Reformation in Islam: Only in it’s Tactics and Not in it’s Fascist Ideology!

There has been a Reformation of sorts, and only on the surface, in Islam. It’s called the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, the terrorists in suits, where they are still marching toward the same goal, an Islamic World Caliphate, only by stealth! Their Reformation is only in it’s tactics, and not in it’s fundamental tyrannical and Fascist ideology. And, they are still creating their terror arms which morph into other terror arms. Every ideology that is tyrannical in nature has it’s terror arms, to make them the targets, and their propagandists who work in the shadows, or sometimes in full daylight.

Yesterday I was reading Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas and I was stunned by learning of the way that Hitler waged war with Poland. Here’s the excerpt:

Back in March, when Hitler had marched on Prague, Neville Chamberlain set down his teacup and took notice. It was then, exchanging one of his carrots for a stick, he vowed that Britain would defend Poland if Hitler attacked it. That time had come. But Hitler couldn’t simply attack. He must first make it look like selfl-defense. So on August 22, he told his generals, “I shall give a propagandist reason for starting the war; never mind whether it is plausible or not. The victor will not be asked afterward whether he told the truth.”

The plan was for the SS, dressed in Polish uniforms, to attack a German radio station on the Polish border. To make the whole thing authentic, they would need German “casualties.” They decided to use concentration camp inmates, whom they vilely referred to as Konserve (canned goods). These victims of Germany would be dressed as German soldiers. In the end only one man was murdered for this purpose, via lethal injection, and afterward shot several times to give the appearance that he had been killed by Polish soldiers. The deliberate murder of a human being for the puposes of deceiving the world seems a perfectly fitting inaugural act for what was to follow. This took place on schedule, August 31.

In “retaliation,” German troops marched into Poland at dawn on September 1. Goring’s Luftwaffe rained hell from the skies, deliberately killing civilians. Civilians were murdered more carefully on the ground. It was a coldly deliberate act of terror by intentional mass murder, never before seen in modern times, and it was the Poles’ first bitter taste of the Nazi ruthlessness they would come to know so well. The outside world would not hear details for some time. It knew only that German forces were cutting through Poland like the proverbian hot knife through butter as Panzer divisions neatly erased thirty and forty miles of Poland per day.

But Hitler gave a speech to the Reichstag, casting himself in the role of the aggrieved victim. “You know the endless attempts I made for a peaceful clarification and understanding of the problem of Austria,” he said, “and later of the problem of the sudetenland, Bohemia and Moravia. It was all in vain.” Poland had refused his gracious offers of peace and with a callousness not to be borne, the Poles rewarded his good faith with violence!…

This is what we are up against! Islamists, and Nazis in this case, who always partner together along with the far Left for their tyrannical agenda of control over us, who don’t play by the same rules as we do!  Our continual dilemma is how to best deal with these liars and deceivers, and outright mass-murderers. For 1400 years our tactics haven’t worked. It only pushes them into further modes of deceit and deception. They are always the victims rather than the victimizers! And when we expose their actions they are so horrific and so beyond the pale as to be unbelievable by a civilized people!

In other words, we are continually on the defensive and trying to explain why the proponents of Islam, and fascism, are “dangerous and not beneficial to society” even though that is patently obvious by their horrific actions!

It is, what do we do about it to cause them to stop their egregious plunder and occupation? There are those who believe, those who’ve lived with their plunder and atrocities for centuries, that there is nothing short of eradication that is going to stop them in the end, and we are just scratching at the surface.

Mutiny results in an argument over the best way to deal with the enemy. In my opinion, there must be a multi-pronged approach to deal with this one,  and their collaborators, depending on the immediacy of the threat, and ours is one of them!

Understanding the Islamist Plunderers and Occupiers: The Islamist Enemy of Freedom in their Own Words!

It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this Islamist enemy of freedom. The Caliphate and Sharia is the antithesis of the U.S. Constitution. It makes everyone who is not a male Islamist Supremacist relegated to 2nd, 3rd and 4th class status in their own countries of origin!  In other words, if you are not a male Islamist Supremacist you are a slave to them, and paying them the jizya, in one way or the other!

It is this parasitic system, the Islamic Caliphate, that they aim for, that keep them alive! Keeps them from doing the hard work, because they have a constant supply of slaves beholden to them, and feeding them!  They’ve got a good game going on, don’t they? And, we have an endless supply of dhimmi politicians in the West that aid and abet them, and often collude with them in their treachery, to overthrow all our governments in Western Civilization, and freedom!

