The American Left’s Satanic Embrace of Islam’s War on Women and Christianity!

It has long been the Satanic policy of the American Left of coopting Islam’s war on women and Christianity for their tyrannical ends of their globalist Fabian Socialist government and their ultimate world tyranny over we the people. Just as it is also their policy of creating and coopting the OWS entitled and disgruntled useful idiots to achieve their egregious Godless and childless ends.

The Fabian Socialists were the forebears of the Progressive Movement in America.  The American Left. They believed that they must mold the world into some garish utopian nightmare of their making.  A world where those who were deemed a burden on society would be eliminated in their abortion centers, or put to death if they were already born disabled and required the resources of the government.

George Bernard Shaw, the most well-known of the Fabian Socialists said “I think it would be a good thing to make everyone come before a properly appointed board just like he may come before the income tax commissioner, and say every five years or every seven years just put them there and say, sir or madam will you be kind enough to justify your existence. If you are not producing as much as you consume or perhaps a little more then clearly we cannot use the big organization of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive because your life does not benefit us and it can’t be of very much use to yourself.”

The Fabian Socialists gave birth to the American Left, the Progressives in America, and it was another well-known Fabian Socialist, Margaret Sanger, who went on to start the abortion clinics in America, for the sole purpose of getting rid of the undesireables, specifically the Blacks who she thought were an inferior race.

Understanding the forebears of the American Left and their political philosophy is of paramount importance if you are to understand their Satanic embracing of the ideology of Islam’s war on women and war on Christianity. It is the followers of Islam who have been and are carrying on a war on women and a war on Christianity and they are doing their dirty work for them. It’s only by making women think they need to abort their children, rather than have them adopted, that controls the population and the necessity of a society to take care of them, which would be an extra burden on society, as George Bernard has stated very clearly. And, of course, you wouldn’t want these unwanted children to consume more than they are producing!

The ideology of Islam that promotes the killing of the infidel, the Christian or anyone else who lives outside of Islam and must be killed or made to submit, also serves the Left’s purpose of progressing towards a Godless society, because only in a Godless society, a society without Christianity that clearly says all men are created equal and that they have equal value regardless of usefulness, are you able to pursue their Fabian Socialist aims of molding the world into their garish nightmare where God would have no place in determining who lives and dies. In a Fabian Socialist utopian world, the world of the American Left, where you would have to prove your usefulness to society, or be gotten rid of, there’s no understanding of this concept of all men are created equal by their creator with the inalienable right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property), or the innate value of life itself! As is true in Islam.

So, you see, Islam’s ideology of extermination is ideal for them to embrace because, as I said, they are doing the job that they would have to do otherwise. That is, getting rid of Christianity and Christians, who present a barrier to achieving their ordered Fabian Socialist Leftist ends of their tyranny over us thereby making them the gods, and of making women feel that they are inferior beings and that they must get rid of the burden of having a baby, instead of encouraging them to value life, and have that baby adopted. Obama was heard voicing these identical sentiments when he said before a huge crowd of his supporters that he doesn’t want them, talking about his daughters, “punished with a baby!”

It is for this reason of coopting the Islamists for their radical ends, that the American Left can easily and Satanically excuse the real abhorent treatment of women under Islam’s ideology of imposing 2nd class status on women in Islamic societies, and all of us who the Islamists would let live as slaves, and their making them invisible by demanding that they wear the burka and stoning them to death for being raped, or hanging them for not wearing the scarf! And, indeed, the America Left embraces it!

This egregious and Satanic alliance of the American Left with Islam’s brutal tyranny over all women, and their abhorent and Satanic alliance with Islam’s continued genocide against Christians and all infidels must be exposed. Because this is the real war on women, and the war on Christianity, that they’ve waged on all of us who value life and freedom, that they are aiding and abetting, and colluding with.

Serbian General Ratko Mladic: The Demonization of Another Serb Leader Has Begun at the Hague!

The last Serb Leader, and one of many, that they demonized at the Hague, Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, for having the audacity to defend his Serb people in his own province of Kosovo, that has now been seized and become a KLA terrorist state, against the KLA Albanian Muslim Drug Mafia who were slaughtering them, died in mysterious circumstances at the Hague prison while waiting for his trial. 

Now this mock trial of the honorable Serbian General Ratko Mladic for similarly defending his Christian Serb people is said to last for three years, and they’ve already started their smearing of him in all the newspapers in Europe.  He has been tried and convicted even before his trial begins by the globalist criminals and demonizers at the Hague who sit in judgment of him like the gods of the copybook headings that they all are!

Here’s the sort of articles they are writing in the newspapers over in Europe in their attempt to caricature this honorable Serbian General Ratko Mladic as the devil.  They’ve got this down to a tee. This further demonization of the Serbian leaders and the Serbian people, that is! It wasn’t enough that they sat by while they were exterminated by the Ustashi (Croat Nazis and Muslims) in that most brutal of Concentration Camps, Jasenovac, in Croatia, that puppet state created by the Nazis in WWII.

Take note of this because this is how they systematically demonize Christian Serb leaders before they exterminate them in the Hague, and it has become a globalist art form.

As posted on Channel 4 News


Wednesday 16 May 2012

The last major player from the Bosnian conflict took his seat in the Hague, making a throat-slitting motion to Munira Subasic, one of many spectators who have waited almost two decades for justice.


On the first day of a trial that could last three years, Ratko Mladic, the

On the first day of a trial that could last three years, Ratko Mladic, the “Butcher of Belgrade”, seemed to enjoy coming face-to-face with family members of some 8,000 Muslims he is accused of murdering in Srebrenica in 1995. Ms Subasic, separated by glass from Mr Mladic, lost 22 relatives, including her three-year-old son, who was shot in the head for crying too loudly. His body has never been found.

Mr Mladic, 70, his hair thinning and donning glasses, gave a thumbs-up sign to his family and supporters as proceedings got underway. He was arrested in Serbia in 2011 after 15 years on the run and faces 11 charges, including genocide. But for Ms Subasic and other relatives of his victims, theirs could be a lengthy wait for justice.

“The public is now accustomed to exceedingly lengthy war crimes trials that often take longer to conclude than the conflicts,” Roger Sahota, a solicitor advocate involved in the prosecution of Liberia’s Charles Taylor, told Channel 4 News. “Mladic’s trial is expected to last at least three years.” (Read Roger Sahota’s full comments: Why do war crime trials drag on longer than the war? )

Nonetheless, human rights advocates believe it has been worth the exhausting delays in bringing Mr Mladic to court.

“His trial should lay to rest the notion that those accused of atrocity crimes can run out the clock on justice,” said Param-Preet Singh, a senior lawyer at Human Rights Watch.

Hague prosecutor Dermot Groome began laying out arguments shortly after 9am, a task expected to last two days. He began by describing victims as “civilians who were targeted for no other reason other than they were of an ethnicity other than Serb”.

“In some locations, this attack rose to the level of genocide,” Mr Groome said. “The world watched in disbelief.”


Mr Mladic has already described his position in outbursts during the initial proceedings in 2011, calling his actions “acts of war” in defence of the state. He refused to enter a plea to the 11 charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

“I am defending my country and people, not Ratko Mladic,” he said, railing against the charges, the court and the time frame given to prepare his defence.

An urgent motion on Tuesday complaining of the alleged bias of the Dutch judge was dismissed by the president of the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal. His lawyers accused Judge Alphons Orie of bias in charges linked to the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, involving Dutch UN peacekeepers accused of not acting to prevent the slaying by Serb forces of thousands of Muslim men.


Mr Mladic’s lawyers were still hoping late on Tuesday to get a six-month delay, claiming they had not had time to prepare their defence because prosecutors did not properly disclose all evidence. The plea was rejected.

Mr Mladic faces two counts of genocide that allege he orchestrated atrocities by Serb fighters throughout the 1992-95 Bosnian War. He faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment if convicted. He is being tried as an individual, charged for joint criminal enterprises and individual ones.

One of the three judges presiding over the case, German Christoph Flugge, was removed from judges enlisted to preside over the case of former Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karadzic after comments to a magazine about the distinction between genocide and mass killing.

“Why do we have to draw this distinction in the first place? Does it make it more or less unjust when a group of people is killed, not for national, ethnic, racist or religious reasons, as regulated in our statute, but merely because these people all happened to be in a certain location?” he said.

Controversially, he has now been appointed to the Mladic case and will hear the testimony of the former commander of the Bosnian Serb army and more than 150 witnesses who will testify in proceedings certain to provoke memories and tears.

KLA Muslim Albanian Mafia Plunder in the Former Yugoslavia: In Retrospect and Now!

What happened in the former Yugoslavia is a reprehensible act of aggression against the Christian Serbian people and the sovereignty of the enlightened Nation of Yugoslavia, and at the ADL we will never stop talking about it until our foreign policy toward the Serbian Christians is reversed and we reach out to them and ask them for their forgiveness and ask them to join us as allies once again against this holocaust against the people of the world by worldwide Islamic plunder against Christians and anyone else who does not submit to Islam’s bloodied sword of intolerance, plunder and death.

About a month ago five Christians were fishing in Macedonia and they were reprehensibly gunned down by the Islamists.  Shot in the back!  As cowardly an act as is usual by these vicious Albanian Islamist KLA  killers.  Four of the Christians were aged between 18 and 22, and the other was 45 years of age.  Their lives snuffed out because they were Christians.

Fast back to March 21, 1999 and this video shows the funeral of another Serbian Christian, a policeman, who was murdered by the KLA Islamists in a terrorist attack just before the bombing of Serbia by six hundred NATO planes versus 12 Serbian planes.  Clinton et al and their NATO enforcer-by-bombing used overwhelming force against the Republic of Serbia that would defend itself and would win on the ground, and went against all odds to defend itself in the air against six hundred NATO planes that bombed it ruthlessly for 78 days in 1999. Simply because Serbian President Milosevic refused to withdraw his police and army from defending the Christian Serbs against the KLA Muslim Albanian mafia terrorists who were horrifically slaughtering them.  Case in point, when the Muslim Albanians slaughtered fourteen in Staro Gracko and got away with it.

We at the ADL aim to put a stop to the EU and the UN-NATO globalists plunder as well. This sort of bullying, dividing up, and consequent Islamist seizing of the Republics of Nations must be stopped, as evidenced by what has happened, and is happening, in the the Republics of the former Yugoslavia that rightfully should be reunited and the terrorists should be deported, or put in prison! Thereby sending these Islamist plunderers the message that the former Yugoslavia will be restored and law and order will prevail in Europe, as it was before these terrorists were allowed to pour into it, aided and abetted by Clinton-NATO-EU-UN globalists et al.

We demand that Kosovo be returned to the Serbian Christian people and that KLA Mafia Hashim Thaci, PM of seized Kosovo, be convicted of his crimes against the Christian Serbian people.  And we demand that KFOR and NATO get out of Kosovo, and the Kumanova Agreement be abided by, because Kosovo belongs to Serbia and it is the seat of Serbian Orthodox Christianity for over a thousand years!  

