Reformation in Islam: Only in it’s Tactics and Not in it’s Fascist Ideology!

There has been a Reformation of sorts, and only on the surface, in Islam. It’s called the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, the terrorists in suits, where they are still marching toward the same goal, an Islamic World Caliphate, only by stealth! Their Reformation is only in it’s tactics, and not in it’s fundamental tyrannical and Fascist ideology. And, they are still creating their terror arms which morph into other terror arms. Every ideology that is tyrannical in nature has it’s terror arms, to make them the targets, and their propagandists who work in the shadows, or sometimes in full daylight.

Yesterday I was reading Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas and I was stunned by learning of the way that Hitler waged war with Poland. Here’s the excerpt:

Back in March, when Hitler had marched on Prague, Neville Chamberlain set down his teacup and took notice. It was then, exchanging one of his carrots for a stick, he vowed that Britain would defend Poland if Hitler attacked it. That time had come. But Hitler couldn’t simply attack. He must first make it look like selfl-defense. So on August 22, he told his generals, “I shall give a propagandist reason for starting the war; never mind whether it is plausible or not. The victor will not be asked afterward whether he told the truth.”

The plan was for the SS, dressed in Polish uniforms, to attack a German radio station on the Polish border. To make the whole thing authentic, they would need German “casualties.” They decided to use concentration camp inmates, whom they vilely referred to as Konserve (canned goods). These victims of Germany would be dressed as German soldiers. In the end only one man was murdered for this purpose, via lethal injection, and afterward shot several times to give the appearance that he had been killed by Polish soldiers. The deliberate murder of a human being for the puposes of deceiving the world seems a perfectly fitting inaugural act for what was to follow. This took place on schedule, August 31.

In “retaliation,” German troops marched into Poland at dawn on September 1. Goring’s Luftwaffe rained hell from the skies, deliberately killing civilians. Civilians were murdered more carefully on the ground. It was a coldly deliberate act of terror by intentional mass murder, never before seen in modern times, and it was the Poles’ first bitter taste of the Nazi ruthlessness they would come to know so well. The outside world would not hear details for some time. It knew only that German forces were cutting through Poland like the proverbian hot knife through butter as Panzer divisions neatly erased thirty and forty miles of Poland per day.

But Hitler gave a speech to the Reichstag, casting himself in the role of the aggrieved victim. “You know the endless attempts I made for a peaceful clarification and understanding of the problem of Austria,” he said, “and later of the problem of the sudetenland, Bohemia and Moravia. It was all in vain.” Poland had refused his gracious offers of peace and with a callousness not to be borne, the Poles rewarded his good faith with violence!…

This is what we are up against! Islamists, and Nazis in this case, who always partner together along with the far Left for their tyrannical agenda of control over us, who don’t play by the same rules as we do!  Our continual dilemma is how to best deal with these liars and deceivers, and outright mass-murderers. For 1400 years our tactics haven’t worked. It only pushes them into further modes of deceit and deception. They are always the victims rather than the victimizers! And when we expose their actions they are so horrific and so beyond the pale as to be unbelievable by a civilized people!

In other words, we are continually on the defensive and trying to explain why the proponents of Islam, and fascism, are “dangerous and not beneficial to society” even though that is patently obvious by their horrific actions!

It is, what do we do about it to cause them to stop their egregious plunder and occupation? There are those who believe, those who’ve lived with their plunder and atrocities for centuries, that there is nothing short of eradication that is going to stop them in the end, and we are just scratching at the surface.

Mutiny results in an argument over the best way to deal with the enemy. In my opinion, there must be a multi-pronged approach to deal with this one,  and their collaborators, depending on the immediacy of the threat, and ours is one of them!

KLA Muslim Albanian Mafia Plunder in the Former Yugoslavia: In Retrospect and Now!

What happened in the former Yugoslavia is a reprehensible act of aggression against the Christian Serbian people and the sovereignty of the enlightened Nation of Yugoslavia, and at the ADL we will never stop talking about it until our foreign policy toward the Serbian Christians is reversed and we reach out to them and ask them for their forgiveness and ask them to join us as allies once again against this holocaust against the people of the world by worldwide Islamic plunder against Christians and anyone else who does not submit to Islam’s bloodied sword of intolerance, plunder and death.

About a month ago five Christians were fishing in Macedonia and they were reprehensibly gunned down by the Islamists.  Shot in the back!  As cowardly an act as is usual by these vicious Albanian Islamist KLA  killers.  Four of the Christians were aged between 18 and 22, and the other was 45 years of age.  Their lives snuffed out because they were Christians.

Fast back to March 21, 1999 and this video shows the funeral of another Serbian Christian, a policeman, who was murdered by the KLA Islamists in a terrorist attack just before the bombing of Serbia by six hundred NATO planes versus 12 Serbian planes.  Clinton et al and their NATO enforcer-by-bombing used overwhelming force against the Republic of Serbia that would defend itself and would win on the ground, and went against all odds to defend itself in the air against six hundred NATO planes that bombed it ruthlessly for 78 days in 1999. Simply because Serbian President Milosevic refused to withdraw his police and army from defending the Christian Serbs against the KLA Muslim Albanian mafia terrorists who were horrifically slaughtering them.  Case in point, when the Muslim Albanians slaughtered fourteen in Staro Gracko and got away with it.

We at the ADL aim to put a stop to the EU and the UN-NATO globalists plunder as well. This sort of bullying, dividing up, and consequent Islamist seizing of the Republics of Nations must be stopped, as evidenced by what has happened, and is happening, in the the Republics of the former Yugoslavia that rightfully should be reunited and the terrorists should be deported, or put in prison! Thereby sending these Islamist plunderers the message that the former Yugoslavia will be restored and law and order will prevail in Europe, as it was before these terrorists were allowed to pour into it, aided and abetted by Clinton-NATO-EU-UN globalists et al.

We demand that Kosovo be returned to the Serbian Christian people and that KLA Mafia Hashim Thaci, PM of seized Kosovo, be convicted of his crimes against the Christian Serbian people.  And we demand that KFOR and NATO get out of Kosovo, and the Kumanova Agreement be abided by, because Kosovo belongs to Serbia and it is the seat of Serbian Orthodox Christianity for over a thousand years!  

Today Fatmir Lamaj  and three former members of the KLA was acquitted of his crimes against the Christian Serbs in Kosovo!  The court “dismissed as inadmissible the evidence given by the prosecution’s chief witness, Agim Zogaj.”  Chief witness Ajim Zogaj was found hanging from a tree in a park in Germany last September!  How convenient for Fatmir Lamaj and the three former members of the KLA terrorist mafia!  A dead man can’t speak!  And now those 49 pages that he wrote in a diary is inadmissable.  And those families of those  kidnapped and murdered Serb civilians and members of the Yugoslav Army in a KLA camp in Klecka in 1999 will not see justice.  At least not in this world.  

And so, the criminals are now free and waiting to commit more crimes in Kosovo!  That Holy Kosovo Field where 77,000 Christian Serbian Warriors and their Prince Lazar martyred themselves rather than live under Muslim Turk tyranny! 

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Evidence ruled inadmissible in KLA war crimes case

Source: B92, Beta, TanjugPRIŠTINA — Fatmir Limaj released; a Priština court dismisses evidence of a now late witness, citing prosecution’s failure to meet “certain procedural standards”.

A file photo of Fatmir Limaj (left) (FoNet)
A file photo of Fatmir Limaj (left) (FoNet)

Fatmir Limaj, a former leader of the ethnic Albanian so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and later a minister in the government in Priština, and a group of other KLA members are on trial for war crimes committed against Serb and ethnic Albanian civilians in the province during the 1999 war.

Today, a judge of the District Court in Priština ordered Limaj and nine other defendants released from custody.

Limaj was under house arrest since last September.

Previously, a panel of judges, composed of international and local members, dismissed as inadmissible the evidence given by the prosecution’s chief witness, Agim Zogaj.

Zogaj was found dead, hanging from a tree in a park in Germany last September. The EU mission in Kosovo, EULEX, two months later officially announced that his death was a suicide.

Zogaj’s testimony consisted of statements and wartime diaries, but the judges said the prosecution’s failure to meet “certain procedural standards” rendered them inadmissible.

During less than two years that he spent as a member of the KLA, Zogaj wrote 49 pages in his diary, detailing the events in the village of Klečka that he took part in, thus securing evidence for a war crimes indictment against the ten KLA members.

Zogaj wrote that he was forced to execute some prisoners “because of Limaj”, and also mentioned that there were four attempts against his life, once again accusing Limaj.

The prosecution and the defense have also been told by the court today to submit their closing statements in the case.

An EULEX spokesperson in Priština said the decision was made by a court council made up of two EULEX and one local judges.

Albanian language media, and Limaj’s defense, believe that today’s decision means that the entire indictment against him related to the Klečka war crime will now collapse.

Limaj and nine others are accused of kidnapping and murdering civilians and members of the Yugoslav Army (VJ) in a KLA camp in Klečka in 1999.

Limaj, who is now a member of the Kosovo assembly in Priština, was previously charged with war crimes committed in a camp in Lapušnik by the Hague Tribunal, but was set free for lack of evidence.

That trial, meant to bring justice to the 22 Serb and ethnic Albanian victims who were beaten, tortured and killed in the camp, was held in 2004 and 2005 in the shadow of warnings about witness intimidation, that came from then Chief Hague Prosecutor Carla del Ponte.

The war crimes in this case relate to 1998 – a year before the war broke out in the province, and to 1999, during the hostilities.

The ethnic Albanians who were targeted and murdered by the KLA were declared “collaborators”.

This zone was commanded by Ramush Haradinaj, one of the leaders of the terrorist KLA, while Limaj was in charge of the Klečka zone.

First testimonies about the crimes in the area emerged as early as 1998, when former KLA members brothers Bekim and Luan Mazreku made statements for the Serbian justice officials, providing detailed testimony about war crimes committed against civilians.

In 2005, mass graves were discovered in Mališevo and Volujak. Klečka is near these two locations. The remains of murdered Serbs were found in a pit in Klečka in 1998.

The Mazreku brothers said at the time that Serbs kidnapped in Orahovac included women, children and men, and that they were transported to Klečka via Mališevo. They testified that they knew about ten civilians who were executed by firing squads, while three women who were raped.

After the war and the Hague trial, Limaj, a member of the Kosovo Albanian government in Priština, was a suspect in a corruption scandal, when EULEX police searched his offices and those of another minister, Nedzat Krasnici, on suspicion of corruption and abuse of office.

