

By declaring its independence, Washington gains a weak state which it can fully control. So long as it remained a part of Serbia, that NATO military control would be politically insecure.

Today Kosovo is controlled as a military satrapy of NATO, whose KFOR has 16,000 troops there for a tiny population of 2 million. Its Camp Bondsteel is one of a string of so-called forward operating bases and “lily pads” as Donald Rumsfeld called them, for military action to the east and south.

Now formally bringing Kosovo into the EU and to NATO will solidify that military base now that the Republic of Georgia under US protégé Saakashvili failed so miserably in 2008 to fill that NATO role.

Heroin Transport Corridor


Kosovo Drugs – ” Can You See Me Now? “

US-NATO military control of Kosovo serves several purposes for Washington’s greater geo-strategic agenda.

First it enables greater US control over potential oil and gas pipeline routes into the EU from the Caspian and Middle East as well as control of the transport corridors linking the EU to the Black Sea.

It also protects the multi-billion dollar heroin trade, which, significantly, has grown to record dimensions in Afghanistan according to UN narcotics officials, since the US occupation.

Kosovo and Albania are major heroin transit routes into Europe.

According to a 2008 US State Department annual report on international narcotics traffic, several key drug trafficking routes pass through the Balkans.

Kosovo is mentioned as a key point for the transfer of heroin from Turkey and Afghanistan to Western Europe. Those drugs flow under the watchful eye of the Thaci government.

Since its dealings with the Meo tribesmen in Laos during the Vietnam era, the CIA has protected narcotics traffic in key locations in order partly to finance its covert operations. The scale of international narcotics traffic today is such that major US banks such as Citigroup are reported to derive a significant share of their profits from laundering the proceeds.

One of the notable features of the indecent rush by Washington and other states to immediately recognize the independence of Kosovo is the fact that they well knew its government and both major political parties were in fact run by Kosovo Albanian organized crime.

Kosovo Prime Minister – Hashim Thaci

Hashim Thaci, Prime Minister of Kosovo and head of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, is the former leader of the terrorist organization which the US and NATO trained and called the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, or in Albanian, UCK.

In Kosovo crime circles he is known as Hashim “The Snake” for his personal ruthlessness against opponents.

In 1997, President Clinton’s Special Balkans Envoy, Robert Gelbard described the KLA as, “without any question a terrorist group.” It was far more.

It was a klan-based mafia, impossible therefore to infiltrate, which controlled the underground black economy of Kosovo. Today the Democratic Party of Thaci, according to European police sources, retains its links to organized crime.

A February 22, 2005 German BND report, labeled Top Secret, which has since been leaked, stated:

“Über die Key-Player (wie z. B. Haliti, Thaci, Haradinaj) bestehen engste Verflechtungen zwischen Politik, Wirtschaft und international operierenden OK-Strukturen im Kosovo. Die dahinter stehenden kriminellen Netzwerke fördern dort die politische Instabilität. Sie haben kein Interesse am Aufbau einer funktionierenden staatlichen Ordnung, durch die ihre florierenden Geschäfte beeinträchtigt werden können.“ (OK=Organized Kriminalität).

Translation: “Through the key players—for example Thaci, Haliti, Haradinaj—there is the closest interlink between politics, the economy and international organized crime in Kosovo. The criminal organizations in the background there foster political instability.

They have no interest at all in the building of a functioning orderly state that could be detrimental to their booming business.”[3]

The KLA began action in 1996 with the bombing of refugee camps housing Serbian refugees from the wars in Bosnia and Croatia. The KLA repeatedly called for the “liberation” of areas of Montenegro, Macedonia and parts of Northern Greece. Thaci is hardly a figure of regional stability to put it mildly.

Good Gosh – Albright Has the Same Smitten Look as Hillary!

The 44 year old Thaci was a personal protégé of Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright during the 1990s, when he was a mere 30-year old gangster. The KLA was supported from the outset by the CIA and the German BND.

During the 1999 war the KLA was directly supported by NATO.

At the time he was picked up by the USA in the mid-1990s, Thaci was founder of the Drenica Group, a criminal syndicate in Kosovo with ties to Albanian, Macedonian and Italian organized mafias.