Today Fatmir Lamaj  and three former members of the KLA was acquitted of his crimes against the Christian Serbs in Kosovo!  The court “dismissed as inadmissible the evidence given by the prosecution’s chief witness, Agim Zogaj.”  Chief witness Ajim Zogaj was found hanging from a tree in a park in Germany last September!  How convenient for Fatmir Lamaj and the three former members of the KLA terrorist mafia!  A dead man can’t speak!  And now those 49 pages that he wrote in a diary is inadmissable.  And those families of those  kidnapped and murdered Serb civilians and members of the Yugoslav Army in a KLA camp in Klecka in 1999 will not see justice.  At least not in this world.  

And so, the criminals are now free and waiting to commit more crimes in Kosovo!  That Holy Kosovo Field where 77,000 Christian Serbian Warriors and their Prince Lazar martyred themselves rather than live under Muslim Turk tyranny! 

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Evidence ruled inadmissible in KLA war crimes case

Source: B92, Beta, TanjugPRIŠTINA — Fatmir Limaj released; a Priština court dismisses evidence of a now late witness, citing prosecution’s failure to meet “certain procedural standards”.

A file photo of Fatmir Limaj (left) (FoNet)
A file photo of Fatmir Limaj (left) (FoNet)

Fatmir Limaj, a former leader of the ethnic Albanian so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and later a minister in the government in Priština, and a group of other KLA members are on trial for war crimes committed against Serb and ethnic Albanian civilians in the province during the 1999 war.

Today, a judge of the District Court in Priština ordered Limaj and nine other defendants released from custody.

Limaj was under house arrest since last September.

Previously, a panel of judges, composed of international and local members, dismissed as inadmissible the evidence given by the prosecution’s chief witness, Agim Zogaj.

Zogaj was found dead, hanging from a tree in a park in Germany last September. The EU mission in Kosovo, EULEX, two months later officially announced that his death was a suicide.

Zogaj’s testimony consisted of statements and wartime diaries, but the judges said the prosecution’s failure to meet “certain procedural standards” rendered them inadmissible.

During less than two years that he spent as a member of the KLA, Zogaj wrote 49 pages in his diary, detailing the events in the village of Klečka that he took part in, thus securing evidence for a war crimes indictment against the ten KLA members.

Zogaj wrote that he was forced to execute some prisoners “because of Limaj”, and also mentioned that there were four attempts against his life, once again accusing Limaj.

The prosecution and the defense have also been told by the court today to submit their closing statements in the case.

An EULEX spokesperson in Priština said the decision was made by a court council made up of two EULEX and one local judges.

Albanian language media, and Limaj’s defense, believe that today’s decision means that the entire indictment against him related to the Klečka war crime will now collapse.

Limaj and nine others are accused of kidnapping and murdering civilians and members of the Yugoslav Army (VJ) in a KLA camp in Klečka in 1999.

Limaj, who is now a member of the Kosovo assembly in Priština, was previously charged with war crimes committed in a camp in Lapušnik by the Hague Tribunal, but was set free for lack of evidence.

That trial, meant to bring justice to the 22 Serb and ethnic Albanian victims who were beaten, tortured and killed in the camp, was held in 2004 and 2005 in the shadow of warnings about witness intimidation, that came from then Chief Hague Prosecutor Carla del Ponte.

The war crimes in this case relate to 1998 – a year before the war broke out in the province, and to 1999, during the hostilities.

The ethnic Albanians who were targeted and murdered by the KLA were declared “collaborators”.

This zone was commanded by Ramush Haradinaj, one of the leaders of the terrorist KLA, while Limaj was in charge of the Klečka zone.

First testimonies about the crimes in the area emerged as early as 1998, when former KLA members brothers Bekim and Luan Mazreku made statements for the Serbian justice officials, providing detailed testimony about war crimes committed against civilians.

In 2005, mass graves were discovered in Mališevo and Volujak. Klečka is near these two locations. The remains of murdered Serbs were found in a pit in Klečka in 1998.

The Mazreku brothers said at the time that Serbs kidnapped in Orahovac included women, children and men, and that they were transported to Klečka via Mališevo. They testified that they knew about ten civilians who were executed by firing squads, while three women who were raped.

After the war and the Hague trial, Limaj, a member of the Kosovo Albanian government in Priština, was a suspect in a corruption scandal, when EULEX police searched his offices and those of another minister, Nedzat Krasnici, on suspicion of corruption and abuse of office.

Limaj is also an official of Kosovo Prime Minister and former KLA leader Hashim Thaci’s party, the PDK.


By the Order of KLA Mafia Hashim Thaci PM Seized Kosovo: The Murder of Zorica & Stojance Miladinovic & 112 Christian Serbs in the Town of Gnjilane!

Bill Clinton and NATO UN-EU globalist enforcer had just finished bombing Serbia because the Serbian President Milosevic had refused to withdraw his forces from Kosovo, a province of Serbia.  Six hundred NATO planes against twelve Serbian planes!  The bombing lasted from March 24 to June 10, 1999 which culminated in a signed Kumanova Agreement in the Macedonian town which committed to protecting all the citizens of Kosovo.

Up until June 20, 1999 there were no problems in the small town of Gnjilane near Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo between the Christian Serbs and the Muslim Albanians. Then, upon the order of KLA Albanian Muslim Mafia PM Seized Kosovo Hashim Thaci the persecution and murder of the Christian Serbs in Gnjilane began. The same Hashim Thaci that Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, pledged full support for on April 4, 2012 while Serbian President Boris Tadic resigned saying he would never recognize an independent Kosovo which was a province of Serbia.

 Clinton to Thaci: Full support
On June 20, 1999 the local Commander of the terrorist KLA lined up his Muslim Albanian Mafia terrorists and told them, “Now you will see how to kill all the Serbs.” 

First two old men from the village Gnjilane were beaten!  Then they took 70 year old Zorica Miladinovic and tied one of her feet to one car and the other to another car and slowly drove the two cars in opposite directions.  Zorica Miladinovic was dying and in pain and she moaned but she was still alive.  Then they untied her feet and tied one of her hands to one car and the other hand to the other car and again drove the two cars in opposite directions.  All the while the Albanian Muslims were chanting “Kill, kill the Serb.”  Then they took her husband, Stojance Miladinovic, and did the same thing to him until they both died.  While this was going on the crowd of Albanian KLA Mafia were on the streets laughing and singing! 

The killing and raping of women continued until December, 1999.  The NATO occupying troops and the International police did not even try to prevent these atrocities even though the Kumanovo Agreement (to cease the bombing of Serbia) committed them to doing it.  The Kumanovo Agreement had pledged that NATO would guarantee security to all the citizens of the Province of Kosovo and Serbia must withdraw its troops and police temporarily from Kosovo, and the agreement would allow the Bangka police and army to return in ten years, guaranteed by Russian politician Viktor Cernomidin and Yeltsin who lied.  All the EU politicians laughed and argued all was well in Kosovo.  The truth was that the Christian Serbs were being horrifically murdered in Kosovo.

From June 20 to December 15, 1999 in the small town of Gnjilane Christian Serbs were taken away, murdered, tortured and the women were raped! Two of the women were protected witnesses in court.  The International Forces in Kosovo were not for one moment trying to protect the Serbs.  The total number of Christian Serbs killed only in the town of Gnjilane was 114, and all in a brutally cruel manner, and 60 Serbs had been beaten, tortured and released.  All of those who had been murdered were thrown in the Lidnicko Lake by the side of the Gnjilane Pristina road by the order of Hashim Thaci PM seized Kosovo.

So far they have found about 80 bodies, and they’re looking for others.  Of the 70 year old husband and wife, Zorica and Stoyance Miladinovic, who were horrifically murdered amidst the chanting of “Kill kill the Serb,” a year later the  International police, UNMIK, found only a few broken skulls and bones.

Witnesses who testified to these events are protected witnesses.  

The police and the Serbian Intelligence Service worked for years until they were able to identify the KLA Albanian Mafia criminals!  Here they are:

Gnjilane Criminals

Ali Redjepi
Ali Sadiku
Ali Izet
Memisi Agos ~ Arrested
Semsiju Nuhi ~ Arrested
Hajdari Samet ~ Arrested
Hajdari Fatom ~ Arrested
Former Albanian Policeman ~ Arrested

The others are hiding in Kosovo under the protection of  Hashim Thaci PM seized Kosovo and the occupying EU police!

The Voice of America says there are 14,000 killed and missing to date in Kosovo.

And the goal of KLA Mafia Hashim Thaci and the EU?  An Independent Kosovo.  A Kosovo without the Christian Serbs who have lived there for over a thousand years and is the seat of Orthodox Serbian Christianity where 77,000 Christian Serbian warriors and their Prince Lazar martyred themselves on that Kosovo Holy Field in 1389 rather than live under Muslim Turk tyranny.  Kosovo, former Province of Serbia.  Illegally seized and against all International Laws.  With this criminal, Hashim Thaci, as it’s Prime Minister.  A KLA terrorist state, along with Bosnia and Croatia, in the heart of the former Yugoslavia.  Controlled by the globalists in the EU and the UN, and with the full support of Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State. 

And a continued and looming threat to we the people in all of Western Civilization who revere freedom and the rule of law!

Serb Mafia Traitor LDP Cedomir Jovanovic: Candidate for President of the Republic of Serbia!

The EU; KLA Albanian Mafia Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci;  Hillary Clinton, who on April 4, 2012 declared her full support for Hashim Thaci; and billionaire globalist manipulator open borders George Soros aka Gyorgy Schwartz are all supporting this Serb traitor who is one of the candidates running for President of the Republic of Serbia whose elections take place on May 6th! 

Liberal Democratic Party candidate Cedomir Jovanovic is the only Serb candidate for President of the Republic of Serbia who is supporting the illegal seizure of Kosovo from Serbia!  Kosovo, a province of Serbia and the seat of Christian Serb Orthodoxy where 77,000 Christian Serb warriors and their Prince Lazar martyred themselves in 1389 on that Holy Kosovo Field rather than live under Muslim Turk tyranny!  In other words, this Serb traitor, if he wins the election, is going to recognize Kosovo’s independence thereby ensuring that it becomes a full-fledged terrorist State in the heart of the former Yugoslavia! Unchecked, corroborated with by the EU and their globalists, and free to carry on their terrorist treachery!  Endorsed by Hillary Clinton, Obama’s Secretary of State, and financially backed by billionaire open-borders George Soros aka Gyorgy Schwartz and all his so-called open borders charitable organizations.