Here’s one representative Islamist Imam in the UK telling you exactly what his method is, in taking over Western Civilization, and occupying, every country that they immigrate to. Will you remain oblivious to this treacherous takeover of the civilized and free world and their replacing Western Civilization with a tyrannical Caliphate, or will you take a stand now to oppose it? That is the ultimate question I am asking you to answer for yourselves and your progeny.

Winston Churchill once said that “an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping that it will eat him last.”  Will you keep feeding the crocodile, Islamic aggression and occupation, or will you work with us to stymie it every step of the way? Will you work to preserve the U.S. Constitution where all people are created equal, by our creator, with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property)? At the ADL we have answered that question. Have you?

Time waits for no man, time is short, and the time is now!

Sharia Supremacy in America: It’s Okay to Run Ad Saying Quit Catholicism But Not Okay to Run Ad Saying Quit Islam!

Sharia Supremacy and absolute dhimmitude is alive and well in America!  It was blatantly demonstrated just recently when the New York Times found it perfectly okay to run an ad saying “It’s Time to Quit the Catholic Church” and turned down an ad that Pamela Geller asked them to run saying “It’s Time to Quit Islam!”

Anti-cath NYTIMESISLAMADboldLatest-2

Every time we submit to Fascist Islam’s absolute tyranny we give these Supremacists a victory.

Tyranny is achieved bit by bit, drip by drip, and piece by piece.  And before long we have given up all our inalienable and individual rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property), given to us by our Creator and not any big government,  as stated by the law of these United States of America, the U.S. Constitution.  This is what our Founders bled and died for!  This is what our troops are bleeding and dying for now on the battlefield where Islam’s tyranny waged war with us long ago.  Starting with the Muslim Barbary Pirates who were kidnapping Americans on the High Seas and killing them or taking them and their wives and children as slaves, and castrating the young boys, way back in 1805 and requiring us to pay them the tribute to stop them from doing that!  Thomas Jefferson, being the astute Founder that he was, bought the Qu’ran and read it to see how to handle the situation, because he no longer wanted to pay these Supremacist plunderers the tribute.  After reading the Qu’ran Thomas Jefferson realized that he would have to go to war to stop it.  And in 1805 he did, and won!  It was only then that we stopped paying the Supremacist marauders the tribute!

If we don’t learn history we are doomed to repeat it! 

Call the New York Times and demand that they run Pamela Geller’s ad.  What’s okay for the Catholics is definitely 270 million more times okay for Islam’s bloody sword of intolerance, since the Supremacists have murdered 270 million non-Muslims and counting since Islam’s advent 1400 years ago, as evidenced throughout history, and today where they are killing Christians and all non-Muslims worldwide and with impunity!

Ah, yes!  Sharia Supremacy is alive and well in America, and throughout the West, where these dhimmi politicians and their collaborators have kneeled down on Islam’s bloodied mats of slavery, and where they are delivering Western Civilization, free speech, and freedom to these Supremacist slaveowner’s chopping block!

Muslim Albanian Mafia Clan Keljmendi List: Sami Osmakac Answers to Naser Keljmendi Mafia Kingpin

Just recently the FBI arrested a Muslim Albanian Jihadist, born in Kosovo, for plotting a terror suicide attack in Tampa, Florida.   He answers to the Islamist and Clan Keljmendi terrorist organizations operating in Kosovo who in turn answers to Naser Keljmendi, Muslim Albanian kingpin of the Clan Keljmendi.

Naser Keljmendi acknowledges that he funded the separation of  Montenegro from the Republic of Serbia by offering big money to the ruling party in Montenegro (leader Milo Djukanovic, DPS, a mercenary and NATO Rockefeller’s favorite).  Keljmendi, the godfather of the Albanian Mafia in Kosovo also paid off PM Hashim Thaci and is house friends with Milan Rocen (Minister of Foreign Affairs in Montenegro)!  The story is that he loves expensive cars and the like. 

Here is the list of the heads in the Muslim Albanian Mafia Clan Keljmendi:


Safet Kalic , Samir Music ,Suvad Music Batko ,Sead Lukac , Saladin Beciragic ,Sadudin Beciragic ,Mersudin Kalic.