A classified January 2007 report prepared for the EU Commission, labeled “VS-Nur für den Dienstgebrauch” was leaked to the media. It detailed the organized criminal activity of KLA and its successor Democratic Party under Thaci.

A December 2010 Council of Europe report, released a day after Kosovo’s election commission said Mr Thaci’s party won the first post-independence election, accused Western powers of complicity in ignoring the activities of the crime ring headed by Thaci:

“Thaci and these other ‘Drenica Group’ members are consistently named as ‘key players’ in intelligence reports on Kosovo’s mafia-like structures of organised crime,” the report said.

“We found that the ‘Drenica Group’ had as its chief – or, to use the terminology of organised crime networks, its ‘boss’ – the renowned political operator … Hashim Thaci.” [4]

The report stated that Thaci exerted “violent control” over the heroin trade. Dick Marty, the European Union investigator, presented the report to European diplomats from all member states. The response was silence. Washington was behind Thaci.[5]

” One Kidney – Going Once, Twice….”

The same Council of Europe report on Kosovo organized crime accused Thaci’s mafia organization of dealing in trade in human organs.

Figures from Thaçi’s inner circle were accused of taking captives across the border into Albania after the war, where a number of Serbs are said to have been murdered for their kidneys that were sold on the black market.

In one case revealed in legal proceedings in a Pristina district court in 2008 organs were said to have been taken from impoverished victims at a clinic known as Medicus – linked to Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) organ harvesting in 2000.[6]

The question then becomes, why are Washington, NATO, the EU and inclusive and importantly, the German Government, so eager to legitimize the breakaway Kosovo?

A Kosovo run internally by organized criminal networks is easy for NATO to control. It insures a weak state which is far easier to bring under NATO domination. Combined with NATO control over Afghanistan where the Kosovo heroin controlled by Prime Minister Thaci originates, the Pentagon is building a web of encirclement around Russia that is anything but peaceful.

The Thaci dependence on US and NATO good graces insures Thaci’s government will do what it is asked. That, in turn, assures the US a major military gain consolidating its permanent presence in the strategically vital southeast Europe. It is a major step in consolidating NATO control of Eurasia, and gives the US a large swing its way in the European balance of power.

Little wonder Moscow has not welcomed the development, nor have numerous other states. The US is literally playing with dynamite, potentially as well with nuclear war in the Balkans.

During the Balkan Wars all Muslim Atrocities on Serbs were Censored…Like Their Affection for Collecting Heads.

The Muslims Like to Burn and Cut out Hearts.

And They Liked to Cut Eyes Out of Their Prisoners.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean

F. William Engdahl is author of Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order. He may be contacted via his website,

Kony 2012 Viral Video: A Justification For Going Into Uganda or Something Else?

There is a Kony 2012 video going viral on the internet and being marketed to our children. Joseph Kony is, no doubt, a really bad guy and he should defintely be brought to justice.  However, keep in mind that Kony is apparently no longer in Uganda and he hasn’t been there for six years! So why are we now using this as a justification for going into Uganda? Could there be another more insidious reason?  And who is behind this video? Please read the post below and watch the two videos, and do your own research, and you decide what the real story is! 