Case in point!  Cedomir Jovanovic has a good relationship with Hillary Clinton and KLA Albanian Mafia terrorist Hashim Thaci and he is receiving financial support from Soros organizations.  Cedomir Jovanovic has never been employed and he has about five million dollars in savings, plus he owns two expensive homes, one in Serbia and one in London in the UK.  Cedomir Jovanovic is the only Serb who desires to recognize Kosovo independence.  He is a Serb traitor who loves the Ustashe Croatian Nationalists who were their executioners in WWII and beyond.  And, he is the head of the Shadow Serbian Mafia who buys drugs from the KLA Albanian Mafia to sell in Serbia.  Cedomir Jovanovic answers to his benefactors and supporters in the EU and Hillary Clinton who has publicly declared her full support for his friend KLA Mafia Hashim Thaci, PM of the illegally seized government of Kosovo, a province of Serbia!

If you recall, when Serbian President Boris Tadic resigned on April 4, 2012, while Hillary Clinton was giving her full support to KLA Mafia Hashim Thaci in Kosovo, Tadic said he would never recognize Kosovo.

Since the beginning of the crisis in the former Yugoslavia Soros has found his cronies in Serbia and he pays them well!  Notably Cedomir Jovanovic and Natasa Kandic!  Cedomir Jovanovic, Serb traitor and  friend of KLA Albanian Muslim Mafia Hashim Thaci and the terrorists in Bosnia.

We will keep this story updated and expect those sane people who are concerned with this region of the former Yugoslavia will take action against the globalist criminals who, by their reprehensible policies, are effectively turning the former Republics of Yugoslavia into a group of terrorist states.

Serbia, the only semblance of law and order left in the former Yugoslavia must be preserved, and it must never recognize Kosovo independence.  To do so would be to it’s peril and the peril of the whole of Europe and Western Civilization and freedom.

Not to act now will have dire and irreversible consequences for all free people everywhere!

Clinton’s Terrorist Alliance with KLA Mafia Hashim Thaci: War on the Christian Serbs in Kosovo is Imminent!

On April 4, 2012 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with KLA Albanian Mafia Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and declared her full support for him while Serbian President Boris Tadic resigned saying he would never recognize the KLA-seized government in Kosovo, which was a Province of Serbia.  Today the KLA Albanian Mafia under Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci are armed and prepared to attack the Christian Serbs in Northern Kosovo! 

Here at the ADL we have been writing about the systematic extermination and demonization of the Serbian people and their leaders for some time now, and for a reason.  And the reason is that Hillary Clinton is determined to finish her husband Bill Clinton’s illegal war on the Christian Serbs where he and his globalist cohorts-in-crime reprehensibly bombed them four separate times in the 1990s culminating in his bombing of Belgrade, Serbia in 1999! 

Now with Hillary Clinton’s full support of KLA Albanian Mafia terrorist Hashim Thaci she is giving him her tacit support for further agregious aggression against the Christian Serbs who have been chased out of their homes and property and are living in Container Cities in Northern Kosovo where they were recently barbwired in by KFOR!

With Clinton’s full support of KLA Mafia Hashim Thaci the final extermination of the Christian Serbs in Kosovo, who have been terrorized out of their homes and from their land where they have lived for over a thousand years, by the Albanian KLA Muslim Drug Mafia and PM Hashim Thaci is about to begin!  The same Holy Kosovo field where in 1389 77,000 Serbian Christian Warriors and their Prince Lazar martyred themselves rather than live under Muslim Turk tyranny!

Recently we wrote about the huge quantities of arms that were flooding into Kosovo and beyond from Bosnia, via Foca, where the local politicians and police are silent! Also mentioned in our previous article on March 24th here at the ADL was that:
“Gorja Mioca village is the main training camp for Islamist terrorists in Bosnia.  The explosives are produced in Vitez, factories Vitezit, and precision and heavy weapons are produced in the Sarajevo factory in the town of Travnik. The heavy weapons from Bosnia are going through the Croatian port of Split and Ploce.  The light weapons and explosives are going over Foca, Montenegro, Kosovo and beyond. The ramifications of this huge transfer of arms for a free Europe and the West, and America, are staggering!”

And now a war by KLA Albanian Mafia Hashim Thaci in Kosovo is imminent, and Clinton’s very recent full support of KLA Albanian Mafia Hashim Thaci has given him the go-ahead to start it!  And the final extermination of the Kosovan Christian Serbs begins! 

And, needless to say, our previous warning here on the ADL on March 24, 2012 was ignored, and we will hold our politicians in America and the treacherous globalists in the EU and the UN  fully responsible!

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[translated rather poorly by Google translate]

Albanians saved the slaughter of Serbs in Kosovo
Policy, 06:00, 13.04.2012.
Author: Milan Dobromirović, Photo: Reuters
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Albanians are armed and prepared to attack the Serbs in northern Kosovo

Hashim Thaci is back with another action in the north
BELGRADE – get ready!
Albanians are armed and ready “message” Serbian institutions in northern Kosovo, Pristina written press statement calling on the Albanian Top Channel TV. As stated, the Albanians have got the message like the mayor of Mitrovica Avni Kastrati, who ordered them to “self defense”. The massive rearmament came in the midst of a statement Hajredin Kuqi, Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaci, who has announced a special campaign in northern Kosovo province.

- All that happens is directed by the Albanian mafia, which is affected by the intersection of roads that carry drugs. They lose a lot of money and their interest is to cause the conflict to make the situation worse, and they do their job unhindered. It is known that the Albanian mafia controls everything in Kosovo – reveals our source.

Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanovic said that the massive arming of Albanian is very dangerous.

- It should not be surprising, especially after the warmongering statements Hajredin Kuqi. The international community must respond, as this can lead to massive violence. One can repeat the 17th March 2004. year – said Bogdanovic.

Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said that the Kurir Kosovo Albanians and ordered “not to play with fire.”

- Red Line in Kosovo and Metohija is an attack on the Serbs – he says.

As posted on Veterans Today

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011


By Sir Vojislav Milosevic

Part 1.

„To investigate and expose a crime, you need to discover the motive and the modus operandi of the perpetrator“.

I suppose I have a weird sense of humor, but I often laugh at things which really are more grotesque than funny.

Why was there, a „civil war“ in Kosovo? Why did the Clinton administration get involved in it? What has been accomplished with 78 days of warfare, year 1999?

[Editors Note: This is the first time we have put a viewer warning on an article.  After viewing the two 'heads' photos that Vojislav had include in the original article, I went looking into to see if this was widespread and the result was yes. This affection for mutilation and taking heads was totally censored from American media.

Yes, they lied to us once again. I am sharing what I have added with you not out of some morbid fascination, but in sympathy for these poor victims whose existence was denied us, and I consider a multiple atrocity upon them... Jim W. Dean]

Let’s review pertinent facts. Let’s look at the background of this thing.
YouTube – Veterans Today -

Serbia has been around for a long time. Serbs were settled in the area where they are now as early as 4th century. And for five-six centuries after that they built their nation, a great

Albanian KLA Sadik Cuflaj and his son Valon (on his left) with beheaded Serb Bojan Cvetkovic. Another Serbian head in his right hand. And smile, of course!

and proud nation. Serbia’s greatest city, Belgrade, the White City, the White Fortress (the meaning on Serbian language), was founded more than 2.300 years ago.

Serbia, like the rest of the Balkan area, has had a turbulent history, with many invasions and wars. But the Serbs are a tough and independent people, and they held their own most of the time.

Then in 1389 a great catastrophe befell Serbia. The Ottoman Turks, pushing into Europe from Asia, were met at Kosovo Polje by the Serbian army. The Serbs fought with great bravery against the Turks.

One Serb nobleman, Milosh Obilic, rode alone into the Turkish camp, fought his way into the sultan’s tent, and single-handedly killed the leader of the Turks with a dagger.

Despite their courage, however, the Serbs suffered a crushing defeat at Kosovo. This left the Balkans at the mercy of the Turks, and 64 years later, in 1453 Constantinople, today’s Istanbul, also fell to them.

In Serbian history books Kosovo&Metohia is often called – Old Serbia. Albanians began arriving in the 17th century, during the Turkish occupation.

World War II Archived Photo of Croat Nazis known as “Ustashe”, preparing to slowly cut off the head of a Serbian teenage boy using a large saw as the murder weapon.

After more than 400 years of Turkish rule, the Serbs finally regained their freedom – at least from the Turks – in the 1860s. In the Treaty of Berlin, in 1878, the Serbian situation was essentially legitimized.

Although the Turks were off their backs, the Austro-Hungarian Empire claimed rights in the area, and this claim eventually sparked the First World War.

On June 28, 1914, the 525th anniversary, which the Serbs still celebrate with great fervor in memory of their national hero Milosh Obilic, who had assassinated the Turkish sultan on the day of the battle – on this anniversary day, the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand made the mistake of visiting Sarajevo, where he was assassinated by a Serb patriot.

After the First World War the New World Order gang in Washington and London were on the winning side and had an opportunity to try some of their experiments, one of which was to ignore centuries-old ethnic boundaries and cobble together an artificial „multicultural“ entity which they called Yugoslavia.

In Yugoslavia everyone was supposed to ignore history, tradition and religion, and other ethnic realities and pledge allegiance to the new, artificial entity. Well, of course, it did not work. After the Second World War the gang in Washington and London turned Yugoslavia over to the rule of bloodthirsty communist dictator J.B.

Tito in a vain effort to force it to work.

Ambassador William Walker

The Jews understand racial nationalism, of course – they take it in with their mother’s milk, and they understand that it is the source of their strength. But the Gentiles have been essentially deracinated.

They think of themselves as individual citizens of the multicultural New World Order, and they can not imagine people motivated by a race-based patriotism.

This is one of the reasons the Clintonistas hate the Serbs: because the Serbs want a Serbian nation of their own again. The second reason the New World Order types, or the Clintonistas hate the Serbs, is that the Serbs are refusing to obey orders.

This beautiful young Serbian girl was raped and tortured (her breasts were cut off) – then she was beaten to death with a steel rod by the Albanian Islamist Nazi bandits in Kosovo. Her genitalia were mutilated beyond recognition.This happened after NATO Forces entered Kosovo.

When the Nazi-Fascist powers invaded and dismembered the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1941, they attached Kosovo&Metohia (the word Metohia is coming from Greek word Metos – which means: the land belongs to the church), and some regions of Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece to Albania to form a grater Albania under the rule of fascist dictator Mussolini.

The Kosovo Albanians formed military units to fight for the Nazis, killed more than 10.000 Kosovo Serbs and Jews, and drove more than 100.000 out to concentration camps in Germany and some part into the rest of Serbia.

After, they brought immigrants in from Albania, to fortify the presence in the province.

When the Croatian Communist dictator Tito came to power in Yugoslavia in 1945, his Parliament brought the law who forbade the Serbian refugees to return to their homes in Kosovo & Metohia.

He then signed a deal with the new Communist dictator of Albania Enver Hodqa, to bring in another 100.000 Albanian settlers. The Albanian majority at Kosovo & Metohia appears to date from that years.