Limaj is also an official of Kosovo Prime Minister and former KLA leader Hashim Thaci’s party, the PDK.


America’s Gravest Mistake: Bombing the Christian Serbs Our Former Allies and the Bulwark of Islamic Invasion Into Europe!

We at the ADL will never stop talking about this betrayal of our Serbian allies who have been fighting for their freedom for centuries in defense of their people from the Muslim Ottoman Turks who invaded and plundered their land and occupied it and made them slaves in their own country for five hundred years.  The Christian Serbs never forgot their freedom and it took two bloody uprisings to push the Turks back.  Now the same Muslim invaders have invaded their land in a different way.  With the help of the globalist Nazi and fascist-founded EU and the UN and their NATO Enforcer-by-bombing!

Our first betrayal was caused by a Russian mole by the name of James Klugmann who was high up in the British government, and the Cambridge Five, who convinced Winston Churchill to side with Tito the Communist and against Serbian General Mihailovic who was a staunch ally of America and freedom.  Churchill later admitted it was his biggest mistake.  At the end of WWII there were grave consequences where Communist Tito wanted to get rid of General Mihailovic and he falsely and agregiously accused him of siding with the Nazis and then one year later executed him, to the utter chagrin of the more than five hundred Americans whom he helped rescue who were downed over Yugoslavia in WWII.  Communist Tito then bulldozed over the Jasenovac Concentration Camp in Croatia (a puppet state created by the Nazis during WWII) where 750,000 Serbs, 75,000 Jews and 50,000 Roma civilians were brutally murdered and forbade them to talk about it in the name of brotherly love.  Something the Communists expertly propagandize and  know nothing about! 

Now, since the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia brought on by the agregious policies of Communist Tito, five of the six Republics of the former Yugoslavia has seceded from Serbia, one by one, and have been taken over by the al Qaeda and Mujahedeen and KLA Albanian terrorists who were aided and abetted by Clinton et al in his war on the Christian Serbs in the 1990s where he bombed them four separate times and built a monument to them in the heart of Bosnia with one million of our taxpayer monies.  

Subsequently the Kosovo government, the seat of Serbian Christian Orthodoxy and a province of Serbia, has been seized by the Muslim Albanian KLA drug mafia, and Kosovo has become a terrorist state.  Bosnia, of course, advantaged by Clinton and NATO’s war on the Christian Serbs has been taken over by the terrorists and turned that into a terrorist state as well ruled by the son of Alija Izetbegovic (lower right), Clinton’s Muslim terrorist ally in the Bosnian War! 

Now terrorist state Bosnia is shipping arms to their KLA Albanian terrorist allies in Kosovo and on to Montenegro, where Naser Keljmendi Albanian Mafia kingpin admittedly influenced the elections there and caused Montenegro to secede from Serbia, and then on to Macedonia where they are now creating chaos there by aiding and abetting the Muslim Albanian KLA mafia in Western Macedonia to secede from the rest of Macedonia to create a corridor of crime all the way to their ally Turkey. 

And the world looks on and buries their heads in the sand and thinks that this is not going to influence our freedom here in America, because this is Europe’s problem and not ours.  Well, think again, because these Muslim Albanian Drug Mafia criminals are now here and one of them was thwarted in committing a terrorist attack in Florida just recently, and thirteen of the nineteen 911 hijackers were trained in Bosnia!

And what was Belgrade, Serbia bombed for, during Clinton’s war on the Christian Serbs?  They were bombed for defending the Serbs in their province of Kosovo from the Muslim Albanian invaders and plunderers who were killing Serb civilians there.  And that’s why Clinton bombed them! 

Here are the twelve Serbian pilots, twelve against 600 NATO planes, who defended their homeland from the NATO aggressors that we unfortunately sided with, instead of our former allies, the Christian Serbs.  God forgive us because the ramification of Clinton’s agregious decision to bomb the Serbian people, the only bulwark to Islam’s aggression into Europe and Western Civilization, will be bourne by us in the West for decades to come!

This fight that the Serbians have been fighting in their homeland for over a thousand years is coming to America.  The same fight.  The same plundering enemy that caused our first foreign war against the Muslim Barbary Pirates in 1805 that was waged by Thomas Jefferson to stop from paying them the Muslim Tribute to stop them from killing and kidnapping Americans on the High Seas!

Not reported by the owned MSM in America is that huge quantities of arms are now flooding into Kosovo and beyond to Montenegro, the Sandjak and Macedonia  from Bosnia (where did those 11000 tons of explosives disappear to?) via Foca where the local politicians and police there are silent! Gorja Mioca village is the main training camp for Islamist terrorists in Bosnia.  The explosives are produced in Vitez, factories Vitezit, and precision and heavy weapons are produced in the Sarajevo factory in the town of Travnik. The heavy weapons from Bosnia are going through the Croatian port of Split and Ploce.  The light weapons and explosives are going over Foca, Montenegro, Kosovo and beyond. The ramifications of this huge transfer of arms for a free Europe and the West, and America, are staggering!  It’s time for something to be done about it.  Not tomorrow, but now!  We the people are going to start demanding it.  Consider yourselves warned. 

We won’t stop talking about this until America comes back to it’s senses and changes it’s policy toward the Christian Serbs and aids them in their fight for their freedom.  And ultimately ours!

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(and translated rather poorly by Google translate)

Kosovo re-arming
M. SEKULOVIĆ | 31 August 2011. 20:28 | Comments: 8
The police action “Victoria” showed that smuggled weapons to Montenegro came from the Federation. At the head of former heads of paramilitary units, like Keljmendijevih

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Smuggled weapons at the turn with Albania
Serbia haven for weapon
Chile: those convicted of illegal weapons shipments to Croatia
Krusevac: suspected of producing and selling weapons
Mortars broke the embargo
KOSOVO is re-arming – showed action “Victoria”, Department for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption of the Police of Montenegro.

- It is reasonable to suspect that the weapons were smuggled from Bosnia and Herzegovina through the territory of Montenegro, and the final destination was Kosovo – was confirmed by writing a “news” Police Directorate of Montenegro, without stating details of where hazardous cargoes moving on the road.

- Almost all the weapons to the Kosovo moves from Foca. Smuggling manage a variety of prominent leaders of the paramilitary units that are vršljali on this ground during the war. The ICTY was interested in them, especially for B. Ć. Weapons in Montenegro is inserted in the territory of Pljevlja, which is very difficult to control the mountain roads and trails. Roads that are smuggling drugs, especially the skunk over Crkvičkog fields, and the surrounding area Pluzine Scepan Fields, weapons and ammunition from Foca also arrive in Montenegro – the story of a reliable source of “news”.

Italian troops in Kosovo, near the border with Montenegro, but in a house near Pec, found and seized dozens of guns, rifles, “wasp”, grenades, rifle grenades, various types of mines, explosives, detonators, ammunition and military of equipment. Everything was buried in woods near Montenegro, in crates that had done well isolation.

According to him, the weapon will be transported to Kosovo in various ways, and the police on several occasions recorded such loads, especially one of some thirty boxes of ammunition, which is over the mountain Haile, in the middle of the day, served Šefket Kelmendi, better known cousin, Nasser. Kelmendi is responsible for this and several other smuggling routes, which generally lead to Adzovic, in Kosovo, where a cottage has Naser Kelmendi.

A deadly cargo, often “Gordons” explosives from the Berane “Polieksa” where the theft of large quantities of explosives were commonplace, and water through the village Bandžov.

- Once there was a larger quantity delivered CZ pistol caliber nine millimeters. The police know who is in Podgorica brought guns and handed them to the Kosovars, as known to the criminals from BiH, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia, which reaches a weapon thrown from BiH, flower brotherhood and unity – says the man sent into this dangerous job that its participants make a huge profit.

Our source confirmed that the well-known smuggling route of weapons, and smuggling of timber, water Čakor over and over the saddle Bjeluha, where soon, according to official announcements, to be opened a new border crossing between Montenegro and Kosovo. In that way, which is not officially in use, but whose paving completed, rumbling smuggling caravan. They go through Čakor and some other routes, which placed the deadly cargo smugglers often lageruju and near the border with Montenegro.

One such arsenal was discovered in 2006. , a few days before the police operation “Eagle Flight”, was arrested when a group of twenty Albanians from the territory of Malesia, which, it claimed the police intended to use on election day uprising in Montenegro, first in Gusinja, Berana and Tuzi. Arms smugglers have supporters in various parts of Montenegro, especially in the border area, in Rozaje and Berane, where the smuggling takes place through the Wet Mountains. It is no secret that the smuggling of arms into Kosovo participated, and some “big Serbs” from Berane who are detained and why, but never legally prosecuted.

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The shocking crime background in Toulouse
(20) Saturday, 24 March, 2012. | Author: Team Kurir

Mohamed Merah, which is a few days ago killed seven people, in late February Zavidovićima attended lectures on Islam Mujahideen

PARIS – indoctrinated in Bosnia.

Serial killers from Toulouse, France’s Algerian-born Mohamed Merah, which is a few days ago killed seven people at the end of February was in BiH, and in one of the many lectures on Islam.

Merah was organized by the mysterious organization “Call to Heaven”, attended the lecture of its leader Mohammed Sejfudin Čivčije in Zavidovici focus of Banja Luka reported, citing officials of a western intelligence agencies.

“Merah has long maintained close contacts with a group of Algerians from Bosnia, of which the majority thought to have long left the territory of this country,” says Focus.
Some Croatian media reported yesterday that Merah last year several times to Bosnia, and he was seen in the King Fahd mosque in Sarajevo.
Arrested in Israel

Team’s Southeastern Europe in the fight against terrorism and organized crime Dževad Galijašević said that intelligence indicated that in the last few months Merah contact with a former commander of the “Mujahideen” in the composition of the Third Corps of the Army of BiH Abuom Mealijem al.

Yesterday it was announced that Merah 2010th was arrested in Jerusalem, after police found a knife with him. He, however, soon released from custody.
The French in fear

Head of the French intelligence agency DCRI Skvarcini Bernard said that Merah visited several Middle Eastern countries, including Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Afghanistan. Skvarcini said his agency has monitored and investigated to see if it is suspicious, but found that did not deal with any kind of ideological and religious activity.

French media reported yesterday a survey showing that more than 50 percent of French believe that the country’s increased threat of terrorism. The survey was conducted immediately after the arrest Merah. According to a survey in which between 22 and 23 March, attended by 977 French, 53 percent believed that the increased threat of terrorism, including 42 percent of them said that it can be said that the danger is “pretty” increased, while 11 of them feared that France was in “very” high threat from terrorism.