Emrus Suma Hodja nickname ,Bekim Suti ,Sabit Gecu , Naser S. Hatrijem ,Agim Ali Eljsani ,Cerim Eljsani ,Avni Eljsani ,Adem Eljsani ,Ahmet Eljsani .


Mirzet Lukic ,Senad Hocanin ,Tomislav Jokic Srbin! ,Zoran Brankovic Srbin! ,Dalibor Grujic Srbin ,Marko Puskic Srbin ,Nedjad Hajrovic ,Aleksandar Pavlovic Srbin ,Bojan Bakoc Srbin ,Ferizaj Gezim.


Fljorim Maljoku.


Naser Keljmendi ,Aziz Gasi ,Muhamed Ali Gasi ,Amir Kasumic ,Fatmir Muljaj ,Elvis Keljmendi ,Besnik Keljmendi , Rugovcija Deku ,Guad Nikcija ,Faruk Nikcija ,Almir Kukan ,Amir Kasumic ,Ljiram Bitici ,Liridon Keljmendi.


Skender Keljmendi in Brooklyn, NY , Elvir Murici(Son of Ramiz Murici)


Bujrim Osmani ,Baskim Osmani , Feliks Osmani . in Hamburg.


Iljir Isufaj(Nickname Striga) ,Ljuan Tobolji ,Skeljzen Ukepera .

8. KOSOVO(In Kosovo, the chief executive officers)

Redjep Keljmendi ,Sefket Keljmendi ,Djevdet Keljmendi ,Valjdet Keljmendi ,Agron Keljmendi ,Ram Keljmendi .

Kosovo looks and clan Murici (in close ties with Nasser Keljmndija)

9.TURKEY(Istanbul, suplies the heroine)

Yusuf Karakafa.


Ramiz Murici ,Sadik Murici ,Muftar Murici.


No representatives (Heads) for the Swiss! And they are strong.
No representatives (Heads) for Croatia either!  Those in Croatia “peru money” legally invest in real estate on the Adriatic Sea (Istria area) and beyond! On the advice of a former minister (Osmani’s son in law) Tomislav Karamako!

The heroine route is from Afghanistan, through Iran, Turkey, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia to the West.  All local politicians are bribed by the drug gang.  The drug clans pay the politicians (when elected), and the drug gang leaders (heads) unquestioningly obey their Islamic leader (and execute their orders without question).  Those who oppose are killed!  95% of this heroine comes to the West.


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Terror-linked CAIR attacks FBI after Tampa jihadist arrested

Posted on January 11, 2012 by creeping

More on the Kosovar Muslim who wanted to kill Floridians. As a reader pointed out yesterday, CAIR knew the suspect. via Terror in Tampa- CAIR Denial :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

“We all have to die, so why not die the Islamic way?” Sami Osmakac, a 25-year-old immigrant who plotted a suicide terror attack in Tampa, told a confidential informant. When the informer tried once more to dissuade him from his plans, by asking whether he wanted to get married and have children, Osmakac replied that he would build his family in Paradise.

Osmakac was arrested Saturday night, after receiving nonfunctioning guns and explosives from the FBI and making a martyrdom video. Although he initially planned to blow up a car bomb outside of Tampa’s nightlife district of Ybor City, he altered his plan to avoid being cut short by police patrols around the busy club scene. He currently faces one charge of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, with the potential of life imprisonment and a $250,000 fine.

Despite Osmakac’s commitment to carry out multiple deadly attacks, CAIR officials went on the offensive against the FBI for capturing another “innocent” Muslim. Trying to create tension between Muslim Americans and law enforcement is part of CAIR’s regular response to government counterterrorism investigations.

Executive Director of CAIR San Francisco Zahra Billoo was quick to paint the arrest as a scam, stating that she was “wondering how much of the thwarted terror plot in Florida was seeded by the FBI, [a]ppreciating that even the MSM mentioned the informants.” Dawud Walid, Executive Director of CAIR-Michigan, released a tweet saying, “it is not the job of civil rights groups to be commending the FBI on their use of informants, given the FBI’s history.”

The Director of CAIR’s Florida chapter, Hassan Shibley, gave a more lukewarm and confusing response to news of the arrest. Although he stated that Osmakac “was no friend or supporter of the Muslim community” and that the Muslim community had played a “vital role” in his arrest, he also expressed “concern about a perception of entrapment.”