An upsurge of Albanian Kosovo violence in 1969-1974 caused another 200.000 Serbs and Montenegrins to leave Kosovo and gave Tito an excuse to separate Kosovo & Metohia from

KLA terrorists collecting Serbian heads in the plastic bag.

Serbia in the new Constitutional Act brought in 1974. He made it an autonomous province under the total control of the now Albanian majority.

Autonomy under Kosovo Albanian control did not result in ethnic peace. Once in control of the province, the Kosovo Albanians continued harassing Serbs through legal and extralegal means.

After Tito’s death, there was another upsurge of Albanian violence beginning in 1981.

Throughout the 80s, Western news media, including the New York Times, reported on the ongoing murders and rapes of Serbs and Montenegrins perpetrated by Albanians, constant attacks on Orthodox churches and monasteries, and the inability of the local Albanian authorities ever to punish anyone.

Yugoslavia finally reversed the autonomy in 1989 because of obstructionist constitutional tactics by the Kosovo provincial government.

This decision was not a unilateral act of Slobodan Milosevic, the newly elected president of Serbia. It was made jointly by all the republics of Yugoslavia, including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.

The KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) was formed shortly thereafter from a Maoist organization dedicating itself to free Kosovo.

As recently, the United States government condemned the KLA as a terrorist group, linked closely to Iran, the Islamic fundamentalist Osama bin-Laden and the heroin traffic in Europe. Europeans have linked it to a Mafia, because of its lawless involvement in organized crime, including prostitution.

On the right, a charred body of Zdravo Eric, who was killed and his body burned. Before burning him, Muslims took out the heart of this Christian as a sign of Islamic piety

The stated goal of the KLA is to create a greater Albania by attaching Serbian Kosovo and some regions of Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece to Albania.

Using Albania as a base and conduit for weapons, the KLA began carrying on a terror campaign against the Yugoslav government in Kosovo, assassinating and kidnapping, not only Serbs, but also Albanians and other ethnic groups who opposed their desires for „independence“.

The goal of the KLA is to create an ethnically pure Kosovo by driving out or culturally assimilating the rest of Serbian population.

With the collapse of the Communist regime in neighboring Albania in the 1990s and the nearly anarchic conditions in the country, more Albanians crossed the porous borders with Yugoslavia, at that time, into Kosovo&Metohia.

Within Kosovo, Yugoslav forces were attempting to deal militarily with KLA terrorism. Using as an excuse an alleged massacre of Albanian Kosovars at Racak by Yugoslav security forces in mid-January 1999, Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Albright demanded to „mediate“ at Rambouillet.

These Folks Seem to Like Taking Heads

The massacre was quickly identified as a KLA set up. This did not deter Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Albright from pursuing their designs. It is now known that Mr. Clinton had made a decision months earlier to seek to destroy Serbian sovereignty and it’s president Slobodan Milosevic. Racak was the pretext.

The decapitated head of Bosnian Serb farmer Pero Makic, who was executed by Bosnian Muslim/Croat forces in the northeastern Bosnian city of Brcko on June 22, 1992. His head was placed on a pitch-fork and a cigarette was placed in his mouth. One of the forks of the pitch-fork was stabbed in his eye. This is a photo that was censored and suppressed in the West and the US.

Ambassador William Walker headed up the Kosovo verification Mission, the international monitoring group sent to Kosovo to guarantee the cease-fire and human rights situation in the troubled province, said he only cried two times in his life – When his mother died and when he saw Racak „massacre“! I think NOT!!!

This is convenient amnesia with overtones of deception. During Walker’s diploma-tic tenure in El Salavador, death squads, trained in the US, decapitated thousands of victims.

Their heads were placed on pikes and were used to dot the countryside, according to Father Daniel Santiago and former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who has established a tribunal investigative team to hear and receive evidence of what was done to the Serbs in this war.

The best piece of evidence in this war is to be found in the „Rambouillet Accords“. Chapter 4 of this 85-page Nazi-like ultimatum dealt exclusively with what is to be done with economic assets of Kosovo. Article 1 (page 45) calls for the privatization of the entire Yugoslav economy. Followed, of course, by the country’s total occupation.

President Clinton said that President Milosevic is an immoral man be-cause he won’t agree to the White House’s resident Madeleine Albright sending 28.000 NATO soldiers into Yugoslavia to run things where.

President Milosevic believes that he is capable of running his own country without the help of foreign occupying army.

This photograph was seized from Saudi Arabian fighters captured in Crni Vrh near Teslic, Bosnia. A Muslim solder displays the severed head of Blagoje Blagojevic, a Serb from the village of Jasenovo near Teslic.

President Milosevic said that he and his fellow Serbs will fight to the death to defend their country from foreign aggression.

Mr. Clinton said that is an „immoral“ attitude, and he will bomb Yugoslavia back into the Stone Age if President Milosevic doesn’t let Mrs. Albright and Mr. Cohen and Mr. Berger and Mr. Holbrooke and the rest of the crew in Washington send their troops in to run his country for him.

There was no way Yugoslavia could accept the „Rambouillet Accord“ without surrendering her sovereignty, possibly losing part of her national territory, and becoming a satellite state of NATO.

Both President Milosevic, as elected president sworn to defend Yugoslav sovereignty, and the Yugoslav federal parliament, rejected the ultimatum. An ultimatum, after all, is not an act of diplomacy. It is an act of war!

Milosevic with president Mikhail Gorbachev, Belgrade 1988.

Mrs. Albright’s tactics at Rambouillet are considered by experts to be a violation of recognized international law.

It is a basic principle of international law embodied in the Vienna Convention on treaties adopted on May 26, 1963, which entered into force on January 27, 1980, that agreements negotiated under threat of force are null and void. Section 2, Article 51 and 52 make clear that coercion is impermissible as a negotiating instrument.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean, VT

As posted on Veterans Today

The Rape of Serbia (Part 2)





By Sir Vojislav Milosevic Part 2.

The War is About The Mines Of Kosovo

„Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter to sweet, and sweet for bitter!“

- Isaiah 5:20.

Wars are at root about economics, and the Kosovo war was no different.

So, why have had hundreds of millions of dollars in high-tech weapons suddenly become available to the, according to State Department – terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army? By way, of the USA and Germany!

At the beginning, the biggest winners of all in this war were Boeing, Northrop-Grumman and Raytheon. And, of course, their happy shareholders.

A Pentagon source has told me that US used 63% of munitions inventory to destroy Serbia. Shortly, U.S. Congress rushed through a $13 billion military spending package after the first two weeks of bombing. Such a bill would not have been possible without this bombing campaign. After that, US Congress requested an additional $120 billion for the next five years, and over $250 billion through the year 2010. What a bonanza for the munitions makers !

„Rambouillet peace conference“ and „Rambouillet Accords“ were nothing else but organized theft of Serbian resources by Western corporations. Even the Serbophobic New York Times admitted in 1998 article: “Below Kosovo, a war’s glittering prize awaits the conqueror“. However, that same media rarely mentioned the 17 trillion dollars in mineral assets of Serbia.

Serbia’s mineral resources are the richest in all Europe – west of Russia.

Kosovo is often portrayed in the media as an isolated mountainous region, poor and without resources. It might seem, from theese accounts, to be an area of interest only to those who live there.

The New York Times, for example, has carried dozens of such articles by Chris Hedges. Only once Hedges wrote about the real wealth of Kosovo’s „Stari Trg“ mining complex. It was a tip-off that something more was at stake in this war: Hedges’s visit to the „Stari Trg“ („Old Square“) mining complex was an eye opener. He described the glittering veins of lead, zinc, cadmium, gold and silver in „Stari Trg“. This is Serbian „Kuwait“, the heart of Kosovo… In addition to all of this, Kosovo has 17 billion tons of coal reserves. Lignite deposits in the Kosovo mines are, according to experts, sufficient for the next 13 centuries. The capacity of the lead and zinc refineries ranks third in the world. Web site: described Trepca as the „richest lead and zinc mines in Europe“.

Yes, there is coal to be had in Kosovo. But, the real prize is the zinc-lead-gold-silver mining complex at „Stari Trg“. The „Zinc air“ battery will be probably to the next decade what oil and gasoline are now, as the now perfected Electric Car becomes widely marketed. The West NEEDS that Zinc mining complex, the third largest in the world.
YouTube – Veterans Today -

Although the average person watching the news in the evening has never heard of „Stari Trg“, it has been a prize changing hands for 2.000 years.

The wealth of „Stari Trg“ is legendary. Precious metals were mined there more than 2.000 years ago, first by the Greeks, than by the Romans.

These mines were the grand prize in the Nazi occupation of the Balkans, after Germany grabbed control from the British. The mines have great industrial and military importance. The Nazis used batteries produced there to power their U-boats. Today, submarine batteries are still made there.

The enormous mineral wealth of Kosovo is never publicly discussed by U.S. President Clinton, UN Ambassador Richard Holbrooke or the Pentagon generals. They spoke only of „self-determination“ of the Albanian population of Kosovo. They never mentioned what US-imposed „self-determination“ means. It means colonization under the guise of „liberation“, like what U.S. did to Puerto Rico, Cuba, Philippines, or elsewhere, hundred years ago. Serbia wanted to preserve its industry and natural resources for the future.

In early February 2008, „Gustafson Association“, on behalf of „Manas Petroleum Company“, said it has discovered big oil and gas reserves in northern Albania: 2.987 billion barrels of oil and 1.004 trillion cubic meters of gas. This is 50% of the established reserves. Where is the other half? The other half, the same 3 billion barrels of oil and 1 trillion cubic meters of gas is located in Kosovo. „God bless America“!!!

There was no „ethnic cleansing“ in Kosovo before the NATO attacks,

Only an ongoing conflict between Yugoslav (Serbian) security forces and KLA separatists. In January 1999, an intelligence report from the German Foreign Office stated: „Even in Kosovo an explicit political persecution linked to Albanian ethnicity is not verifiable. The East of Kosovo is still not involved in armed conflict. Public life in cities like Pristina, Urosevac, Gnjilan, etc. Has, in the entire conflict period, continued on a relatively normal basis“. The „actions of the security forces (were) not directed against the Kosovo-Albanians as an ethnically defined group, but against the military opponent and its actual or alleged supporters.“

Once the NATO air attacs began, Yugoslavia (Serbia&Montenegro) took the essential defensive step of moving an army into Kosovo to wipe out KLA („Kosovo Liberation Army“, proclaimed by U.S. State Department as terrorist organization) terrorist bases, and secure the borders against a possible ground attack by NATO. The war between the government and KLA along with the NATO bombing, created an unstable environment in many areas that caused large numbers to flee. About 200.000 Kosovo refugees of all ethnic backgrounds have moved further into Yugoslavia, into either Montenegro or other Serbian territories.

Serbian troops were involved in expulsions where they perceived a security threat in the event of invasion or saw an area as heavily compromised with the KLA. The United States had similar motivation in 1941 with the internment of Japanese Americans because of American’s fears of invasion. It is not nice, but it happens when war breaks out.