As posted on the Blaze by Steve Williams

2008: A National Oil and Gas Policy, proposed with aid from a group funded by US billionaire George Soros (remember this name, it is mentioned again a little further down), is enacted as a general road map for the handling and use of the Ugandan oil. Ugandan stakeholders from Soros’ Revenue Watch Institute meet to discuss the policy. That same year, the Africa Institute for Energy Governance, a grantee of the Soros-funded Revenue Watch, launched the oil-related PWYP group in Uganda. (SOURCE)2009: With US military support, Uganda launches “Operation Lightning Thunder”, crossing the border into the Congo under the guise of defeating Kony and the LRA. The operation fails, resulting in brutal revenge attacks, with over 1000 people killed in the Congo and Sudan. (SOURCE) Also in 2009, Tullow Oil confirms discovery of 800m barrels of oil, worth 50 billion USD, near the Uganda-Congo border. Tullow strikes a deal with the Ugandan government, granting them 8 out of every 10 barrels. (SOURCE) That same year, Heritage Oil, owned by the notorious mercenary fighter Tony Buckingham who has a history of military involvement in Angola during the civil war, announced a sale and purchase agreement with Tullow Oil to sell its two license shares in Uganda. Heritage has signed a PSA with the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq, where its attentions are shifting. (SOURCE)2010: Joseph Kony has still not been seen in Uganda since 2006. Meanwhile, interest in the Ugandan oil continues to grow with full-scale oil drilling expected to begin in the region by the end of 2011. George Soros (see 2008) who has been directly involved in Ugandan oil interests for years, releases a report on behalf of the Soros’ International Crisis Group advising the U.S. military to run special operations in Uganda to seek Kony’s capture. (SOURCE)2011: President Obama sends 100 US troops to the Ugandan oil region under the guise of combating the Lord’s Resistance Army, which has not been active in Uganda for at least 5 years. (SOURCE)2012: “Stop Kony” is released by the Invisible Children NGO. The video is subsequently criticized for being misleading and neglecting to inform the viewers that Joseph Kony has not had any power for a number of years. Opponents point out that the war-torn Kony-ravaged Uganda depicted in the film is not an accurate depiction of today’s relative peace in Uganda. The LRA has been reduced to somewhere around 250 rebels, none of whom are presently in Uganda. It is revealed that the bulk of monies raised by Invisible Children is used towards exorbitant salaries, travel expenses around $1 million per year, and film production. Some of the money that does make it to Uganda is falling into the hands of the current Ugandan administration, which like Joseph Kony, has been accused of war crimes and the use of child soldiers.(SOURCE) While the filmmakers purport to seek to “raise awareness” through the film and social media campaign, they skim over the fact thattheir goal is to pressure to the US government to continue its US military intervention in Uganda. (SOURCE: INVISIBLE CHILDREN’S OWN SITE) Again, Joseph Kony and the LRA have been long absent from Uganda, the country in which IC wishes to see continued US military presence.
In closing, we do not need any more “awareness” to ensure that US troops continue their campaign in Uganda. With billions of dollars of oil on the line and Obama’s close ties to George Soros, it is highly unlikely that the US will pull out of Uganda before they get their piece of the pie. The majority of the money being made off of the bracelets and action packs is not helping child soldiers; if anything you are helping to support the current Ugandan administration, which itself has a history of war crimes and is more likely to spend their resources on grabbing oil from the Lake Albert area than hunting down a man who may or may not have died 5 years ago. There are worst people and worst threats in Africa than Joseph Kony. By convincing the public that he is the boogeyman, Invisible Children can continue to pull in millions of dollars while advancing their own agenda, the Ugandan military will gain funds and military support that they can use in their conflict with DRC over Lake Albert’s oil reserves, and the US government and the oil companies that they are aligned with will be able to engage in yet another war-for-oil under the pretense of capturing SaddamOsama Ghaddafi Kony The Bad Guy.
Recommended Reading:
Visible Children- Kony 2012 Viewed Critically
KONY 2012, Invisible Children’s Pro-AFRICOM and Museveni Propaganda
Aaron Klein: Why U.S. military in Uganda? Soros fingerprints all over it! Obama’s billionaire friend has interests in African country’s oil (written October 2011)
Guyism: That Kony 2012 viral video is a scam, FYI
The Kony 2012 Scam and Why You Should STOP Supporting Invisible Children
Oil Bribes Linked to Obama Man (more on the Soros-Obama connection to Ugandan oil)
BBC: Joseph Kony campaign under fire
Child Soldiers and Uganda in Newsweek

UPDATE:  More video has been now released on the Blaze of the filmmaker of the Kony 2012  video  Jason Russell’s nude tirade and lewd acts in San Diego.  Russell’s organization “Invisible Children” is the organization behind this Kony 2012 video and there is more to this Invisible Children group than meets the eye! 

Yet More Video Released of Kony 2012 Filmmakers Nude Tirade | Jason Russell

Clinton’s Treacherous Muslim Allies in Bosnia: Crimes Committed By Bosnian Muslims Against the Serbs in Sarajevo in 1995!