“The weapons and explosives were provided by the government. Was he just a troubled individual, or did he pose a real threat?” said Shibly to the press this morning. As the day progressed, he was quoted casting additional mistrust of the government’s intentions. “I think the fear at the point is that he was just mentally disturbed…I think that community members hoped that by reporting him, he could get the proper assistance,” Shibly explained to MyFoxTampaBay.

The details of the case make plain the intentions of the plotter.

Read it all at the invaluable Investigative Project on Terrorism and some insight on the bogus entrapment whining from terror-linked CAIR, via former MP and DEA agent Fousesquawk:

The fact that the government may or may not have provided requested materials to the suspect (such as bomb-making materials) does not in itself constitute entrapmant. Government or police may “afford the opportunity” for the suspect to carry out a crime as long as predisposition exists. For example, if an undercover cop poses as a passed out drunk in a New York subway, it is not entrapment if a mugger attempts to rob him and then is arrested. A person such as you or I, who is not predisposed to steal, would not try to rob an unconscious drunk.  Accordingly, if someone plotting a terrorist attack is attempting to procure explosives, it is not entrapment for an informant or UC to fill that role.

Again, predisposition is the key, and it must be documented in such a way as to convince a jury.

Coincidence? The same folks fighting for sharia law in the U.S. are defending jihad suspects and attacking those tasked with protecting us.

As posted on the Blaze

Posted on January 9, 2012 at 12:53pm

(The Blaze/AP) — A 25-year-old man from the former Yugoslavia was charged with an alleged plot to attack crowded locations in the Tampa area, including night clubs, with a car bomb, assault rifle and other explosives, federal authorities said Monday.

The U.S. Department of Justice announced the arrest of Sami Osmakac, whose first appearance in federal court was scheduled for 2 p.m. Monday. Below is a photo of the suspect courtesy of Fox News Insider, which called him an “Islamic extremist”:

Sami Osmakac Arrested For Alleged Bomb Plots Against Tampa Targets | Called Islamic Extremist

Authorities say Osmakac, from Pinellas County, is a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in the former Yugoslavia. He has been charged with one count of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

FBI agents arrested Osmakac on Saturday after he allegedly bought explosive devices and firearms from an undercover agent. The firearms and explosives were rendered inoperable by law enforcement. The federal complaint says that shortly before his arrest, Osmakac made a video of himself explaining his motives for carrying out the planned violent attack.

Federal officials say a confidential source told them in Sept. 2011 that Osmakac wanted al-Qaida flags. Two months later, the federal complaint said, Osmakac and the confidential source “discussed and identified potential targets in Tampa” that Osmakac wanted to attack.

Osmakac allegedly asked the source for help getting the firearms and explosives for the attacks, and the source put him in touch with an undercover FBI employee.

On Dec. 21, Osmakac met with the undercover agent and allegedly told the agent that he wanted to buy an AK-47-style machine gun, Uzi submachine guns, high capacity magazines, grenades and explosive belt. During a later meeting, Osmakac gave the agent a $500 down payment for the items.

“According to the complaint, Osmakac also asked the undercover employee whether he/she could build bombs that could be placed in three different vehicles and detonated remotely, near where Osmakac would conduct a follow-up attack using the other weapons he requested,” the press release said. “The undercover employee said he/she could possibly provide explosives for one vehicle. Osmakac also allegedly said that he wanted an explosive belt constructed to kill people.”

On Jan. 1, Osmakac told the agent that he wanted to bomb night clubs, the Operations Center of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and a business in Tampa, Florida.

Osmakac told the undercover FBI agent that he wanted to detonate a car bomb and use the explosive belt to “get in somewhere where there’s a lot of people” and take hostages. During that meeting, the agent told Osmakac he could always change his mind about his plot.

“According to the complaint, Osmakac immediately shook his head in the negative and stated, `We all have to die, so why not die the Islamic way?’ ” the press release stated.

As posted on Mail Online

Moment terror suspect, 25, arrested over ‘bomb plot’ in Florida was caught on camera brawling with Christian protesters

  • YouTube video of man believed to be Sami Osmakac warned viewers to convert to Islam ‘before it is too late’

Last updated at 11:11 AM on 10th January 2012

A Muslim accused of plotting to bomb locations in the U.S. has apparently been identified as the same man assaulting Christian protesters in a video posted online.