Serbian troops may also have targeted Albanians who are „illegal aliens“ in the country (U.S. and EU countries are faced with that kind of problem too) who may number around 300.000. These people, born in Albania with no sense of Serbian citizenship, have been a major contributor to dissidence in the province. Many of them fled as soon as the bombing started, deciding to return to their homes in Albania. They made up a goodly portion of the „refugees“. It is worth nothing that there were 100.000 Albanians living in Belgrade – who were NOT TOUCHED!!!

U.S. leaders profess concern for the Kosovo Albanians as an oppressed group, yet they uttered not a single word of outrage against the Czech Republic mistreatment of Gypsies, the British oppression of the Roman Catholic minority in Northern Ireland, the Hutu mass murder of 800.000 Tutsis in Rwanda, the 38.000 Kurds slaughtered and 4 million displaced by Turkey, NATO partner, nor the one million Christians killed in the Sudan. NATO even seems oblivious to the ongoing slaughter in Sri Lanka and East Timor.

Turkish persecution of the Kurds is going on now, and it has been going on for decades, but You have never seen the need to drop „smart“ bombs on Istanbul and demand that the Turks let Western or NATO countries to run their country for them. In spite of 38.000 Kurds slaughtered and 4 million displaced?

Apparently, none of these victims fall into the category of U.S. so called „national interest“.

In a interview on „60 minutes“, Laslie Stahl asked Madeleine Albright:

„I understand that 500.000 Iraqi children have died due to U.S. sanctions… was it worth it?“ Albright replied: „It was worth it“. What does it mean? It means that U.S. and the whole American people have no aversion to starving a half million Arab children to death?

U.S. should be concerned ! You should not let yours armed forces to be used as a „private death squads“ by anybody. When NATO attacked Serbia and Montenegro, year 1999, with NO PERMISSION of UN, U.S. and other NATO members have committed raw, naked aggression against a sovereign country. They have committed international crime! It must be prosecuted. And, we, the people of the modern World, should also be concerned about the U.S. government policy and hypocrisy and lying. We should not pretend to have principles when we don’t!

I want to make something clear: I do not approve of rape, torture and throat-cutting as a means of settling ethnic conflicts, neither anywhere in the World nor especially in the Balkans, whether it is the Serbs or the Albanians or some other group committing the atrocities. But, I’m sure that media bosses in America and in Western European countries have exaggerated atrocities committed by Serbs and ignored atrocities committed against Serbs. But I’ll say it again: I don’t approve of the sort of brutality that the Serbs have been accused of inflicting on Albanians or Croats or Bosnian Moslems. Or vice-versa. I believe that ethnic cleansing, if necessary, can be done without atrocities! If there were atrocities in Bosnia, Croatia or Kosovo, however, a substantial portion of the blame must go to the „Clintonistas“ in Washington. One U.S. politician said:

„We don’t choose targets according to our friends. We choose our friends according to our targets“!!! President Clinton told to American people that „he wanted to build a bridge to the 21st Century“. He just forgot to tell to the same people – he planned to destroy all the old ones first!

What U.S. and EU countries did? To break this resistance, Western countries played a major role in the breakup, first of Yugoslavia – and then of Serbia.

They produced imagined oppression: they secretly finance and arm the secessionists, misrepresent the suppression of violence as a violation of human rights. The easy part was to disseminate fake stories in the media of atrocities, particularly to „human rights groups“… and BINGO… We now have the model for „humanitarian wars“ for the 21st century.

 am defending the Serbian struggle, not merely because it is the moral thing to do, but because this is the last truly multinational state in Europe and the last free people in Europe. The Serbs proved to be a stubborn and powerful obstacle to the IMF and NATO domination of southeastern Europe. This is why Serbia was savagely demonized, betrayed and finally slaughtered. Since the truth would be unpopular with American voters, the administration’s foreign policy had to invent lies to justify their actions.

The big lie is triumphant. The possible defeat of the Serbs leaves us all with a much more dangerous world.

The Global Bullying and Bombing of the Deceptive Clintonesque American Left: The Demonization and Hague-Extermination of Christian Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic!

Understanding the reprehensible and criminal NATO bullying and bombing of the former Yugoslavia and the Christian Serbs and the former Yugoslavia’s eventual disintegration with the taking down of President Slobodan Milosevic’s government in Serbia by the OTPOR activists is of tantamount importance to America if we are to understand the wars of aggression committed by the Clintoneque Left in America and how they develop and orginate. 

The American Left’s deceptive aggression and wars of aggression are almost always ignored because the American Left have a sympathetic and submissive press that dismisses their global agression and NATO bullying and bombing while accentuating and demonizing anything that the Right in America does!  A case in point is their ignoring the wars of agression by 5-and-more-war Obama et al who have many of Clinton’s advisers still in the murky czarish background. A shadow government as it were! 

When Obama-NATO et al went into Libya, which culminated in the sodomizing and garish killing of thug-leader Gadhafi, for instance, there was no hue and cry from the American MSM like there would have been if that war of aggression was committed by the American Right, namely George Bush!

This article regarding the demonization of Christian Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, even though written in 2003, gives you some insight into the American Left’s depravity and serves as a prime example of how the Clintoneque American Left waged a war of aggression against the Christian Serbian people in the former Yugoslavia and eventually caused it’s disintergration and turned many of the former Republics like Kosovo, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia into terrorist states! 

As posted in Michael Parenti Political Archive

The Demonization of Slobodan Milosevic

December 2003


U.S. leaders profess a dedication to democracy. Yet over the past five decades, democratically elected governments—guilty of introducing redistributive economic programs or otherwise pursuing independent courses that do not properly fit into the U.S.-sponsored global free market system—have found themselves targeted by the U.S. national security state. Thus democratic governments in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cyprus, the Dominican Republic, Greece, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Syria, Uruguay, and numerous other nations were overthrown by their respective military forces, funded and advised by the United States. The newly installed military rulers then rolled back the egalitarian reforms and opened their countries all the wider to foreign corporate investors.


The U.S. national security state also has participated in destabilizing covert actions, proxy mercenary wars, or direct military attacks against revolutionary or nationalist governments in Afghanistan (in the 1980s), Angola, Cambodia, Cuba, East Timor, Egypt, Ethiopia, the Fiji Islands, Grenada, Haiti, Indonesia (under Sukarno), Iran, Jamaica, Lebanon, Libya, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Syria, South Yemen, Venezuela (under Hugo Chavez), Western Sahara, and Iraq (under the CIA-sponsored autocratic Saddam Hussein, after he emerged as an economic nationalist and tried to cut a better deal on oil prices).


The propaganda method used to discredit many of these governments is not particularly original, indeed by now it is quite transparently predictable. Their leaders are denounced as bombastic, hostile, and psychologically flawed. They are labeled power hungry demagogues, mercurial strongmen, and the worst sort of dictators likened to Hitler himself. The countries in question are designated as “terrorist” or “rogue” states, guilty of being “anti-American” and “anti-West.” Some choice few are even condemned as members of an “evil axis.” When targeting a country and demonizing its leadership, U.S. leaders are assisted by ideologically attuned publicists, pundits, academics, and former government officials. Together they create a climate of opinion that enables Washington to do whatever is necessary to inflict serious damage upon the designated nation’s infrastructure and population, all in the name of human rights, anti-terrorism, and national security.


There is no better example of this than the tireless demonization of democratically-elected President Slobodan Milosevic and the U.S.-supported wars against Yugoslavia. Louis Sell, a former U.S. Foreign Service officer, has authored a book (Slobodan Milosevic and the Destruction of Yugoslavia, Duke University Press, 2002) that is a hit piece on Milosevic, loaded with all the usual prefabricated images and policy presumptions of the U.S. national security state. Sell’s Milosevic is a caricature, a cunning power seeker and maddened fool, who turns on trusted comrades and plays upon divisions within the party.


This Milosevic is both an “orthodox socialist” and an “opportunistic Serbian nationalist,” a demagogic power-hungry “second Tito” who simultaneously wants dictatorial power over all of Yugoslavia while eagerly pursuing polices that “destroy the state that Tito created.” The author does not demonstrate by reference to specific policies and programs that Milosevic is responsible for the dismemberment of Yugoslavia, he just tells us so again and again. One would think that the Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian Muslim, Macedonian, and Kosovo Albanian secessionists and U.S./NATO interventionists might have had something to do with it.


In my opinion, Milosevic’s real sin was that he resisted the dismemberment of Yugoslavia and opposed a U.S. imposed hegemony. He also attempted to spare Yugoslavia the worst of the merciless privatizations and rollbacks that have afflicted other former communist countries. Yugoslavia was the only nation in Europe that did not apply for entry into the European Union or NATO or OSCE.


For some left intellectuals, the former Yugoslavia did not qualify as a socialist state because it had allowed too much penetration by private corporations and the IMF. But U.S. policymakers are notorious for not seeing the world the way purist left intellectuals do. For them Yugoslavia was socialist enough with its developed human services sector and an economy that was over 75 percent publicly owned. Sell makes it clear that Yugoslavia’s public ownership and Milosevic’s defense of that economy were a central consideration in Washington’s war against Yugoslavia. Milosevic, Sell complains, had a “commitment to orthodox socialism.” He “portrayed public ownership of the means of production and a continued emphasis on [state] commodity production as the best guarantees for prosperity.” He had to go.


To make his case against Milosevic, Sell repeatedly falls back on the usual ad hominem labeling. Thus we read that in his childhood Milosevic was “something of a prig” and of course “by nature a loner,” a weird kind of kid because he was “uninterested in sports or other physical activities,” and he “spurned childhood pranks in favor of his books.” The author quotes an anonymous former classmate who reports that Slobodan’s mother “dressed him funny and kept him soft.” Worse still, Slobodan would never join in when other boys stole from orchards—no doubt a sure sign of childhood pathology.


Sell further describes Milosevic as “moody,” “reclusive,” and given to “mulish fatalism.” But Sell’s own data—when he pauses in his negative labeling and gets down to specifics—contradicts the maladjusted “moody loner” stereotype. He acknowledges that young Slobodan worked well with other youth when it came to political activities. Far from being unable to form close relations, Slobodan met a girl, his future wife, and they enjoyed an enduring lifelong attachment. In his early career when heading the Beogradska Banka, Milosevic was reportedly “communicative, caring about people at the bank, and popular with his staff.” Other friends describe him as getting on well with people, “communal and relaxed,” a faithful husband to his wife, and a proud and devoted father to his children. And Sell allows that Milosevic was at times “confident,” “outgoing,” and “charismatic.” But the negative stereotype is so firmly established by repetitious pronouncement (and by years of propagation by Western media and officialdom) that Sell can simply slide over contradictory evidence—even when such evidence is provided by himself.