Forty-seven percent of French believe that terrorists do not pose a serious threat to France.

Apartment completely destroyed

The internet is a recording of police appeared flat in which Muhammad Merah, under siege, he barricaded the entire 32 hours. Door frames, doors and furniture are broken by bursts, which are razrovali and walls. According to some estimates, the calculation Merah and the police fired more than 300 rounds.

Dževad Galijašević: He is poor and uneducated

Dževad Galijašević Kurir says that Mohamed Merah was rated as one who is prone to crime.
- His record has been difficult. He was poor, uneducated, and was not a big animal. Behind him stood a terrorist organization, a major weakness of the French security is not the time to discover his work. U.S. authorities have banned him to fly their planes.

Brother killer: I am proud that the children killed!

Abdelkader Merah (29), elder brother of the murderer Toulouse, said he was proud of the actions of his brother. He told officers:
- I am proud of my brother. I fully approve of what he did!
Abdelkader Merah has admitted that he was present when the stolen motorcycle, which was used in three attacks, but claimed that he knew nothing about the criminal intentions of his brother.

Abdelkader, who is said to be radical Islamists, and his girlfriend, were detained after Mohamed was killed on Thursday after a 32-hour siege and negotiations with the police. They were yesterday transferred to Paris for a hearing, a mother Zulhika Aziri attacker was acquitted.

Her lawyer, Jean-Yves Gunja said the guilt and fear of reprisal.
- He wonders whether she could to prevent this. Smothered by guilt and remorse. Poignant. He wonders why her son had done to himself and partly to blame. He can not go home, afraid of retaliation – said the lawyer.

Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network Modus Operandi: The Threat of Islamic Expansionism in the Balkans and Western Civilization!

At the ADL we have been exposing the Islamist criminal and expansionist activity going on in the Balkans, the former Yugoslavia, for some time now.  Not only because this is the gateway for the Islamist terrorists to enter Europe but because it also poses a grave threat to America since these Islamist criminals are now coming over here and many in the KLA Albanian Muslim Drug Mafia have attempted terrorist attacks on our soil as recently as a few months ago when Sami Osmakac plotted a terrorist suicide attack  in Tampa, Florida.  Also, some of you might not know that thirteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were trained in Bosnia.

This dire threat in the Balkan region where the only bulwark against these Islamist plunderers are the Christian Serbian people has been agregiously ignored by many politicians in the West despite the fact that there has been much research done by the Serbian Intelligence and other noted Serbian politicians in regard to what is going on there.  It seems that our American politicians are extremely naive when it comes to fighting this threat of Islamic expansionism and plunder into our Western Civilization for the purpose of establishing Sharia and a Caliphate.  They are not only dangerously naive regarding this dire Islamic threat to freedom but they are also aiding and abetting these terrorist criminals when they do not take this threat seriously and when they do not draw up a plan of action to thwart their Islamist intentions to take over all of Western Civilization and eradicate freedom in this world for all time.  Because once freedom ends here we will never see it again!  The same freedom that our Founders bled and died for, and that our troops are bleeding and dying for as we speak, and that our Founders established this Republic to ensure and secure by writing the U.S. Constitution, the law of our land, and the greatest freedom document of all time! 

We at the ADL intend to shed light on what is going on in the Balkans because this is precisely our future if we don’t do anything about it now!  We must change our policy in the Balkan region and our policy toward the Christian Serbian people, who have the same values as we do, because their aim is to eradicate terrorism and the KLA Muslim drug Mafia in the Balkan region and firmly plant freedom in it’s place.  In other words, their goals are in the best interest of America as well, and they were our firm allies before Communist Tito and before Winston Churchill was deceived (Churchill later said this was his biggest mistake) by a Russian plant high up in the British government to siding with Communist Tito and not with General Mihailovich who was a great ally of America and who actually was the one who saved over five hundred Americans who were downed over Yugoslavia during WWII! 

The following are a few of the excerpts from a detailed report compiled by Serbian Darko Trifunovic and American Jill Starr.  It is an extremely vivid report of what has transpired up to the time they wrote this in 2002, so you can imagine how this conflict between Western Civilization and Islam’s tyranny has evolved to be an even greater threat to all Western Civilization than it was at that time.  Make yourself familiar with it by reading the entire report because this has not gone away and it is only morphing into something much bigger, and much darker, than any one of us can imagine. 

We especially urge our politicians in the West to take their heads out of the sand and familiarize themselves with this Islamic Fundamentalist Global Network, and this enormous threat posed by this Islamic expansionism in the Balkan region, because it is a prelude of what is going to happen here and it hasn’t gone away with bin Laden’s death,  and it looms on the horizon and threatens to consume us all if we don’t do something about it and come up with a strategic plan to combat it now by changing our policy toward the Christian Serbians in the Balkan region to once again being our ally in the war on Islam’s tyranny and expansion into Western Civilization for the purpose of eradicating our freedom for all time.

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Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network
- Modus Operandi -
Model Bosnia
The Documentation centre and Bureau for relation with ICTY of Republic of Srpska
would like to thanks to all those who committed themselves for fight against Terror,
Terrorism and Violence. Special thanks we would like to address to H.E. Mr. George
W. Busch, President of The United States of America in his efforts to stop, prevent
and punish all forms of terror and terrorist activities, especially those committed by
Islamic Jihad Warriors on their way to devastate modern values and civilization.
Islamic Fundamentalist’s Global Network – Modus Operandi – Model Bosnia
Ph.D. Pejo ura{inovi}
Dejan Mileti}
Mr. Darko Trifunovic & Jill Starr (First Edition)

Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network – Modus Operandi – Model Bosnia
II. Osama bin Ladin’s Current Balkan Terrorist Links in
Bosnia& Herzegovina
In his 28 September interview, Ossama bin Laden is quoted as follows:
“I can go from Indonesia to Algeria, Kabul to Chechnya, Bosnia to Sudan, and from Burma to Kashmir.”
he continued…
“This is not a question of my survival. This is the question of the survival of the Jihad (holy war). Wherever required, I will be there.”
Why is it that Bosnia is listed as country with active Al-Qaeda cells? Well this answer
to this question lies partially in the fact that former Bosnian Muslim President Alija
Izetbegovic6 became the first president of the Bosnian Muslims in early 1990, and by
November he was the Chairman of the Bosnia&Herzegovina Presidency. During World
War Two he led the “Al Hidaya” organization, a subset of the “Young Muslims.” And then
from 1943 onward Izetbegovic was the head organizer of recruiting drives for the Waffen
SS division, “Handzar7,” (13th Waffen-Gebirgsdivision den SS) as well as one of its
founders. Moreover, Izetbegovic associated with Hitler’s secret services (Abwehr & the
Gestapo) as well as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Haj Mohammed Amin al-
Husseini, Hitler’s close associate and the founder of the “Handzar.” Religion was an
important motivational tool for these fascist divisions, so Himmler even went as far as to
allow each battalion to have its own  “Iman” and each company had one “Mullah.”
Books were produced at that time for a means of encouraging the Islamic religion,
and were distributed throughout its ranks. It was even reported once that Hitler himself
6 Only both President’s Bosnian Muslim President Izetbegovic and Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini, out
of all the official Head’s of State formally visiting Turkey, only these two men refused to pay last
respects at the grave of Ataturk – for them he was traitor of fundamentalist Muslim principles
7The Prinz Eugen SS linked up with its sister division, the Bosnian Muslim 13th Waffen Gebirgs
Division der SS “Handzar” (Handschar) , and also along with the remnants of the Bosnian Muslim
23rd Waffen Gebirgs Division der SS “Kama and the 2lst Waffen Gebirgs Division der SS
“Skanderbeg” (Albanische No. 1) which was comprised of Albanians (Shqiptari) from Kosovo-
sent each member of these fascist divisions a pendant with a miniature Koran attached to
it. The 13th Waffen-SS Division committed numerous war crimes against the Serbs residing
within the territory of Bosnia&Herzegovina.
Owing to their many war crimes against the Jews, Romes and Serbian people, the
Supreme Yugoslav Military Court (566/46, dated June 15, 1946) sentenced Izetbegovic to
five years imprisonment for the many gravely vile war crimes against the Jews, Romes and
Serbian people and the Bosnian state itself. After serving this sentence, Izetbegovic
continued his work on stoking ethnic, religious and racial hatred in the Bosnian
Herzegovina regions where possible, eventually leading to the 1990 Bosnian Civil Wars.
His activities were primarily based on both the spreading Islamic fundamentalism and
preaching ethnic and religious differences between the Bosnian people. In Izetbegovic’s
“Islamic Declaration,” he wrote:
“There can be no peace nor coexistence between the Muslim faith and the non-
Muslim institutions, both social and political.”8 And he continued…”By laying the claim to
define its own universe, Islam clearly excludes the right and possibility of any other
ideology to exist in its midst. There can be no secular principle. The state should support
and express the moral concepts of the faith. This is my message to all the Muslims of the
world: we say clearly that there is no promised land, no miracles, no Mahdi. There is only
the path of work, struggle and sacrifice.”
Then on March 14th 1983 President Izetbegovic was sentenced by the Supreme Court
of Bosnia&Herzegovina to 12 additional years imprisonment for gross violations of Article
136, Section 2 of the SFRY Penal Code (initiating grave hostilities towards and within the
Country), and Article 133, Section 1 of the SFRY Penal Code (committing acts of instigating
enemy propaganda). After his sentence expired Izetbegovic continued working to
construct a monolithic Bosnia&Herzegovina, and also was founder of the Political Party
named, SDA (Party of Democratic Action).
The Presidency of the Association of the Islamic Clergy (Ilmia) for Bosnia and
Herzegovina published in 1992, an enormous printing of its annual Takvim. This writing
played a very important role in the Country’s libraries owing to that Islamists would
access these radical Islamic Fundamentalist writings in the state libraries and became so-
8 Cited from a recent copy of The Orthodox Word entitled, Matyered Serbia (No date known).
Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network – Modus Operandi – Model Bosnia
called enlightened Muslims. In one of the chapter’s in this writing entitled “What is
actually a Jihad”?, there were among others, these explicit Islamic religious instructions:
“Jihad in Islam is not only a war in the name of Allah. In reality, Islam is a
revolutionary ideology and program that aims at changing the social system of the whole
world and order it in harmony with its regulations and ideals. (p. 67) Islam wants to
destroy all the states and governments everywhere here on earth which stand opposed to
the ideology and program of Islam, regardless of the state or the nation that lies in its
power. The purpose of Islam is to establish the state based on its ideological theology
program, no matter which nation becomes the bearer of Islam or which nation is
undermined in the process of establishing the ideological Islamic state”. (p. 68)
Osama bin Laden formed formal military alliances with Bosnian Muslims during
Bosnia’s (1992-95) civil wars. He reportedly funneled both money and arms intto Bosnia’s
Muslim-led government and also to other followers of bin Laden whose guerrilla
groupings were comprised of Muslims coming to fight in Bosnia from many other Islamic
nations to fight alongside Bosnia’s Muslims.
And again during the United States military led campaign against terrorism in
Afghanistan, significant documents and other important Islamic artifacts were found.
However, there was little mention of any precise details and/or the exact location in the
Shahekot valley from where hundreds of Taliban and Al-Qaeda warriors were killed.
However, from their base in Bagram, the Americans announced they had found
documents of great importance for intelligence services. They also said that Anti-terrorist
soldiers found a network of caves, fortified with steel and concrete in the Zawar Kili valley.
Important documents whose contents were not made public were apparently to have been
said to been found there as well.
Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network – Modus Operandi – Model Bosnia
III. Osama bin Laden’s Technological Bosnian Balkan Bridge
Linking it to America and Abroad from
In 1995, bin Laden and other members of Al-Qaeda began acquiring a network of
satellite telephones to avoid detection. They also underwent and received sophisticated
computer training. Since 1996 it is known that they have been capable of forwarding
terrorist information about their ongoing Jihad (or holy war) to Al-Qaeda members
worldwide. And then by 1997 Al-Qaeda was so sophisticated, they were frequently
communicating with encryption devices able to evade many of the most advanced
intercepts. The group even had certain Muslim members who specialized in making false
passports and in also allowing Al-Qaeda members to travel freely around the world under
a variety of different false identifies according to trial evidence9.
Additionally, very high in the Bosnian mountains, solar panels were being set up
outside their Al-Qaeda caves to gather sunlight for producing electrical power. Al-Qaeda
has often and always has employed the Internet in trying to recruit new Islamic volunteers
and for conveying information within the organization. In particular, they have usedcertain computer-type systems in which their users can remain anonymous10. Islamic
terrorists have never ceased seizing the worldwide practice of using information
technology. Al-Qaeda has always espoused information technology for several reasons
including that it improves communication while aiding the overall organization, it allows
members to coordinate quickly with large numbers of other followers and provides a
global platform for spreading Islamic fundamentalist propaganda. The Internet also allows
terrorists to reach a worldwide audience of potential donors and new recruits who may be
located over a large geographic area not otherwise easily reached.
The Al-Qaeda network is also horizontally widespread globally. According to some
indicators, its tentacles stretch even as far as South America and also even into Australia.
In addition to using the Internet for exchanging information, orders and instructions, it is
9 Sennott Charles M. and Cullen, Kevin, The Globe Staff (9/16/2001).
10 APIS (15.04.2002).
further suspected that Al-Qaeda has tried operating computer systems against the United
States NSA global surveillance system Echelon11.
Documents found recently have cast a new light on the financial infrastructure of Al-
Qaeda as well as its terrorist training cells including its using weaponry of mass
destruction. There is also recent reasonable suspicion that Osama bin Laden could reach more easily then had been previously been thought, nuclear “dirty” bombs and similar
styed nuclear weapons of mass destruction, particularly those sodl to him from probable
Iran. Mamdouh Salim, a key Bin Laden associate who authorized, Fatwahs12 or (Islamic
legal rulings justifying attacks) by al Qaida against civilians even admitted participating in
such efforts as to try obtaining certain nuclear and chemical weapons for Al-Qaeda. This
person also even tried to murder a corrections officer in a Federal Jail located in New York
State while awaiting trial for his alleged participation in a conspiracy to kill American
nationals. Several months prior his arrest in Germany, Salim is known to have traveled to
Bosnia in 1998 where both his VISA and needed housing was sponsored by the
“Benevolence International Foundation “—A so-called charitable organization based in
Palos Hills, Ill and recently closed by the FBI under accusations that this charity engaged in
supporting various key terrorist persons and Al-Qaeda groups that are involved in
military and terrorist types of activity.13.
The Al-Qaeda network has been carefully constructed for many years, especially in
the United States. Everything that could not be done by the variant intelligence services of
Islamic countries, who regard the United States as their worst enemy (Iran in particular)
was done in a roundabout way by destroying the basic tenets of American democracy by
using human naiveté, strong emotions in addition to using propaganda to instigate great
11 A network monitoring telecommunications, founded and controlled by the intelligence agencies
NSA (US), GCSB (New Zealand), CSE (Canada), GCHQ (UK) and DSD (Australia), and the
UKUSA association (in a joint effort to monitor electronic communications established by the
intelligence services of the US, UK and Australia in 1947). Since the 1980s “Echelon” was used for
global monitoring of telephone, teletype and also of telefax communications as well as email
using certain communication satellites. “Echelon” also monitors and intercepts diplomatic
communications on shortwave frequencies. Especially vulnerable to “Echelon’s” monitoring are
satellites “Inmarsat” and “Intelsat”.
12 In 1996 bin Laden issued a “Fatwah,” a religious ruling urging Muslims worldwide to kill United
States troops stationed within Saudi Arabia and Somalia. A second fatwah in 1998 called for
attacks on all and any American civilians.
13 Uninted States Department of State’s International information’ program (30 April 2002).
Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network – Modus Operandi – Model Bosnia
American compassion for Islamic sufferings abroad, especially within Palestine.
Humanitarian NGOs were also carefully established by leaders of Al-Qaeda in all the
major United States cities. A group of Iranians14 arrested in 2001 at the Los Angeles
International Airport had collected between five and ten thousand U.S. dollars daily for socalled
assisting the suffering Iranian children.
According to the FBI, this money was collected for not charitable, but for purely
terrorist purposes. Moreover, the United Nations has allowed many Al-Qaeda terrorists to
masquerade under a cloak of decency by actually providing the terrorist agency with
actually cold-hard cash which could then thereafter be used to fund variant terrorist
crimes. The United Nations donated money to Muwafaq for so-called “Promoting
educational and social development programmers…” in Sudan. The U.N. also donated by
using human naiveté, strong emotions in addition to using propaganda to instigate great
11 A network monitoring telecommunications, founded and controlled by the intelligence agencies
NSA (US), GCSB (New Zealand), CSE (Canada), GCHQ (UK) and DSD (Australia), and the
UKUSA association (in a joint effort to monitor electronic communications established by the
intelligence services of the US, UK and Australia in 1947). Since the 1980s “Echelon” was used for
global monitoring of telephone, teletype and also of telefax communications as well as email
using certain communication satellites. “Echelon” also monitors and intercepts diplomatic
communications on shortwave frequencies. Especially vulnerable to “Echelon’s” monitoring are
satellites “Inmarsat” and “Intelsat”.
12 In 1996 bin Laden issued a “Fatwah,” a religious ruling urging Muslims worldwide to kill United
States troops stationed within Saudi Arabia and Somalia. A second fatwah in 1998 called for
attacks on all and any American civilians.
13 Uninted States Department of State’s International information’ program (30 April 2002).
Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network – Modus Operandi – Model Bosnia
American compassion for Islamic sufferings abroad, especially within Palestine.
Humanitarian NGOs were also carefully established by leaders of Al-Qaeda in all the
major United States cities. A group of Iranians14 arrested in 2001 at the Los Angeles
International Airport had collected between five and ten thousand U.S. dollars daily for socalled
assisting the suffering Iranian children.
According to the FBI, this money was collected for not charitable, but for purely
terrorist purposes. Moreover, the United Nations has allowed many Al-Qaeda terrorists to
masquerade under a cloak of decency by actually providing the terrorist agency with
actually cold-hard cash which could then thereafter be used to fund variant terrorist
crimes. The United Nations donated money to Muwafaq for so-called “Promoting
educational and social development programmers…” in Sudan. The U.N. also donatedby
using human naiveté, strong emotions in addition to using propaganda to instigate great
11 A network monitoring telecommunications, founded and controlled by the intelligence agencies
NSA (US), GCSB (New Zealand), CSE (Canada), GCHQ (UK) and DSD (Australia), and the
UKUSA association (in a joint effort to monitor electronic communications established by the
intelligence services of the US, UK and Australia in 1947). Since the 1980s “Echelon” was used for
global monitoring of telephone, teletype and also of telefax communications as well as email
using certain communication satellites. “Echelon” also monitors and intercepts diplomatic
communications on shortwave frequencies. Especially vulnerable to “Echelon’s” monitoring are
satellites “Inmarsat” and “Intelsat”.
12 In 1996 bin Laden issued a “Fatwah,” a religious ruling urging Muslims worldwide to kill United
States troops stationed within Saudi Arabia and Somalia. A second fatwah in 1998 called for
attacks on all and any American civilians.
13 Uninted States Department of State’s International information’ program (30 April 2002).
Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network – Modus Operandi – Model Bosnia
American compassion for Islamic sufferings abroad, especially within Palestine.
Humanitarian NGOs were also carefully established by leaders of Al-Qaeda in all the
major United States cities. A group of Iranians14 arrested in 2001 at the Los Angeles
International Airport had collected between five and ten thousand U.S. dollars daily for socalled
assisting the suffering Iranian children.
According to the FBI, this money was collected for not charitable, but for purely
terrorist purposes. Moreover, the United Nations has allowed many Al-Qaeda terrorists to
masquerade under a cloak of decency by actually providing the terrorist agency with
actually cold-hard cash which could then thereafter be used to fund variant terrorist
crimes. The United Nations donated money to Muwafaq for so-called “Promoting
educational and social development programmers…” in Sudan. The U.N. also donated more than $1.4 million U.S. Dollars to a consortium of Islamic Charities working in the
Sudan in 1997. One of which was the Muwafaq meaning in the true Arabic, “blessed relief
foundation.” According to U.N. Treasury officials, the charity was used by Al-Qaeda cells
in order to transfer literally millions of dollars to Bin Laden. The United States Treasury
itself strongly believes the wealthy Islamic businessman Yasin al-Qadi set up the initial
charity. Then it was closed during an initial post Spetember 11th crackdown after the
terrorist attacks upon tht two World Trade Center buildings. During the September 11th
plane attacks on the World Trade Center buildings it was elucidated that Al-Qadi’s assets
were among those frozen by the Treasury for possessing alleged links to terrorism15.
14 Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (Iranian rebels)
15 BBC Saturday, 20 October, 2001, Bin Laden ‘received UN cash’
Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network – Modus Operandi – Model Bosnia
IV. Why the United States has Reasons to Worry?
Associated Press reported on
“…NATO authorities who raided a Saudi aid agency last fall found computer
files containing photographs of terrorist targets and street maps of
Washington with government buildings marked, a senior U.S. official
disclosed Thursday…The newspaper continued that…
“…The October raid of the Sarajevo office of the Saudi High Commissioner
for Aid to Bosnia also netted a computer program explaining how to use crop
duster aircraft to spread pesticide, and materials used to make fake U.S. State
Department identification badges and credit cards, the official told The
Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity.”16
In mentioning from the Saudi High Commissioner for Aid to Bosnia, it must be taken
into account that the Saudi rulers have been well known for transferring huge sums of
money to this particular “charitable” agency. Over the past nine years the agency alone has
spent approximately $600million U.S. dollars for its “activities” within Bosnia. The money
came from various donations made by certain prominent Saudi businessmen and also from
certain Saudi governmental grants.
Both sad and ironic is that King Fahd personally contributed the sum of $34 million
U.S. dollars to the agency now known to be affiliated with Al-Qaeda activities of terrorism.
It also very much appears that not all the money was even used for any humanitarian
purposes at all but rather for something much more sinister17 which clearly is Osama bin
Laden’s Bosnian Al-Qaeda network of “charities.”
Daniel Benjamin, director of Transnational Threats located at the National Security
Council during the Clinton Administration said Al-Qaeda was also using “charities”
including several named: Maktab Khidmat or “Services Bureau” as well as another called
16 A high-ranking Bosnian government official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed
the findings. The material included photos of targets of past terror attacks — the World Trade
Center, the Pentagon, the USS Cole and the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the American
official said. The pictures showed the targets both before and after the attacks. The officials did
not say which buildings were marked on the Washington maps (however).
17 Cited from Centre for Peace in the Balkans, An Analysis dated (March 2002).