Sami Osmakac, 25, an immigrant from Kosovo, was said to have been planning an attack in Tampa, Florida using a car bomb, machine guns and other explosives.

In the first video clip, a man who appears to be Osmakac, confronted Christian protesters and assaulted one outside the Tampa Bay Times Forum – leaving the man bleeding from the mouth. He was later arrested by police.

Scroll down for videos


Confrontation: Sami Osmakac, 25, who is suspected of planning a bomb plot in Florida, appears to have been caught on camera in a heated argument with Christian protestersConfrontation: Sami Osmakac, 25, who is suspected of planning a bomb plot in Florida, appears to have been caught on camera in a heated argument with Christian protesters


Battle: The video which was posted on YouTube allegedly show Muslim immigrant Osmakac involved in a war of words with other religious protestersBattle: The video which was posted on YouTube allegedly show Muslim immigrant Osmakac involved in a war of words with other religious protesters

In the second video with the title ‘Convert to Islam NOW! To all Atheist Christian (Non-Muslims)’ a man who looks and sounds like Osmakac threatened members of other religions.

The message from Abdul Samia, believed to be one of Osmakac’s aliases, warns viewers to convert to Islam ‘before it is too late’.  The YouTube videos were posted in December 2010 and in April last year.

Sami Osmakac, a naturalized U.S. citizen, was charged yesterday with one count of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

Osmakac, of Pinellas County, Florida, allegedly bought explosives and guns from an undercover FBI agent, which had been made unusable.


In the name of peace? Osmakac lands a blow on the man before later being taken into police custody at the rally in Tampa, FloridaIn the name of peace? Osmakac lands a blow on the man before later being taken into police custody at the rally in Tampa, Florida


Tussle: A protester drags Osmakac away from a fellow demonstrator outside the Tampa Bay Times Forum in December 2010Tussle: A protester drags Osmakac away from a fellow demonstrator outside the Tampa Bay Times Forum in December 2010


Antagonistic: The members of different religions confront each other on the streets of Florida, where the situation quickly turns violentAntagonistic: The members of different religions confront each other on the streets of Florida, where the situation quickly turns violent

He allegedly told the officer that he wanted to ‘die the Islamic way’ in attacks at locations in Ybor City and South Tampa.

After being tipped off in September, the five-month investigation culminated with a sting operation at the weekend.

Shortly before his arrest he made a video of himself explaining his motives for carrying out the planned attack, authorities said.


Words of warning: A man, who appears to be Sami Osmakac threatens members of other religions to convert to Islam 'before it is too late' Words of warning: A man, who appears to be Sami Osmakac threatens members of other religions to convert to Islam ‘before it is too late’

Threat: Sami Osmakac, 25 was said to have been planning an attack in Tampa, Florida using a car bombThreat: Sami Osmakac, 25 was said to have been planning an attack in Tampa, Florida using a car bomb

In the eight-minute video he is seen cross-legged on the floor with a pistol in his hand and an AK-47 gun behind him.

He said in the video that Muslim blood was more valuable than that of people who do not believe in Islam, according to a criminal complaint.

Osmakac allegedly added that he wanted ‘payback’ for wrong that was done to Muslims and bring terror to his ‘victims’ hearts’ in Tampa.

A confidential source allegedly told federal officials in September 2011 that Osmakac wanted Al Qaeda flags.

Two months later he talked with the source and ‘discussed and identified potential targets in Tampa’ that he wanted to attack, authorities said.

Osmakac allegedly wanted help getting the firearms and explosives for the attacks, and was put in touch with an undercover FBI employee.

Last month Osmakac met with the agent and allegedly told him that he wanted to buy weapons including an AK-47-style machine gun.

He also allegedly wanted Uzi submachine guns, high capacity magazines, grenades and explosive belt.

Osmakac gave the agent a $500 down payment for the items in a later meeting and outlined his intentions to build bombs, authorities said.

Osmakac allegedly said at another meeting earlier this month that he wanted to bomb night clubs, a business and the Operations Center of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. It is also believed he wanted to blow up an Irish pub and Starbucks coffee shop.