Sell refers to anonymous “U.S. psychiatrists, who have studied Milosevic closely.” By “closely” he must mean from afar, since no U.S. psychiatrist has ever treated or even interviewed Milosevic. These uncited and unnamed psychiatrists supposedly diagnosed the Yugoslav leader as a “malignant narcissistic” personality. Sell tells us that such malignant narcissism fills Milosevic with self-deception and leaves him with a “chore personality” that is a “sham.” “People with Milosevic’s type of personality frequently either cannot or will not recognize the reality of facts that diverge from their own perception of the way the world is or should be.” How does Dr. Sigmund Sell know all this? He seems to find proof in the fact that Milosevic dared to have charted a course that differed from the one emanating from Washington. Surely only personal pathology can explain such “anti-West” obstinacy. Furthermore, we are told that Milosevic suffered from a “blind spot” in that he was never comfortable with the notion of private property. If this isn’t evidence of malignant narcissism, what is? Sell never considers the possibility that he himself, and the global interventionists who think like him, cannot or will not “recognize the reality of facts that diverge from their own perception of the way the world is or should be.”


Milosevic, we are repeatedly told, fell under the growing influence of his wife, Mirjana Markovic, “the real power behind the throne.” Sell actually calls her “Lady Macbeth” on one occasion. He portrays Markovic as a complete wacko, given to uncontrollable anger; her eyes “vibrated like a scared animal”; “she suffers from severe schizophrenia” with “a tenuous grasp on reality,” and is a hopeless “hypochondriac.” In addition, she has a “mousy” appearance and a “dreamy” and “traumatized” personality. And like her husband, with whom she shares a “very abnormal relationship,” she has “an autistic relation with the world.” Worse still, she holds “hardline marxist views.” We are left to wonder how the autistic dysfunctional Markovic was able to work as a popular university professor, organize and lead a new political party, and play an active role in the popular resistance against Western interventionism.


In this book, whenever Milosevic or others in his camp are quoted as saying something, they “snarl,” “gush,” “hiss,” and “crow.” In contrast, political players who win Sell’s approval, “observe,” “state,” “note,” and “conclude.” When one of Milosevic’s superiors voices his discomfort about “noisy Kosovo Serbs” (as Sell calls them) who were demonstrating against the mistreatment they suffered at the hands of Kosovo Albanian secessionists, Milosevic “hisses,” “Why are you so afraid of the street and the people?”Some of us might think this is a pretty good question to hiss at a government leader, but Sell treats it as proof of Milosevic’s demagoguery.


Whenever Milosevic did anything that aided the common citizenry, as when he taxed the interest earned on foreign currency accounts—a policy that was unpopular with Serbian elites but appreciated by the poorer strata—he is dismissed as manipulatively currying popular favor. Thus we must accept Sell’s word that Milosevic never wanted the power to prevent hunger but only hungered for power. The author operates from a nonfalsefiable paradigm. If the targeted leader is unresponsive to the people, this is proof of his dictatorial proclivity. If he is responsive to them, this demonstrates his demagogic opportunism.


In keeping with U.S. officialdom’s view of the world, Sell labels “Milosevic and his minions” as “hardliners,” “conservatives,” and “ideologues”; they are “anti-West,” and bound up in “socialist dogma.” In contrast, Croatian, Bosnian, and Kosovo Albanian secessionists who worked hard to dismember Yugoslavia and deliver their respective republics to the tender mercies of neoliberal rollback are identified as “economic reformers,” “the liberal leadership,” and “pro-West” (read, pro-transnational corporate capitalist). Sell treats “Western-style democracy” and “a modern market economy” as necessary correlates. He has nothing to say about the dismal plight of the Eastern European countries that abandoned their deficient but endurable planned economies for the merciless exactions of laissez-faire capitalism.


Sell’s sensitivity to demagoguery does not extend to Franjo Tudjman, the crypto-fascist anti-Semite Croat who had nice things to say about Hitler, and who imposed his harsh autocratic rule on the newly independent Croatia. Tudjman dismissed the Holocaust as an exaggeration, and openly hailed the Croatian Ustashe Nazi collaborators of World War II. He even employed a few aging Ustashe leaders in his government. Sell says not a word about all this, and treats Tudjman as just a good old Croatian nationalist. Likewise, he has not a critical word about the Bosnian Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic. He comments laconically that Izetbegovic “was sentenced to three years imprisonment in 1946 for belonging to a group called the Young Muslims.” One is left with the impression that the Yugoslav communist government had suppressed a devout Muslim. What Sell leaves unmentioned is that the Young Muslims actively recruited Muslim units for the Nazi SS during World War II; these units perpetrated horrid atrocities against the resistance movement and the Jewish population in Yugoslavia. Izetbegovic got off rather lightly with a three-year sentence.


Little is made in this book of the ethnic cleansing perpetrated against the Serbs by U.S.-supported leaders like Tudjman and Izetbegovic during and after the U.S.-sponsored wars. Conversely, no mention is made of the ethnic tolerance and diversity that existed in President Milosevic’s Yugoslavia. By 1999, all that was left of Yugoslavia was Montenegro and Serbia. Readers are never told that this rump nation was the only remaining multi-ethnic society among the various former Yugoslav republics, the only place where Serbs, Albanians, Croats, Gorani, Jews, Egyptians, Hungarians, Roma, and numerous other ethnic groups could live together with some measure of security and tolerance.


The relentless demonization of Milosevic spills over onto the Serbian people in general. In Sell’s book, the Serbs are aggrandizing nationalists. Kosovo Serbs demonstrating against mistreatment by Albanian nationalists are described as having their “bloodlust up.” And Serb workers demonstrating to defend their rights and hard won gains are dismissed by Sell as “the lowest instruments of the mob.” The Serbs who had lived in Krajina and other parts of Croatia for centuries are dismissed as colonial occupiers. In contrast, the Slovenian, Croatian, and Bosnian Muslim nationalist secessionists, and Kosovo Albanian irredentists are simply seeking “independence,” “self-determination,” and “cultural distinctiveness and sovereignty.” In this book, the Albanian KLA gunmen are not big-time drug dealers, terrorists, and ethnic cleansers, but guerrilla fighters and patriots.


Military actions allegedly taken by the Serbs, described in the vaguest terms, are repeatedly labeled “brutal,” while assaults and atrocities delivered upon the Serbs by other national groups are more usually accepted as retaliatory and defensive, or are dismissed by Sell as “untrue,” “highly exaggerated,” and “hyperventilated.” Milosevic, Sell says, disseminated “vicious propaganda” against the Croats, but he does not give us any specifics. Sell does provide one or two instances of how Serb villages were pillaged and their inhabitants raped and murdered by Albanian secessionists. From this he grudgingly allows that “some of the Serb charges…had a core of truth.” But he makes nothing more of it.


The well-timed, well-engineered story about a Serbian massacre of unarmed Albanians in the village of Racak, hyped by U.S. diplomat and veteran disinformationist William Walker, is wholeheartedly embraced by Sell, who ignores all the contrary evidence. An Associated Press TV crew had actually filmed the battle that took place in Racak the previous day in which Serbian police killed a number of KLA fighters. A French journalist who went through Racak later that day found evidence of a battle but no evidence of a massacre of unarmed civilians, nor did Walker’s own Kosovo Verification Mission monitors. All the forensic reports reveal that almost all of the forty-four persons killed had previously been using fire arms, and all had perished in combat. Sell simply ignores this evidence.


The media-hyped story of how the Serbs allegedly killed 7,000 Muslims in Srebrenica is uncritically accepted by Sell, even though the most thorough investigations have uncovered not more than 2,000 bodies of undetermined nationality. The earlier massacres carried out by Muslims, their razing of some fifty Serbian villages around Srebrenica, as reported by two British correspondents and others, are ignored. The complete failure of Western forensic teams to locate the 250,000 or 100,000 or 50,000 or 10,000 bodies (the numbers kept changing) of Albanians supposedly murdered by the Serbs in Kosovo also goes unnoticed.


Sell’s rendition of what happened at Rambouillet leaves much to be desired. Under Rambouillet, Kosovo would have been turned into a NATO colony. Milosevic might have reluctantly agreed to that, so desperate was he to avoid a full-scale NATO onslaught on the rest of Yugoslavia. To be certain that war could not be avoided, however, the U.S. delegation added a remarkable stipulation, demanding that NATO forces and personnel were to have unrestrained access to all of Yugoslavia, unfettered use of its airports, rails, ports, telecommunication services, and airwaves, all free of cost and immune from any jurisdiction by Yugoslav authorities. NATO would also have the option to modify for its own use all of Yugoslavia’s infrastructure including roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, and utility systems. In effect, not just Kosovo but all of Yugoslavia was to be subjected to an extraterritoriality tantamount to outright colonial occupation.


Sell does not mention these particulars. Instead he assures us that the request for NATO’s unimpeded access to Yugoslavia was just a pro forma protocol inserted “largely for legal reasons.” A similar though less sweeping agreement was part of the Dayton package, he says. Indeed, and the Dayton agreement reduced Bosnia to a Western colony. But if there was nothing wrong with the Rambouillet ultimatum, why then did Milosevic reject it? Sell ascribes Milosevic’s resistance to his perverse “bunker mentality” and his need to defy the world.


There is not a descriptive word in this book of the 78 days of around-the-clock massive NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, no mention of how it caused the loss of thousands of lives, injured and maimed thousands more, contaminated much of the land and water with depleted uranium, and destroyed much of the country’s public sector industries and infrastructure-while leaving all the private Western corporate structures perfectly intact.


The sources that Sell relies on share U.S. officialdom’s view of the Balkans struggle. Observers who offer a more independently critical perspective, such as Sean Gervassi, Diana Johnstone, Gregory Elich, Nicholas Stavrous, Michel Collon, Raju Thomas, and Michel Chossudovsky are left untouched and uncited. Important Western sources I reference in my book on Yugoslavia offer evidence, testimony, and documentation that do not fit Sell’s conclusions, including sources from within the European Union, the European Community’s Commission on Women’s Rights, the OSCE and its Kosovo Verification Mission, the UN War Crimes Commission, and various other UN commissions, various State Department reports, the German Foreign Office and German Defense Ministry reports, and the International Red Cross. Sell does not touch these sources.


Also ignored by him are the testimonies and statements of members of the U.S. Congress who visited the Balkans, a former State Department official under the Bush administration, a former deputy commander of the U.S. European command, several UN and NATO generals and international negotiators, Spanish air force pilots, forensic teams from various countries, and UN monitors who offer revelations that contradict the picture drawn by Sell and other apologists of U.S. officialdom.


In sum, Sell’s book is packed with discombobulated insider details, unsupported charges, unexamined presumptions, and ideologically loaded labeling. As mainstream disinformation goes, it is a job well done.


Michael Parenti’s recent books are To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia (Verso), and The Terrorism Trap: September 11 and Beyond (City Lights). His latest work is Contrary Notions: A Michael Parenti Reader .