General Ratko Mladic in his own words in an unpublished interview with CNN in 1995:

Islamist Treachery in the Serbian Sandzak: The Impending Fake Assassination Attempt on Muamer Zukorlic!

It has come to our attention through reliable sources that the Islamists in the South of Serbia in the Sandzak region, of which 95% of the population are Muslims, are preparing for war and they will invent a reason.  This reason will be to orchestrate a “fake assassination” attempt on the leader of the Muslims there, Muamer Zukorlic, an Islamic extremist, in Serbia, and this will occur no later than the end of April, just before the elections in Serbia.  The assassination will fail but then they will use this as a pretex for a Muslim uprising in the Sandzak in Serbia for the purpose of seeking autonomy from Serbia and Muslim support for secession from Serbia.  This will provide the territory needed to connect Bosnia (Gorazde town), Kosovo, Albania and Northern Greece (Epirus) with Turkey.  Their ultimate goal is to pave the way for the Caliphate in the Balkans by stealing the Sandzak  to create the Green Transversal, with Turkey as the head of the Caliphate.  The EU will support the uprising and then they will blame this “fake assassination” attempt on the Serbs. To finance the uprising and break away from Serbia the money will then come flowing in from Turkey and Saudi Arabia and the treachery will be complete.

And if you don’t think this is possible just refresh your memory about what happened with the Muslim propaganda that justified the Bosnian War.  The Islamists have been doing these sort of things for 1389 years, starting with Mohammed’s treachery when he went into Medina and beheaded all the male Jews there and took their wives and children as slaves.

As posted in Transconflict


Sandžak is a multi-ethnic region, bordering Kosovo to the south-east and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the west, which contains the single largest Bosniak community in the Balkans outside Bosnia and Herzegovina. In light of Kosovo’s declaration of independence, Sandžak remains vulnerable to both inter- and intra-ethnic disputes, though the latter remains more problematic at present.


Sandžak is composed of eleven municipalities – six in Serbia (Novi Pazar, Sjenica, Tutin, Nova Varos, Prijepolje and Priboj), and five in Montenegro (Bijelo Polje, Rozaje, Plave, Plevlje, Berane). According to the 2002 census, the six municipalities in Serbia have a population of 235,567 inhabitants, of which 142,350 (60 per cent) declared themselves Bosniaks and 90,314 as either Serbs or Montenegrins (38 per cent). In the municipalities of Novi Pazar (76.28%), Tutin (94.23%) and Sjenica (73.34%), Bosniaks are the majority population, whilst they are a minority in Nova Varos (7%), Priboj (23%) and Prijepolje (41%).

Clinton’s Treacherous Muslim Allies in Bosnia: Crimes Committed By Bosnian Muslims Against the Serbs in Sarajevo in 1995!

These are the crimes that were being committed in 1995 by the Bosnian Muslim allies of traitor Bill Clinton in our name.  And, in our name he built a monument to them in the heart of Bosnia that cost we the taxpayers one million dollars!  And the corrupt ever-loving Leftist media here in America never told us about these massacres of innocent Serb civilians in Sarajevo, did they?  The MSM and our politicians have betrayed all America and they will be exposed by us, in whose names they committed these disgusting crimes against all humanity.  Let’s face it.  We don’t have a media anymore.  They are all corrupt and they have not told us the truth about Clinton’s nasty Bosnian War against the Christian Serb people.  Can these wrongs be made right?  Never!  Clinton should be hung in the public square for allying with the Bosnian Muslim murderers who have gone scot free and have never paid for their crimes against the Serbian people, and who are still committing them!

This article posted in There Must Be Justice  says it rather succinctly and the video shows their atrocities for all to see.   This video was never shown to us, the American people, because it didn’t fit the Leftist MSM’s agenda, did it?  Their agenda only serves their Leftist political end and not the truth.  Never the truth!  It’s sickening and mindboggling how they can live with themselves.  It is why we no longer pay any attention to the media here in America anymore!  We don’t trust them!

Europe ignores the fact of 8.000 murdered Serbs in Sarajevo

February 16, 2012

The European Union advocates democracy, justice and standards which potential EU members must take account of. It has been constantly broadcasted from European capitals that all war criminals from the Yugoslavian separatist wars (from 1990 to 1999) must be put on trial. This advocacy by the European Union will go down in history as hypocrisy, since EU does not act upon it, just as the forefathers of this organization never did on theirs. The German leaders from 1933 to 1945 claimed as well to be the representatives of the highest norms and values, insisting that they were building a new world order. If today’s leaders of the EU honestly respected the international law and justice, then they would not neglect the fact that the Bosnian Muslim army murdered 8,000 Serbs in Sarajevo from 1992 to 1995. These crimes are terrible since they include atrocities committed against entire Serbian Orthodox families. When it comes to cruelty, the crimes against Serbs of Sarajevo outweigh to a great extent the other war crimes, perpetrated in other places, for instance the crime against the Bosnian Muslim soldiers in Srebrenica in 1995. The lists of the murdered Serbs of Sarajevo are supported with strong concrete evidence such as: complete names, addresses, the exact location of the crime, etc. Furthermore, the private property of these exterminated Serbs has been identified as well. But that property has now been seized by Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina and even by those of non-European origin. The Vatican, EU and USA do not take these facts into consideration, probably because they were involved in organizing and arming the Croatian and Bosnian Muslim military formations during the disintegration of Yugoslavia. When these atrocities took place in the period between 1992 and 1995, the West (the same players named above) was well-informed of these crimes, executed by the Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs of Sarajevo. However, the West kept this information hidden from the general public and did not notify the UN of it, let alone pursue any course of action to put an end to this rampage. From the standpoint of international rights, when one ignores crimes committed by others he becomes a co-perpetrator. The reason why the EU, Vatican and USA supported these mass crimes against Serbs will be explained and exposed by history.

The question which should be raised is: would the West also tolerate if 8.000 civilians were to be exterminated in European cities?

Bosnian Muslim warcrimes – Sarajevo (english subtitles)

The Serbian Scream: Islamic Occupation and Criminality in The Balkans Financing the Spread of Terror in Europe and America!

The ADL has been writing articles about the Islamic occupation and criminality in the Balkans for some time now and it is agregiously going unheeded by our politicians in the West at all our detriment.  You only have to look at the history of the Balkans to understand how the brutal Muslim Ottomon Turks were able to subjugate all the people there in their own lands for 500 years until it took several bloody uprisings to expel them. 

The Green Reversal in the Balkans is happening again and the world is ignoring the plight of the Serbian Christian Orthodox people in staving off this threat of occupation and subjugation by Islam’s bloodied sword of intolerance yet again!  In fact, with the advent of Clinton’s Bosnian War on the Christian Serbs in the 1990s we have reprehensibly aided and abetted these brutal Islamic terrorists in getting another foothold into the Balkans and it will be our undoing!  We only have to understand how the recent assassination attempt by the Wahhabi terrorists and the KLA Albanian Muslim drug mafia on the top Serbian leaders and the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church to understand how this could effect the whole Balkan region and the whole of  Western Civilization and America!  Now through their criminal KLA Albanian Mafia drug thugs they are coming to America and are behind many of the terrorist threats here as well.  

The ADL puts all our politicians in the West on notice, and we demand that they change their policy toward the Christian Serbian people!  Because more of these threats are coming to America and to Europe through the gateway that the Islamic plunderers have always used.  The Balkan region!  And until we start changing our policy toward the Christian Serbs we are not going to be able to stop this brutal occupation and plunder of the former Yugloslavia, now Serbia aka Raska aka the Balkan Serbian Empire aka the Byzantine Christian Empire (the other half of the Roman Empire) where Christianity was firmly established and where Serbian Emperor Dusan  brought about the Dusanic Law which established that all men are created equal by virtue of their God-given rights and Christianity. 

The Christian Serbs have been Europe’s bulwark to Islamic aggression for over a thousand years and it will be at our own peril that we don’t stop this Islamic incursion into the Balkans now! 

This article that was written some time ago by Srdja Trifkovic gives voice to the Serbian Scream.  Heed it.  It is a warning to we the people of the free world who want it to remain that way.  Free!

As posted on Militant Islam Monitor

The Balkan Terror Threat

by Srdja Trifkovic

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. In President Bush’s “War on Terror,” that weak link is not in the Middle East or North Africa or the Subcontinent but in Europe. For years Chronicles has been warning that flawed pro-Muslim Western policies would turn the Balkans from a “protectorate of the New World Order into an Islamic threat to Western interests.” … Such warnings were routinely ignored or discounted by the media and politicians alike. This attitude is rapidly changing, however. A spate of media reports and statements by Western officials over the past two months indicates that the threat is finally being taken seriously.