CAIR: A Treasonous Hamas Entity In America

It’s time for the people of America to demand that this organization that they call CAIR is shut down. Contact your representatives in Congress to demand it. This Hamas-linked organization is shutting us up by litigating us to death in order to impose their Sharia on us. Any insidious ideology that seeks to overturn our law, which is the U.S. Constitution, and that seeks to overthrow our American government, is treasonous and it should be treated as such. It’s time for the Congress and our American government to wise up and recognize that we have the vile Jihadist enemy within and they are seeking to destroy America and our freedom by infiltration and litigation and deceit and deception and their endgame is to turn America into an Islamic Caliphate where Sharia would render everyone a slave to Islam and their treacherous ideology of forced submission and death.

Keep in mind that without the collaboration with the vile Jiahdist enemy by both the Progressive Left and the Progressive Right they would never be able to carry on their treachery. In other words Socialism, Marxism, Islamism and Naziism has always collaborated for the same end. Tyranny over us. This is the battle of the century and unless we win it we are going to lose all our freedoms.

Pay particular attention to the fact that these Jihadists mean business and just because they are now dressed in suits and aiming to deceive us into thinking they are no longer a threat, and they are just like us, doesn’t mean that they are not a danger. In fact, these Jihadists in suits are much more dangerous because they are seeking to hide their treacherous agenda of overthrowing our American government and imposing their vile Caliphate tyranny over us.

Every country that these Jihadists enter is their battleground, and the way they wage their war is the same. It has been told over and over again in history. It is for us to prevent their continual genocide against all of us who value our freedom and want to maintain it, and who will never kneel down on their bloodied mats of slavery.

This is a notice to all you dhimmis in our Western governments who appease and apologize to these mass murdering Jihadist killers. We will no longer tolerate it and we are going to hold you accountable for your continued treachery by collaboration.

Minnesota: Death Threats for Leader that Blew the Whistle on Islamic Terror Recruiting

He took a stand against terrorism recruiting, CAIR didn’t like it and now he’s getting death threats….

FBI Investigating Death Threats on Somali Advocate

Omar Jamal_20090421084529162_JPG

Threats on Omar Jamal allegedly from al-Shabaab

Updated: Friday, 02 Dec 2011, 12:20 PM CST
Published : Friday, 02 Dec 2011, 12:00 PM CST

by Tom Lyden / FOX 9 News

MINNEAPOLIS – The FBI and local police are investigating death threats against Omar Jamal, a well-known leader in the Minneapolis Somali community.

Jamal says he began receiving the threats a few weeks ago on his Facebook page. Those threats are allegedly coming from Mogadishu and the terror group al-Shabaab.

Jamal tells FOX 9 he began receiving those threats after the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) criticized him and another Somali leader for being anti-Muslim .

The FBI is searching Facebook records to see if it can identify the individual sending the threats.

Omar Jamal and Abdi Bihi were the first to blow the whistle on the effort to recruit Minnesotan Somalis for terrorism in Somalia . Three of the young men who disappeared from Minneapolis would later become suicide bombers in Kenya and Somalia for the terror group al-Shabaab.

That stance earned them a seat on CAIR’s bad side, and the group recently sent a letter attacking both men’s education and experience while asking local police departments to boycott a Thursday conference where the two will be keynote speakers.

“These individuals, who have no credibility in the Somali community, are going to be educating law enforcement,” the letter read in part.

Yet, both men have been consulted by government leaders in the past. Jamal is now a United Nations representative of the Somali government. Jamal has also spoken before the National Press Club and has been sought after as a spokesman for the Somali community.

Read more: FBI Investigating Facebook Death Threats on Somali Advocate

CAIR Director’s Veiled Call For Muslim Violence in Detroit

On November 11–12, 2011, thousands of Christians from across America will gather at Ford Field (Home of the Detroit Lions) to fast, pray and cry out to God.  Detroit is a disaster and Christians are calling on God to intervene and rescue Detroit and the rest of the US as well.  There is no anti-Muslim message other than a show of faith by Christians.

In response to this prayer and fasting event, Dawud Walid the director Muslim Brotherhood front organization CAIR is hyper-sensitizing Detroit area mosques.  He is contacting Mosques and implying that the Christian prayer event is actually an anti-Muslim event that will cause Muslims to be targeted by the participants.

CAIR’s type of hyper-sensitizing is a tried and true tactic of Imams and Clerics in the world living under the shadow of Mohammedism, here’s how it works.

Just convince a group of Muslims that someone is about to attack them or Mohammed (yeah we know he’s dead) and that they need to be on the lookout for anyone that might be involved.  Muslims are taught to fight anyone and anything their leaders declare to be evil and not to ask questions.