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It’s time to end Serb-bashing

Monday 14 January 2008

The Serbs have been demonised because they have consistently got in the way of the west’s hegemonic ambitions in the region

On Cif last week Anna di Lellio, who was a political adviser to the former Kosovan prime minister and one-time Kosovan Liberation Army chief of staff, Agim Çeku, claimed that “Serbian nationalism briefly subdued after the fall of Milosevic” is back in full force with its “old tactics”. Di Lellio offers very little evidence to back up her assertion, except a declaration from the Serbian parliament that – horror of horrors – the country is determined to defend its territorial integrity in compliance with international law.

What is undoubtedly “back in force” with all its “old tactics” is Serb-bashing, of which Di Lellio is only one of many culprits in the western media (including, it must sadly be said, Cif). The Serbs have been demonised not because they were the party most responsible for the wars of secession in the 1990s – they were not – but because they have consistently got in the way of the west’s hegemonic ambitions in the region.

The west wanted Yugoslavia destroyed, with one militarily strong, independent state replaced by several weak and divided Nato/IMF/EU protectorates. “In post-cold war Europe no place remained for a large, independent-minded socialist state that resisted globalisation,” admitted George Kenney, former Yugoslavia desk officer of the US state department.

The Serbs’ great “crime” was not reading the script. Out of all the groups in the former Yugoslavia, the Serbs, whose population was spread across the country, had most to lose from the country’s disintegration. At a meeting at The Hague in October 1991, the leaders of the six constituent republics were presented with a paper entitled “The End of Yugoslavia from the International Scene” by European Community “arbitrators”. Only one of them – the Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic-refused to sign his country’s death certificate. “Yugoslavia was not created by the consensus of six men and cannot be dissolved by the consensus of six men,” he declared.

For his pro-Yugoslav stance, Milosevic was rewarded with over a decade of demonisation in the west’s media. Despite his regular election victories in a country where 21 political parties freely operated, Milosevic was (and is) routinely labelled a “dictator”, a description which even his consistently hostile biographer Adam LeBor concedes is “incorrect”. Some of the attempts to incriminate Milosevic for events he played no part in have been ludicrous: in a Guardian article in 2006 Timothy Garton Ash, a professor of European studies, wrote of Slovenes “trying to break away from Slobodan Milosevic’s Yugoslavia in 1991″, even though the leader of Yugoslavia at the time was the Croat Ante Markovic (a correction to the claim was published).

In the standard western rewrite of history, Slobo and the Serbs were also to blame for the break-out of war in Bosnia. Yet the man who lit the blue touch paper for that brutal conflict war was not Milosevic, nor the Bosnian-Serb leaders, but the US ambassador Warren Zimmerman, who persuaded Bosnian separatist Alija Izetbegovic to renege on his signing of the 1992 Lisbon agreement, which had provided for the peaceful division of the republic.

Even after the 1995 Dayton agreement brought an end to a totally unnecessary conflict, there was to be no let up in the west’s Serbophobia. In Kosovo, the west’s strategic objectives meant them siding with the hardliners of the Kosovo Liberation Army, a group, officially classified as a terrorist organisation by the US state department.

No one, certainly no Serb of my acquaintance, denies that Serb forces committed atrocities in the Balkan wars and that those responsible should be held accountable in a court of law (though not one financed by the powers who illegally bombed their country less than 10 years ago). But what makes Serbs so incensed is that whereas Serbian atrocities have received the full glare of the western media spotlight, atrocities committed by other parties in the conflict are all but ignored.

While massive media attention focused on the relatively low-scale tit-for-tat hostilities between Yugoslav forces and the KLA in 1998/9, Operation Storm – where an estimated 200,000 Serbs were driven out of Croatia in an operation which received logistical and technical support from the US – is hardly mentioned. No publicity, either, for massacres such as the slaughter, on Orthodox Christmas Day 1993, of 49 Serbs in the village of Kravice, near Srebrenica. The town recently held a commemorative service to mark the 15th anniversary of the atrocity: no members of “the international community” were present.

Now, with Kosovo again in the headlines, the Serb-bashers are once more out in force. Once again, the dispute is being portrayed in Manichean terms. While much is made of the treatment of Kosovan Albanians by Yugoslav forces in 1998/9, little is said about the KLA’s campaign of intimidation which led to an exodus of an estimated 200,000 Serbs, Roma, Bosnians, Jews and other minorities from the province after “the international community” moved in.

“Nowhere in Europe is there such segregation as Kosovo … Nowhere else are there so many ‘ethnically pure’ towns and villages scattered across such a small province. Nowhere is there such a level of fear for so many minorities that they will be harassed simply for who they are. For the Serbs and ‘other minorities’, who suffer from expulsion from their homes, discrimination and restrictions on speaking their own language, the pattern of violence they have endured for so long may be about to be entrenched as law in the new Kosovo, as the future status talks continue.”

So concludes the Minority Rights Group report on “liberated” Kosovo – but hey, let’s brush that one under the carpet because it doesn’t blame Serbs.

The double standards imposed where Serbs are concerned are breathtaking. Independence for Kosovo is a simple issue of self-determination, we are repeatedly told. Yet the same principle does not apply to Bosnian Serbs who wish to join up with Serbia.

Instead of championing Kosovan secessionism in contravention of international law, Britain and the west should, in fact, be reconsidering its policy towards Serbia. It’s too late to undo past crimes – such as the barbarous 1999 Nato bombing campaign – but changing its policy on Kosovo would at least be a start on redressing the injustices of the last 20 years. It’s high time we gave the Serbs a break.

In Defense of Freedom: We Oppose

In defense of freedom:  we oppose~

1.  Political Correctness which seeks to shut us up.

2.  Global Institutions like the E.U. and the U.N. who seek tyranny through the profess-to-know-better-than-we-do elitists.

3.  Any law that seeks to infiltrate and override our Constitution.

4.  Any Supremacist law that puts one man above another man, or woman.

5.  Any group who seeks to create no-go zones through self-apartheid.

6.  Special treatment for any individual.
7.  Vigilantism by any group, which would include murder and mutilation.

8.   Using the paid-for-by-Soros Responsibility to Protect Doctrine to bomb any country to replace it’s government. 

9.   Any nullification by any body, global or otherwise, of the 2nd amendment.

10. Tyranny in any way, shape or form, and those groups who seek it.

America’s Gravest Mistake: Bombing the Christian Serbs Our Former Allies and the Bulwark of Islamic Invasion Into Europe!

We at the ADL will never stop talking about this betrayal of our Serbian allies who have been fighting for their freedom for centuries in defense of their people from the Muslim Ottoman Turks who invaded and plundered their land and occupied it and made them slaves in their own country for five hundred years.  The Christian Serbs never forgot their freedom and it took two bloody uprisings to push the Turks back.  Now the same Muslim invaders have invaded their land in a different way.  With the help of the globalist Nazi and fascist-founded EU and the UN and their NATO Enforcer-by-bombing!

Our first betrayal was caused by a Russian mole by the name of James Klugmann who was high up in the British government, and the Cambridge Five, who convinced Winston Churchill to side with Tito the Communist and against Serbian General Mihailovic who was a staunch ally of America and freedom.  Churchill later admitted it was his biggest mistake.  At the end of WWII there were grave consequences where Communist Tito wanted to get rid of General Mihailovic and he falsely and agregiously accused him of siding with the Nazis and then one year later executed him, to the utter chagrin of the more than five hundred Americans whom he helped rescue who were downed over Yugoslavia in WWII.  Communist Tito then bulldozed over the Jasenovac Concentration Camp in Croatia (a puppet state created by the Nazis during WWII) where 750,000 Serbs, 75,000 Jews and 50,000 Roma civilians were brutally murdered and forbade them to talk about it in the name of brotherly love.  Something the Communists expertly propagandize and  know nothing about! 

Now, since the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia brought on by the agregious policies of Communist Tito, five of the six Republics of the former Yugoslavia has seceded from Serbia, one by one, and have been taken over by the al Qaeda and Mujahedeen and KLA Albanian terrorists who were aided and abetted by Clinton et al in his war on the Christian Serbs in the 1990s where he bombed them four separate times and built a monument to them in the heart of Bosnia with one million of our taxpayer monies.  

Subsequently the Kosovo government, the seat of Serbian Christian Orthodoxy and a province of Serbia, has been seized by the Muslim Albanian KLA drug mafia, and Kosovo has become a terrorist state.  Bosnia, of course, advantaged by Clinton and NATO’s war on the Christian Serbs has been taken over by the terrorists and turned that into a terrorist state as well ruled by the son of Alija Izetbegovic (lower right), Clinton’s Muslim terrorist ally in the Bosnian War! 

Now terrorist state Bosnia is shipping arms to their KLA Albanian terrorist allies in Kosovo and on to Montenegro, where Naser Keljmendi Albanian Mafia kingpin admittedly influenced the elections there and caused Montenegro to secede from Serbia, and then on to Macedonia where they are now creating chaos there by aiding and abetting the Muslim Albanian KLA mafia in Western Macedonia to secede from the rest of Macedonia to create a corridor of crime all the way to their ally Turkey. 

And the world looks on and buries their heads in the sand and thinks that this is not going to influence our freedom here in America, because this is Europe’s problem and not ours.  Well, think again, because these Muslim Albanian Drug Mafia criminals are now here and one of them was thwarted in committing a terrorist attack in Florida just recently, and thirteen of the nineteen 911 hijackers were trained in Bosnia!

And what was Belgrade, Serbia bombed for, during Clinton’s war on the Christian Serbs?  They were bombed for defending the Serbs in their province of Kosovo from the Muslim Albanian invaders and plunderers who were killing Serb civilians there.  And that’s why Clinton bombed them! 

Here are the twelve Serbian pilots, twelve against 600 NATO planes, who defended their homeland from the NATO aggressors that we unfortunately sided with, instead of our former allies, the Christian Serbs.  God forgive us because the ramification of Clinton’s agregious decision to bomb the Serbian people, the only bulwark to Islam’s aggression into Europe and Western Civilization, will be bourne by us in the West for decades to come!

This fight that the Serbians have been fighting in their homeland for over a thousand years is coming to America.  The same fight.  The same plundering enemy that caused our first foreign war against the Muslim Barbary Pirates in 1805 that was waged by Thomas Jefferson to stop from paying them the Muslim Tribute to stop them from killing and kidnapping Americans on the High Seas!

Not reported by the owned MSM in America is that huge quantities of arms are now flooding into Kosovo and beyond to Montenegro, the Sandjak and Macedonia  from Bosnia (where did those 11000 tons of explosives disappear to?) via Foca where the local politicians and police there are silent! Gorja Mioca village is the main training camp for Islamist terrorists in Bosnia.  The explosives are produced in Vitez, factories Vitezit, and precision and heavy weapons are produced in the Sarajevo factory in the town of Travnik. The heavy weapons from Bosnia are going through the Croatian port of Split and Ploce.  The light weapons and explosives are going over Foca, Montenegro, Kosovo and beyond. The ramifications of this huge transfer of arms for a free Europe and the West, and America, are staggering!  It’s time for something to be done about it.  Not tomorrow, but now!  We the people are going to start demanding it.  Consider yourselves warned. 