“U.S. to build Balkan anti-terrorism center in Bulgaria,” news agencies reported on January 6, to monitor and detect terrorist threats to the United States and other countries. In addition to the CIA-staffed center, Bulgarian media reported, the FBI also plans to set up an office in Sofia. U.S. intelligence experts were quoted as saying that Al Qaeda has a training base in the Balkans and uses the region as a terror route to the West.

That same week, an Associated Press report warned that terrorists would use the Balkan route to sneak a nuclear weapon into Europe by land. Tom Sanderson of the Center for Strategic and International Studies and Chris Wright of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London claimed that smuggling routes through Southeastern Europe were well established and that there was “a lot of scope” for collusion between terrorist groups and criminal gangs. Both criminals and terrorists benefit from heroin trafficking, most of it of Afghan origin. The trade is largely controlled by Albanian Muslims, with the mujahideen providing the logistics.

Der Spiegel reported on December 8, 2003, that the “monstrous” King Fahd mosque in Sarajevo — the largest in Europe, on which the Saudis spent a total of $20 million — is a breeding ground for Islamic extremism in Bosnia, with some preachers openly inciting the faithful. Western security experts have said that Bosnia could become “a hotbed of extremists ready to … carry the fight of the Islamic terror syndicates against the ‘godless West’ to the southeast of Europe”(1).

This gives cause for “extreme concern” to a German intelligence chief, August Hanning. Der Spiegel goes on to quote a French expert as saying that, of some 5,000 foreign mujahideen who had fought on behalf of Izetbegovic [in Bosnia], many remained behind. The number is unknown, but there are “too many to be safe,” according to George Friedman, director of Stratfor, The Balkans are “of strategic importance” to Al Qaeda, he says, and it can use the region for its goals at any time. Western officials reflect such concerns with increasing frequency. The U.S. ambassador in Sarajevo, Clifford Bond, thus declared on December 17 that there is a terrorist threat in Bosnia because of “foreign elements” who arrived there during the war and stayed on. In the same week, the cabinet of Greece’s Prime Minister Costas Simitis expressed concern over the threat from Bosnia to the Olympic Games [sic] in August 2004 (2).

“U.N. Adds Bosnian Charity Director to Al Qaeda List,” Reuters reported only days later. Safet Durguti, an Albanian born in Kosovo, was added to the list of 300 individuals whose assets should be frozen because of suspected ties to Osama bin Laden or his Al Qaeda network. Durgati — apparently the key link between Islamic fundamentalists in Kosovo and Bosnia — is the director of Vazir, a charity based in the Bosnian city of Travnik. According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Vazir was simply another name for the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, a Saudi charity that was placed on the U. N. list in March 2002.

Dozens of similar statements and articles appeared in different Western sources last January alone. Policy analysts and government officials alike freely admit that the problem exists. It has acquired massive proportions and may not be easily managed any longer. Whether it can be resolved short of a major restructuring of the current Balkan architecture is unclear.

The threat is not limited to a few elusive extremists: The ruling establishment in Sarajevo has had a symbiotic relationship with the sources of Islamic radicalism for over a decade. “Iran, Bosnia to Expand Ties,” reported Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting on December 21, regarding a meeting of the Bosnian ambassador to Tehran, Ibrahim Efendic, and Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. The latter said that “the jihad of the Bosnian and Palestinian nations is praiseworthy and a source of honor for Muslims”:

The resistance and faith of these nations will be registered in the history of Islam,

he added … Highlighting the geographical status of the Balkans, Rafsanjani said

Iran attaches great importance to Bosnia and Herzegovina and expressed the hope

to witness further expansion of bilateral ties between the two countries. The out-

going Bosnian ambassador lauded the humanitarian aid rendered by the Islamic

Republic of Iran.

The significance of this overlooked story is that Bosnian Muslim government officials are received and treated in Tehran as allies in a jihad and that Muslims see Bosnia as no less important than Palestine to their strategic design. As for Iran’s “humanitarian aid,” this is a euphemism for illegal arms shipments from Tehran to Sarajevo in 1994. They were carried out with the active connivance of the Clinton administration and in violation of the arms embargo initially demanded by Clinton. Along with the weapons, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and VEVAK intelligence agents entered Bosnia in large numbers.

The problem of collusion between U.S. administrations and Islamic radicals antedates the wars of Yugoslav succession. Its roots go back to the support Osama bin Laden and others received from the United States following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979. Mistaken and shortsighted as this strategy turned out to be, it may have been justified by the dictates of the Cold War. The underlying assumption was that militant Muslims could be used and discarded — like Diem, Noriega, the Shah, and the Contras. For the ensuing two decades, Washington almost invariably supported the Muslims — most notably in Bosnia and Kosovo. By January 1996, [neocons] Jacob Heilbrunn and Michael Lind of the New Republic approvingly wrote of the U.S. role as the leader of Muslim nations from the Persian Gulf to the Balkans, with the Ottoman lands becoming “the heart of a third American empire”(3).

The strategists who had sought to turn militant Islam into a pliant tool had underestimated the danger of “blowback” at first, but over the years, they have bound good men to bad policy and reinforced failure with gold. Their strategy of effective support for Islamic ambitions in pursuit of short-term political or military objectives has helped to turn Islamic radicalism into a truly global phenomenon.

The Bosnian chapter of this strategy dates back to the administration of President George H. W. Bush, whose Acting Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger made it clear in early 1992 that his goal was to support the Muslim side in Bosnia in order to mollify the Muslim world and to counter any perception of an anti-Muslim bias regarding American policies in the Middle East. President Clinton’s policy in the Balkans further strengthened an already aggressive Islamic base in the heart of Europe. The unspoken assumption of the architects of such policies — that generosity would be rewarded by loyalty — is mistaken: Loyalty to unbelievers is not a Muslim trait. As Yohanan Ramati has remarked, Muslim pragmatism “prescribes that when dealing with fools, one milks them for all one can get.

The subsequent portrayal in the Western media of Muslims as innocent martyrs in the cause of multicultural tolerance concealed the fact that the Bosnian war was primarily religious in nature. “The small jihad is now finished … but now we have to fight a bigger, second jihad,” Mustafa Ceric, the Reis-ul-Ulema (supreme Muslim cleric) of Bosnia-Herzegovina declared when the November 1995 Dayton Accords were signed. They specifically called for the expulsion of all foreign fighters, but the Muslim-controlled Sarajevo government circumvented the rule by granting Bosnian citizenship and passports to unknown numbers of mujahideen. The result was over a dozen executed or planned outrages — from a shootout in Lille to a terrorist cell in Montreal, from the planned attack on Los Angeles International Airport to a series of explosions in Morocco and Istanbul in 2003. All were directly traced to the Bosnian connection.

That connection will not go away unless Western policies change. The first step for the Bush administration would be to scrutinize the activities of the high representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Paddy Ashdown of Great Britain. This failed social-democratic politician spent the Bosnian war acting as an advocate for the Muslim side, which he glorified as a paragon of multiethnic tolerance, and, to this day, he continues to deny the Muslim terrorist threat in his Balkan fiefdom. His behavior is reprehensible but not surprising. Politicians hate admitting that they have been wrong; in addition, Ashdown’s acceptance of reality would make his current position untenable — which must be a cause of some anxiety to a 50-something man with no alternative employment, no independent means, and no prospects.

Ashdown’s motives in denying the Bosnian reality matter less than the consequences of his actions for the security of the Western world. Especially serious is his current effort to terminate the autonomous intelligence capability of the Serbian entity in Bosnia, Republika Srpska (RS), by integrating it with the secret service of the Muslim entity. Over the years, the RS security service has compiled a comprehensive database detailing the activities of Islamic terrorists and the identities of their sympathizers and active supporters in Bosnia-Herzegovina, including many high-ranking government officials. Forcing it into union with the Muslim security service would deny the Serb entity the capability to track terrorist-related activities and would help the Muslim side to cover up its involvement with terrorists.

Ashdown’s deputy and enthusiastic assistant in the piecemeal liquidation of the Republika Srpska is American diplomat Donald Hays, a Democrat who owed his rise to the Clinton administration — specifically, to Richard Holbrooke. In October 2003, Hays escorted his former boss Holbrooke around Bosnia, reportedly introducing him as “the next U.S. Secretary of State.” According to a report by the International Strategic Studies Association, Hays’ motive for attempting to suppress the links between the Islamic establishment in Sarajevo and radical Muslims is partly domestic. He wants to avoid the embarrassment of having the Clinton administration’s links to the terrorists in Bosnia and Kosovo brought to light in an election year (4). …

Recalling Hays and demanding Ashdown’s replacement would be a cost-free exercise in prudence by the Bush administration and a long-overdue major step toward countering the terrorist threat in the Balkans. To make that step meaningful, however, it would be necessary to understand the nature of past errors. A generation ago, it was understandable, even excusable, for policymakers in Washington to try to use Muslims in their fight against communism in just the way their predecessors tried to use the Church in Italy in the early 1950′s. By now, however, it should be evident that appeasement only breeds the contempt and arrogance of the radicals and fuels their ambition. The West is in a war of religion, whether she wants that or not, and the enemy sees the Balkans as a battlefield (5).

On the Islamic side, this war is being fought in the belief that the West is on her last legs, demographically and culturally. Some leaders — including President Bush — may have been hoping to domesticate Islam under the aegis of the nondenominational deism that they profess. That will fail, and an “internal reform” of Islam will remain as elusive as ever. Any potential for internal reform is only undermined by the appeasement of radical Islam in the Balkans. It enhances a downward spiral of hate and spite and breeds more terrorism.

Western policy in the Balkans should be reappraised, because to continue encouraging the Muslim sense of pure victimhood is to feed would-be-suicide bombers with a political pap that nourishes their hate. If the War on Terror is to be meaningful, that appeasement must stop. Pandering to Islam’s geopolitical designs — in the Balkans or anywhere else — and sacrificing smaller Christian nations in the process is not only bad, it is counterproductive: The morsels only whet the extremists’ appetite, paving the way to a major global confrontation well before this century is over.