These are the crimes that were being committed in 1995 by the Bosnian Muslim allies of traitor Bill Clinton in our name.  And, in our name he built a monument to them in the heart of Bosnia that cost we the taxpayers one million dollars!  And the corrupt ever-loving Leftist media here in America never told us about these massacres of innocent Serb civilians in Sarajevo, did they?  The MSM and our politicians have betrayed all America and they will be exposed by us, in whose names they committed these disgusting crimes against all humanity.  Let’s face it.  We don’t have a media anymore.  They are all corrupt and they have not told us the truth about Clinton’s nasty Bosnian War against the Christian Serb people.  Can these wrongs be made right?  Never!  Clinton should be hung in the public square for allying with the Bosnian Muslim murderers who have gone scot free and have never paid for their crimes against the Serbian people, and who are still committing them!

This article posted in There Must Be Justice  says it rather succinctly and the video shows their atrocities for all to see.   This video was never shown to us, the American people, because it didn’t fit the Leftist MSM’s agenda, did it?  Their agenda only serves their Leftist political end and not the truth.  Never the truth!  It’s sickening and mindboggling how they can live with themselves.  It is why we no longer pay any attention to the media here in America anymore!  We don’t trust them!

Europe ignores the fact of 8.000 murdered Serbs in Sarajevo

February 16, 2012

The European Union advocates democracy, justice and standards which potential EU members must take account of. It has been constantly broadcasted from European capitals that all war criminals from the Yugoslavian separatist wars (from 1990 to 1999) must be put on trial. This advocacy by the European Union will go down in history as hypocrisy, since EU does not act upon it, just as the forefathers of this organization never did on theirs. The German leaders from 1933 to 1945 claimed as well to be the representatives of the highest norms and values, insisting that they were building a new world order. If today’s leaders of the EU honestly respected the international law and justice, then they would not neglect the fact that the Bosnian Muslim army murdered 8,000 Serbs in Sarajevo from 1992 to 1995. These crimes are terrible since they include atrocities committed against entire Serbian Orthodox families. When it comes to cruelty, the crimes against Serbs of Sarajevo outweigh to a great extent the other war crimes, perpetrated in other places, for instance the crime against the Bosnian Muslim soldiers in Srebrenica in 1995. The lists of the murdered Serbs of Sarajevo are supported with strong concrete evidence such as: complete names, addresses, the exact location of the crime, etc. Furthermore, the private property of these exterminated Serbs has been identified as well. But that property has now been seized by Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina and even by those of non-European origin. The Vatican, EU and USA do not take these facts into consideration, probably because they were involved in organizing and arming the Croatian and Bosnian Muslim military formations during the disintegration of Yugoslavia. When these atrocities took place in the period between 1992 and 1995, the West (the same players named above) was well-informed of these crimes, executed by the Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs of Sarajevo. However, the West kept this information hidden from the general public and did not notify the UN of it, let alone pursue any course of action to put an end to this rampage. From the standpoint of international rights, when one ignores crimes committed by others he becomes a co-perpetrator. The reason why the EU, Vatican and USA supported these mass crimes against Serbs will be explained and exposed by history.

The question which should be raised is: would the West also tolerate if 8.000 civilians were to be exterminated in European cities?

Bosnian Muslim warcrimes – Sarajevo (english subtitles)

BZO Parliamentarian Ewald Stadler: A Man Who I Can Respect Who Takes A Stand Against Mohammedist Barbaric Treachery and Aggression!

BZO parliamentarian Ewald Stadler directly addresses the Turkish ambassador in Austria Ecvet Tezcan and exposes a few things, just little things mind you like the beheading of a Catholic Archbishop Luigi Padovese who was stabbed eight times into the heart in the city of Iskenderun on June 3rd, 2010, and asks for his immediate dismissal.  At last, a man in Europe with the courage to say what we’d all like to say to these hypocritical Mohammedist Supremacists who seek to talk to us about tolerance and then have none themselves!

Bravo, I say.  Bravo!  Listen to what Ewald Stadler has to say and be warned, because there’s going to more of us saying the same thing to wake up all the dhimmis in all our governments in the West who want to kowtow to these mass-murderers with their appeasing and apologizing and outright dhimmitude for their horrific atrocities committed worldwide and on a daily basis against those of us in Western Civilization who respect life and the law, and live it.   

Listen and remember.  Because there are those of us who will take a stand against Mohammedist treachery and barbarism and who will defend until death what we value.  Which is life and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


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