We won’t stop talking about this until America comes back to it’s senses and changes it’s policy toward the Christian Serbs and aids them in their fight for their freedom.  And ultimately ours!

As posted on Hoboctn online
(and translated rather poorly by Google translate)

Kosovo re-arming
M. SEKULOVIĆ | 31 August 2011. 20:28 | Comments: 8
The police action “Victoria” showed that smuggled weapons to Montenegro came from the Federation. At the head of former heads of paramilitary units, like Keljmendijevih

Related News
Smuggled weapons at the turn with Albania
Serbia haven for weapon
Chile: those convicted of illegal weapons shipments to Croatia
Krusevac: suspected of producing and selling weapons
Mortars broke the embargo
KOSOVO is re-arming – showed action “Victoria”, Department for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption of the Police of Montenegro.

- It is reasonable to suspect that the weapons were smuggled from Bosnia and Herzegovina through the territory of Montenegro, and the final destination was Kosovo – was confirmed by writing a “news” Police Directorate of Montenegro, without stating details of where hazardous cargoes moving on the road.

- Almost all the weapons to the Kosovo moves from Foca. Smuggling manage a variety of prominent leaders of the paramilitary units that are vršljali on this ground during the war. The ICTY was interested in them, especially for B. Ć. Weapons in Montenegro is inserted in the territory of Pljevlja, which is very difficult to control the mountain roads and trails. Roads that are smuggling drugs, especially the skunk over Crkvičkog fields, and the surrounding area Pluzine Scepan Fields, weapons and ammunition from Foca also arrive in Montenegro – the story of a reliable source of “news”.

Italian troops in Kosovo, near the border with Montenegro, but in a house near Pec, found and seized dozens of guns, rifles, “wasp”, grenades, rifle grenades, various types of mines, explosives, detonators, ammunition and military of equipment. Everything was buried in woods near Montenegro, in crates that had done well isolation.

According to him, the weapon will be transported to Kosovo in various ways, and the police on several occasions recorded such loads, especially one of some thirty boxes of ammunition, which is over the mountain Haile, in the middle of the day, served Šefket Kelmendi, better known cousin, Nasser. Kelmendi is responsible for this and several other smuggling routes, which generally lead to Adzovic, in Kosovo, where a cottage has Naser Kelmendi.

A deadly cargo, often “Gordons” explosives from the Berane “Polieksa” where the theft of large quantities of explosives were commonplace, and water through the village Bandžov.

- Once there was a larger quantity delivered CZ pistol caliber nine millimeters. The police know who is in Podgorica brought guns and handed them to the Kosovars, as known to the criminals from BiH, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia, which reaches a weapon thrown from BiH, flower brotherhood and unity – says the man sent into this dangerous job that its participants make a huge profit.

Our source confirmed that the well-known smuggling route of weapons, and smuggling of timber, water Čakor over and over the saddle Bjeluha, where soon, according to official announcements, to be opened a new border crossing between Montenegro and Kosovo. In that way, which is not officially in use, but whose paving completed, rumbling smuggling caravan. They go through Čakor and some other routes, which placed the deadly cargo smugglers often lageruju and near the border with Montenegro.

One such arsenal was discovered in 2006. , a few days before the police operation “Eagle Flight”, was arrested when a group of twenty Albanians from the territory of Malesia, which, it claimed the police intended to use on election day uprising in Montenegro, first in Gusinja, Berana and Tuzi. Arms smugglers have supporters in various parts of Montenegro, especially in the border area, in Rozaje and Berane, where the smuggling takes place through the Wet Mountains. It is no secret that the smuggling of arms into Kosovo participated, and some “big Serbs” from Berane who are detained and why, but never legally prosecuted.

As posted on Kurir
{Translated by Google translate.}

The shocking crime background in Toulouse
(20) Saturday, 24 March, 2012. | Author: Team Kurir

Mohamed Merah, which is a few days ago killed seven people, in late February Zavidovićima attended lectures on Islam Mujahideen

PARIS – indoctrinated in Bosnia.

Serial killers from Toulouse, France’s Algerian-born Mohamed Merah, which is a few days ago killed seven people at the end of February was in BiH, and in one of the many lectures on Islam.

Merah was organized by the mysterious organization “Call to Heaven”, attended the lecture of its leader Mohammed Sejfudin Čivčije in Zavidovici focus of Banja Luka reported, citing officials of a western intelligence agencies.

“Merah has long maintained close contacts with a group of Algerians from Bosnia, of which the majority thought to have long left the territory of this country,” says Focus.
Some Croatian media reported yesterday that Merah last year several times to Bosnia, and he was seen in the King Fahd mosque in Sarajevo.
Arrested in Israel

Team’s Southeastern Europe in the fight against terrorism and organized crime Dževad Galijašević said that intelligence indicated that in the last few months Merah contact with a former commander of the “Mujahideen” in the composition of the Third Corps of the Army of BiH Abuom Mealijem al.

Yesterday it was announced that Merah 2010th was arrested in Jerusalem, after police found a knife with him. He, however, soon released from custody.
The French in fear

Head of the French intelligence agency DCRI Skvarcini Bernard said that Merah visited several Middle Eastern countries, including Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Afghanistan. Skvarcini said his agency has monitored and investigated to see if it is suspicious, but found that did not deal with any kind of ideological and religious activity.

French media reported yesterday a survey showing that more than 50 percent of French believe that the country’s increased threat of terrorism. The survey was conducted immediately after the arrest Merah. According to a survey in which between 22 and 23 March, attended by 977 French, 53 percent believed that the increased threat of terrorism, including 42 percent of them said that it can be said that the danger is “pretty” increased, while 11 of them feared that France was in “very” high threat from terrorism.

Forty-seven percent of French believe that terrorists do not pose a serious threat to France.

Apartment completely destroyed

The internet is a recording of police appeared flat in which Muhammad Merah, under siege, he barricaded the entire 32 hours. Door frames, doors and furniture are broken by bursts, which are razrovali and walls. According to some estimates, the calculation Merah and the police fired more than 300 rounds.

Dževad Galijašević: He is poor and uneducated

Dževad Galijašević Kurir says that Mohamed Merah was rated as one who is prone to crime.
- His record has been difficult. He was poor, uneducated, and was not a big animal. Behind him stood a terrorist organization, a major weakness of the French security is not the time to discover his work. U.S. authorities have banned him to fly their planes.

Brother killer: I am proud that the children killed!

Abdelkader Merah (29), elder brother of the murderer Toulouse, said he was proud of the actions of his brother. He told officers:
- I am proud of my brother. I fully approve of what he did!
Abdelkader Merah has admitted that he was present when the stolen motorcycle, which was used in three attacks, but claimed that he knew nothing about the criminal intentions of his brother.

Abdelkader, who is said to be radical Islamists, and his girlfriend, were detained after Mohamed was killed on Thursday after a 32-hour siege and negotiations with the police. They were yesterday transferred to Paris for a hearing, a mother Zulhika Aziri attacker was acquitted.

Her lawyer, Jean-Yves Gunja said the guilt and fear of reprisal.
- He wonders whether she could to prevent this. Smothered by guilt and remorse. Poignant. He wonders why her son had done to himself and partly to blame. He can not go home, afraid of retaliation – said the lawyer.

Clinton’s Treacherous Muslim Allies in Bosnia: Crimes Committed By Bosnian Muslims Against the Serbs in Sarajevo in 1995!

These are the crimes that were being committed in 1995 by the Bosnian Muslim allies of traitor Bill Clinton in our name.  And, in our name he built a monument to them in the heart of Bosnia that cost we the taxpayers one million dollars!  And the corrupt ever-loving Leftist media here in America never told us about these massacres of innocent Serb civilians in Sarajevo, did they?  The MSM and our politicians have betrayed all America and they will be exposed by us, in whose names they committed these disgusting crimes against all humanity.  Let’s face it.  We don’t have a media anymore.  They are all corrupt and they have not told us the truth about Clinton’s nasty Bosnian War against the Christian Serb people.  Can these wrongs be made right?  Never!  Clinton should be hung in the public square for allying with the Bosnian Muslim murderers who have gone scot free and have never paid for their crimes against the Serbian people, and who are still committing them!

This article posted in There Must Be Justice  says it rather succinctly and the video shows their atrocities for all to see.   This video was never shown to us, the American people, because it didn’t fit the Leftist MSM’s agenda, did it?  Their agenda only serves their Leftist political end and not the truth.  Never the truth!  It’s sickening and mindboggling how they can live with themselves.  It is why we no longer pay any attention to the media here in America anymore!  We don’t trust them!

Europe ignores the fact of 8.000 murdered Serbs in Sarajevo

February 16, 2012

The European Union advocates democracy, justice and standards which potential EU members must take account of. It has been constantly broadcasted from European capitals that all war criminals from the Yugoslavian separatist wars (from 1990 to 1999) must be put on trial. This advocacy by the European Union will go down in history as hypocrisy, since EU does not act upon it, just as the forefathers of this organization never did on theirs. The German leaders from 1933 to 1945 claimed as well to be the representatives of the highest norms and values, insisting that they were building a new world order. If today’s leaders of the EU honestly respected the international law and justice, then they would not neglect the fact that the Bosnian Muslim army murdered 8,000 Serbs in Sarajevo from 1992 to 1995. These crimes are terrible since they include atrocities committed against entire Serbian Orthodox families. When it comes to cruelty, the crimes against Serbs of Sarajevo outweigh to a great extent the other war crimes, perpetrated in other places, for instance the crime against the Bosnian Muslim soldiers in Srebrenica in 1995. The lists of the murdered Serbs of Sarajevo are supported with strong concrete evidence such as: complete names, addresses, the exact location of the crime, etc. Furthermore, the private property of these exterminated Serbs has been identified as well. But that property has now been seized by Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina and even by those of non-European origin. The Vatican, EU and USA do not take these facts into consideration, probably because they were involved in organizing and arming the Croatian and Bosnian Muslim military formations during the disintegration of Yugoslavia. When these atrocities took place in the period between 1992 and 1995, the West (the same players named above) was well-informed of these crimes, executed by the Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs of Sarajevo. However, the West kept this information hidden from the general public and did not notify the UN of it, let alone pursue any course of action to put an end to this rampage. From the standpoint of international rights, when one ignores crimes committed by others he becomes a co-perpetrator. The reason why the EU, Vatican and USA supported these mass crimes against Serbs will be explained and exposed by history.

The question which should be raised is: would the West also tolerate if 8.000 civilians were to be exterminated in European cities?

Bosnian Muslim warcrimes – Sarajevo (english subtitles)


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