Muslim Albanian Mafia Kosovo Trainwreck: Predicted by James Jatras and Ambassador James Bissett

We at the ADL have been talking about what is happening in the Balkans, the former Yugoslavia aka Balkan Christian Serbian Empire, for a long time now for the purpose of understanding the Islamist brutal aggression and encroachment into the Balkans, the gateway into Europe.  Today I found this video that precisely warned us what recognizing Kosovo as an independent state from Serbia  would lead to.  A Taliban State in the heart of the Balkans ruled by the Muslim Albanian KLA Mafia and all their terrorist collaborators!  And what James Jatras, Director of the American Council for Kosovo, and Ambassador James Bissett warned about and  predicted and went unheeded in both the Clinton and the Bush administrations,  is exactly what has happened in the Balkans.  It has turned into a terrorist state ruled by the Muslim Albanian KLA terrorist Mafia!  And the Muslim Albanian KLA Mafia has now, for the last decade and a half since Clinton and NATOs treacherous war on the Christian Serbs, extended it’s tentacles into all the former Republics of the former Yugoslavia and they are controlling all the governments there with the money they are getting from their drug trade and their terrorist collaborators and facilitators, that has also infiltrated into America through their unfettered immigration!  For instance the Albanian Mafia-connected thug who was arrested in the recent thwarting of the Florida terrorist attack, Sami Osmakac, was related to and connected with the Albanian Mafia kingpin Naser Keljmendi.  

Albanians Destroy Churches in Kosovo — March 2004 (video clip)

This is what the government MSM in America and all our naive and collaborating politicians ignored then, and is ignoring now, all at our peril!  Watch the video and be warned that the problem in the Balkans, which resulted not only in this recent thwarted terrorist attack in Florida by Sami Osmakac but also resulted in thirteen of the nineteen 9/11 terrorists being trained in Bosnia and as mentioned here four of the six defendants in the Fort Dix terror plot were Albanian Muslims from the Kosovo region, is not going to stay in the Balkans but also is now extending into Europe and America with their Muslim Albanian KLA drug and terrorist entities as well!  So, this has become Europe’s problem and America’s problem, Western Civlization’s problem, and everyone is ignoring it.  Just as they ignored the warning of Ambassador James Bissett just before our reprehensible and agregious recognition of Kosovo being an independent state from Serbia, which Serbia has never recognized by the way, and should never recognize, because Kosovo is Serbia and is the seat of their Orthodox Christian heritage.

Wahhabi Terrorists Resolving Conflict By Extermination: Another Christian Serb Leader Milorad Dodik Threatened With Assassination!

Mohammed was the best of teachers.  When he had any conflicts with anyone he would go out and murder them.  When Mohammed died there was not an enemy left standing.  He had slaughtered them all with Islam’s sword of intolerance.  Now Wahhabi leader Khattab Hajrulah, following in Mohammed’s vile footsteps has threatened to assassinate another Christian Serbian leader, Milorad Dodik, of the Republic of Sbrska in Western Serbia.  Why?  Because he’s a threat to the terrorists taking over the whole of Bosnia and turning it into a terrorist state, directed as they are now, by Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and the KLA Albanian Drug Mafia!  The only one standing between Bosnia turning into a terrorist state in the heart of the Balkans is Milorad Dodik and the Wahhabi terrorists have threatened to exterminate him.

Of course, it can’t be done without the implicit approval of the global manipulators who reside in their unreachable global institutions of global immunity and untouchability and the mass Western media they collaborate with, where they are, one by one, exterminating all the Christian Serbian Leaders in the Hague and in all the areas where the Serbs have been forced into by Clinton’s nasty Bosnian War on them in the 1990s and before that in the most brutal of Concentration Camps in the Nazi’s puppet state of Croatia, Jasenovac Concentration Camp, during WWII where they exterminated 750,000 Serbs, along with 75,000 Jews and 50,000 Roma men, women, and children, in the most horrific ways possible like gouging their eyes out and cutting off their extremities!

Now, with the releasing of tool-of-the-globalists Angelina Jolie’s Saudi-financed propaganda film further demonizing the Christian Serbian people and her falsely portraying the Christian Serbs as rapists and terrorists, and her calling for the Republic of Sbrska to be exterminated, the agenda of the globalists and the terrorists to exterminate all the Serbian Christian people and their leaders is complete.  The globalists have set the stage, and they are carrying out their treacherous plan of total genocide against the Christian Serbian people.

For over a decade now, since Clinton and EU-NATO’s Bosnian War on the Christian Serbs where Clinton sided with the terrorists and built a monument to them in the heart of Bosnia with one million of our taxpayer dollars, the Balkans has been riddled with terrorists.  The Mujahedeen, al Qaeda, the Wahhabis and the KLA Albanian Drug Mafia have been given free reign in Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo where they seized the Pristina government there and terrorized the Christian Serbian people out of their homes and into container cities in the North!  Now you are seeing the results.  And they are not pretty!  Because now the gateway into Europe is being flooded by Mohammed’s terrorists, who are seeping into Europe and the UK, with no end to the financing coming from Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and the KLA Albanian Drug Mafia and their kingpin Naser Keljmendi where they peddle their drugs freely throughout Europe and into America, in their agenda to complete the green reversal.

Is it no wonder that all the Christian Serbian leaders are being threatened with extermination through assassination?  Is it no wonder they are now threatening to assassinate Milorad Dodik?  I think not!  Resolving conflict through extermination has been the way of the Mohammedists since the inception of Islam fourteen centuries ago.  They have a manual.  It’s called the Qu’ran and they are not hesitating to carry it out, with the absolute collaboration and dhimmitude of all our governments in the West that are falling all over themselves with their capitulating and appeasing and apologizing for these Mohammedist plunderers who seek to destroy us and all Western Civilization, and along with it our freedom.

As posted on pink Vesti

[  14:05 / 20.01. ] Štampaj
Za očekivati
Vehabija preti Dodiku
Predsedniku Republike Srpske Miloradu Dodiku upućene su pretnje na sajtu, prenela je današnja “Politika” pisanje lista “Glas Srpske”.As translated poorly by Google translate:

Source: Tanjug
[14:05 / 20:01. ] Print
It is expected
Dodik threatens Wahhabi
President of the Republic of Serbian Milorad Dodik’s threats were directed at the site, reports today’s “policy” to the newspaper “Voice of Serbian”.
Wahhabi Khattab Hajrulah Dodik said “We’ll come to you and head liars.” Khattab Hajrulah is this threat, as he writes, “Politics”, responded to Dodik’s statement that the decision to discontinue the investigation of crime in Dobrovoljacka street in Sarajevo, “clean-political”. Hajruhal a member of the Wahhabi movement and regularly appears on the Internet in the “Corner Hatabov moment.” In addition, it sets the movie on the Internet for terrorist groups. In a commentary on its threats to Dodik, Serbian Police Director Gojko Vasic said the “policy” to “competent authorities shall take all measures to onemouće attack on Prime Minister Milorad Dodik.” Vasic said that in this case is more the word about sowing fear and panic of terror.

Former Mujahedeen Commander Naser Oric Released After Killing 3500 Christian Serbs in Srebrenica!

After serving only six months of his two year sentence for brutally butchering three thousand five hundred Christian Serbs in villages in Srebrenica from 1992 to 1995 the President of Bosnia, Bakir Izetbegovic (son of Alija Izetbegovic) today gave amnesty to the Commander of the Mujahedeen terrorists Naser Oric whose brutality against the Serbs is legend in the Balkans.  The Hague sentenced this rogue to two years in prison and now he has gotten a pardon.  Two years for killing three thousand five hundred Christian Serbs and now he’s only served six months of this sentence!  Is this what they call justice in Bosnia where the Mujahedeen terrorists have taken it over now, and where the occupying Muslim Albanian Mafia drug-thugs have free reign to create their terror throughout the whole of the former Yugoslavia and Europe with impunity? 

This is the face of Islamofascism!  Take a good look at the pictures below of former Mujahedeen Commander and Butcher Naser Oric’s horrific act of genocide against the Christian Serbs, aided and abetted by the EU, UN-NATO enforcer-by-bombing, Clinton and the Hague who felt that two years was enough for this monster!  And now’s he’s let go after serving only six months!

UPDATES on this breaking story out of Sarajevo and videos in English will be provided as we at the ADL monitor this obscene pardoning of Naser Oric Commander Mujahedeen terrorists who Clinton sided with during his nasty war on the Christian Serbs in the 1990s and who he built a monument to in Bosnia with one million of our taxpayer dollars.

On February, 1994, Naser Oric was preparing to attack the Serbian village.  From 1992 to July 1995 Srebrenica was under UN protection.  The Muslim soldiers received their weapons from the UN.  And it was during that time his Mujahedeen killed about 3,500 Christian Serbs of which 70% were women and children!  In July, 1995, it was General Mladic who liberated Srebrenica (no Muslim civilian was killed).  The Mujahedeen died trying to get through the city of Tuzla!  They did not want to surrender to the Serbian Army because they feared retaliation for the crime!  Today the Muslim government in Sarajevo brings out the whole of Bosnia to commemorate Mujahedeen from other battlefields and lies to the world saying they were killed in Srebrenica!  And the Hague sentenced Mujahedeen Commander Naser Oric for his horrendous crime against the Serb civilians to a two year sentence in prison!  He now lives free in Sarajevo after committing this horrific atrocity!  He engages in criminal activity (drugs, bars) under the protection of the Muslim government in Sarajevo!

As reported on Israpundit

Self-confessed mass murderer of Serbian civilians, Naser Oric, at the NATO owned ICTY in The Hague, Netherlands just prior to him being given a 2 year sentence by NATO for mass murder in Srebrenica.

Thousands of Bosnian Muslims (“Bosniaks”) gather at Sarajevo airport to welcome their “hero”, Alija Izetbegovic’s Islamist Nazi self-confessed mass murderer of Serbs in Srebrenica, Naser Oric.

Below quotes excerpted from the Canadian Toronto Star newspaper article: “A Reporter’s Account of an Evening Spent with Nasir Oric, the Muslim Commander in Srebrenica”Original title:
“Fearsome Muslim warlord eludes Bosnian Serb forces”
Toronto Star, July 16, 1995 By Bill Schiller

On a cold and snowy night, I sat in his living room watching a shocking video version of what might have been called Nasir Oric’s Greatest Hits. There were burning houses, dead bodies, severed heads, and people fleeing.

Oric grinned throughout, admiring his handiwork.“We ambushed them,” he said when a number of dead Serbs appeared on the screen. The next sequence of dead bodies had been done in by explosives:“We launched those guys to the moon,” he boasted.

When footage of a bullet-marked ghost town appeared without any visible bodies, Oric hastened to announce: “We killed 114 Serbs there.”
Later there were celebrations, with singers with wobbly voices chanting his praises.

Visit 4International for the balance of this important article.

As reported on 4international


The Real Srebrenica Genocide

Introduction by Nathan Pearlstein

Why are the mainstream Western media, the US administrations under George W. Bush and Bill Clinton as well as the governments of NATO and the EU covering up this monumental crime against humanity?

Why are the Serbs – whom apart from the Jews were the major victims of the Holocaust during World War 2 - being cast as the perpetrators of genocide while the real perpetrators of genocide – the Islamofascists loyal to Alija Izetbegovic – are being cast by the corporate media, the US, NATO and EU governments as “the victims”?

Why was Naser Oric – the Islamofascist commander of Srebrenica and perpetrator of a massive genocide against Serbian men, women and children in Srebrenica from 1992 to 1995 – given only a 2 year sentence for this monumental crime against humanity and allowed to walk free from NATO’s Scheveningen ICTY prison: the former Nazi SS dungeon for patriotic Dutch resistance fighters against the Germans during World War 2 in The Hague, Holland?

Our dear friend and colleague at 4International, Peter Robert North, has graciously allowed us to reproduce in full his outstanding work here on what really happened in Srebrenica and Gorazde from 1992 to 1995. A revelation of truth which is of enormous historical significance and importance to all good people across the globe but especially for all patriotic Jewish people in Israel and the diaspora.

We all remember the Western media hoaxes and fakery concerning the events in Jenin and Qana recently and how these media frauds were used to demonize Israel and the Jewish people. So it is absolutely crucial that we also expose the Western media fraud concerning the events in Srebrenica, Bosnia in July, 1995, in order to reveal just how corrupt and dishonest the Western media, the US, NATO and EU Imperialist governments are when they turn the world upside down by demonizing the victims of a massacre in order to prop up the Islamofascist perpetrators, thereby creating new independent Islamist states for the Islamofascists (as the US, NATO and EU are doing right now in Kosovo on behalf of the Islamofascist terrorist group: the KLA).

The following article, my dear readers, is the horrific truth about what happened to the Serb civilians of Srebrenica and Gorazde – a shocking truth which the Fascist Left supporters of Hamas and PLO/Fatah, as well as the pro-NATO Imperialist cowards on British website “Harry’s Place” – especially Oliver Kamm and Marko Attila Hoare – are so desperate to hide from the people of the world.

The following is a dire warning to us all! We ignore this at our own peril.

The Real Srebrenica Genocide: The mass murder of Serbs in Srebrenica and Gorazde from 1992 to 1995 by Alija Izetbegovic’s Islamofascist terrorists

By Peter Robert North

The real Srebrenica Genocide not reported by the corrupt, racist pro-Islamist-Nazi Western corporate-controlled media, was the brutal mass murder – using axes, knives, daggers, sledgehammers, iron bars, flamethrowers and explosives – of 3,870 Serbian elderly men, women and young children in and around the town of Srebrenica and its adjoining towns and villages(Bratunac,Skelani,Milici, et al) as well as the town of Gorazde.

Bosnian Muslim military forces from Srebrenica killed Bosnian Serb Milan Vujicic, mutilated his body, and then roasted his corpse.

The body of Bosnian Serb civilian Kostadinka Grcic, executed by Bosnian Muslim forces by stabbing her in the chest.

The body of Milica Saric, who was murdered by Bosnian Muslim forces in Kalinovik with 30 other Bosnian Serb civilians.
On right, the body of 15 year-old Bosnian Serb Slobodan Mastilo, who was murdered by Bosnian Muslim forces in the Foca region.

The bodies of Ranko Sekulovic, left, and his wife, Radenka, 30,
executed and mutilated by Bosnian Muslim Territorial Defense forces on September 13, 1992 in Foca. Bosnian Muslim troops murdered the entire Sekulovic family.


These little Serbs, Predrag and Danka Sekulovic, were slain with their parents on Sep. 13, 1992 by Bosnian Muslims in the village of Bakic on the road to Foca. He was 7, she was 4.

A Bosnian Serb mother grieves over her child – brutally murdered by Izetbegovic’s and Oric’s Islamist troops.

A Bosnian Serb mother grieves over her loved ones – brutally murdered by Izetbegovic’s/Oric’s Islamist troops.

Bosnian Serb family members grieve over their dead loved ones – brutally murdered by Izetbegovic’s/Oric’s Islamist troops.

The Milici Massacre, south of Srebrenica. Bosnian Muslim troops executed Bosnian Serbs and mutilated their bodies. On left, Ljubomir Jurosevic had his right eye cut out by Bosnian Muslim soldiers and his neck and chest showed signs of knife wounds.On right, the mutilated body of Bosnian Serb Dimitrije Alempic from Rogosije, who was executed by Bosnian Muslim soldiers. His body was mutilated and burned.

The bodies of two Bosnian Serbs in eastern Bosnia. On the right, a charred body of Zdravo Eric, who was killed and his body burned. Before burning him, Muslims took out the heart of this Christian as a sign of Islamic piety.

The body of a Bosnian Serb from Sarajevo, who was killed, mutilated, and burned. His body was thrown in the Miljacka river by Bosnian Muslim forces.

The corpse of Bosnian Serb civilian Radivoje Lukic, 59. The Bosnian Muslim paramilitaries “The Mosque Doves” or “Dzamijski Golubovi”, murdered him
with an axe to the head on October 8, 1992 in Klisa.

The Bosnian Muslim paramilitaries “The Mosque Doves” or “Islamski Golubovi”, murdered two elderly Bosnian Serb women near Zvornik north of Srebrenica.

Top, bodies of elderly Bosnian Serbs executed by the Bosnian Muslim paramilitary group The Mosque Doves, or Djamijski Golubovi near Zvornik in eastern Bosnia. The Mosque Doves executed 25 Bosnian Serb civilians. Left bottom, Bosnian Muslim forces crushed his skull with an axe, exposing his brain. Right bottom, the body of an elderly Bosnian Serb woman who was murdered by Bosnian Muslim forces.

Bosnian Serb civilian Zdravko Eric executed, burned and mutilated by the Bosnian Muslim paramilitary group Mosque Doves, Djamijski Golubovi, under Midhat Grahic fron Zvornik.

Srebrenica/Zvornik region: The body of a Bosnian Serb boy murdered by Naser Oric’s forces in the Srebrenica pocket in eastern Bosnia.

The body of Bosnian Serb Milovan Kovacevic whose body was mutilated and burned by Bosnian Muslim forces in Rogosije.

The decapitated head of Bosnian Serb farmer Pero Makic, who was executed by Bosnian Muslim/Croat forces in the northeastern Bosnian city of Brcko on June 22, 1992. His head was placed on a pitch-fork and a cigarette was placed in his mouth. One of the forks of the pitch-fork was stabbed in his eye. This is a photo that was censored and suppressed in the West and the US.

The decapitated head and torso of Bosnian Serb Miladin Asceric, who was executed and decapitated by Bosnian Muslim forces north of Srebrenica, in the town of Kamenica.

Sarajevo: The body of Bosnian Serb Nenad Beribaka. The Bosnian Muslim forces mutilated his body after killing him by extracting his brain.

Sarajevo: The body of a Bosnian Serb. Bosnian Muslim forces murdered and mutilated him by smashing his skull open.

A Serb soldier who was captured by the Muslims, skewered on a spear and exhibited in front of a hotel. “He stayed alive for a few days,” said a Serbian journalist. That set off wild rumors throughout Bosnian Serb-held territories.

Burned remains of Milomir Prodanovic, a Serb from Podravnje near Milici, Bosnia.
(From: “The Suppressed Serbian Voice And The Free Press In America” By William Dorich, 1994 – pp 20, 22.)

The mutilated body of Velo Majstorovic, who was tortured, killed, circumcized, and burned alive by Bosnian Muslim forces in Milici in eastern Bosnia, southwest of Srebrenica.

First massacre in Bosnia: March 26, 1992, Croat and Bosnian Muslim forces executed, mutilated, and beheaded 20 Bosnian Serb civilians in Sijekovac near Bosanski Brod. An 85 year Bosnian Serb was executed and then burned inside his house. The decapitated and mutilated corpses of Bosnian Serbs murdered in northern Bosnia near Brod.


As above.Bosnian Serbs brutally tortured, mutilated and murdered by Izetbegovic’s/Oric’s Islamist troops in Sijekovac near Bosanski Brod.

Photo 1)Saudi/Afghan-Arab mujahedeen with decapitated heads of Bosnian Serb POWs in 1992. Al-Qaeda funded and organized these early terrorist attacks against Bosnian Serbs.

Photo 2)Saudi/Afghan-Arab mujahedeen with decapitated heads of Bosnian Serb POWs in 1992. Al-Qaeda funded and organized these early terrorist attacks against Bosnian Serbs.

Saudi/Afghan-Arab mujahedeen holding the decapitated head of a Bosnian Serb POW who was executed and decapitated in central Bosnia in 1992.

Previous photo enlarged. The head of a Serb, Blagoje Blagojevic, held by an Arab Saudi/Afghan ‘Jihad’ fighter in Crni Vrh, Bosnia, 1992.



Previous 3 photos above) Alija Izetbegovic’s 10,000 strong Islamist fundamentalist “El Mujahedeen Unit” in Zenica, Bosnia on parade with green banners on their heads which read: “Our path is the Jihad” written in Arabic script.

See related articles,“Moderate Democrat or Radical Islamist? Who is Alija Izetbegovic, the man the US sponsored in Bosnia?”

“What really happened in Bosnia? Were the Serbs the criminal aggressors, as the official story claims, or were they the victims?”

“How the U.S. & Iran have Cooperated to Sponsor Muslim Terror(and this while loudly denouncing one another in public)”

What is this monument inscribed in Arabic script doing in Srebrenica (Potocari village), Bosnia? What is ex-president of the United States, Bill Clinton, doing here at the unveiling of this Arabic-inscribed monument dedicated to fallen al Qaeda Mujahedeen fighters in Srebrenica-Potocari, Bosnia? Why is Clinton bowing to this monument?

For the answers to these disturbing questions, see the articles

“Clinton opens a monument dedicated to Al Qaeda fighters and bows to it!”

“Srebrenica Controversy Becomes Increasingly Politicized and Ethnically Divisive, Increasing Pressure on Peacekeepers”

“Bosnian Official Links With Terrorism, Including 9/11, Become Increasingly Apparent as Clinton, Clark Attempt to Justify Support of Bosnian Militants”

“US Official Implicated With Bosnian High Representative Ashdown in Attempting to Force Fabricated Report on Srebrenica” at:


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