While it may appear that Dawud Walid is just telling Muslims to be careful, what he’s really doing is telling them that if anything happens no matter how trivial, insignificant, or imagined it is the fault of the Christians.  There is no need to tell Muslims that they should use violence to react, this has been taught to them for the last 1389 years..

WND: Muslim CAIR fears big Christian prayer event

Islamic lobby instructs Detroit-area mosques to step up security

Posted: November 05, 2011
12:40 am Eastern

© 2011 WND

His Washington-based organization has been implicated by the U.S. in the financing of Hamas. More than a dozen of his colleagues have been indicted or convicted in terrorism cases. The FBI has evidence his group was founded as an American front for the Muslim Brotherhood. But Dawud Walid is worried about Detroit-area Christians who are planning a big prayer meeting next week.

Walid, executive director of the Michigan branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is alerting local mosques to step up their security when churches gather at Ford Field, the home of the Detroit Lions, to pray and fast for their city and nation.

Walid met Wednesday with Muslim activists to

Dawud Walid

express his concern that the event will include anti-Muslim rhetoric, the Detroit News reported.

“There’s a bigger force or movement behind this prayer summit and how they’re literally demonizing Muslims,” the CAIR leader charged, according to the paper.

Detroit pastors involved in the event,”The Call Detroit,”however, told the News the gathering is about helping Detroit.

“I don’t know anything about that,” said Bishop Edgar Vann of Second Ebenezer Church. “People are coming here to pray for our city and that’s what I’m concerned about. Christians will be praying, but it’s open to anyone.”

The event, organized by a Kansas City, Mo.-based ministry known as The Call, has put on similar stadium prayer gatherings over the past decade around the country. The Call Detroit begins Friday, Nov. 11, at 6 p.m. and runs 24 hours.

“Islam is in our face everywhere we turn,” he says.In a report by WXYZ-TV in Detroit, Walid played a video posted on YouTube of a conversation with two church leaders he said were associated with the prayer event. One leader is heard lamenting “an attempt to make Michigan our first Muslim state.”

Walid told the Detroit station on camera: “There’s actually advocating, potentially, for stakes to be driven in the ground to bring out the demons from the Muslims. That is really ridiculous.”

Walid, noting that Friday, the day the event begins, is the Muslim holy day of prayer, and so he is asking mosques to “step up” security.

He advised the heads of local mosques to “maintain security at all entrances, and make sure to notify the police immediately if suspicious persons congregate on mosque property.”

A description of the event on The Call’s website referred to “the rising tide of the Islamic movement.” The site says the event is calling Christians to “gather to this city that has become a microcosm of our national crisis — economic collapse, racial tension, the rising tide of the Islamic movement, and the shedding of innocent blood of our children in the streets and our unborn.”

A local pastor insisted to the Detroit paper that the event is not anti-Muslim.

“It’s not to pray against anybody,” said senior pastor Jerry Weinzierl of Grace Christian Church in Sterling Heights, Mich. “It is a very positive movement of Christians gathering together to pray.” Islam expertRobert Spencer, the author of a dozen books about Islam, highlighted CAIR’s reaction to the event on his website.

Noting the recent firebomb attack on the offices of a French newspaper that published a satirical image of Islam’s prophet Muhammad, Spencer said the “Hamas-linked CAIR,” he said, “is yet again trying to portray Muslims as victims.”

“This time, they’re pretending that Muslims in the Detroit area are threatened by Christians who are coming to the city to pray,” he said. “Perhaps Dawud Walid of Hamas-linked CAIR is so used to Muslims storming out of mosques after hearing the Friday sermon and rioting or terrorizing non-Muslims that he assumed a Christian gathering would work the same way.”

CAIR critic Andrew Whitehead, director of the websiteAnti-CAIR, has pointed out that Walid defended the radical Detroit imam who was killed in an October 2009 shootout with the FBI, Luqman Ameen Abdullah.

Walid described Abdullah as a benevolent, “very quiet” man who possibly was set up and murdered by the FBI. Whitehead notes, however, Abdullah once told followers that they should not “carry a pistol if you’re going to police. You give them a bullet.”

U.S. counter-terrorism officials regard CAIR as a front group for the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood, the parent of most of the major Islamic terrorist groups, including Hamas and al-Qaida. CAIR and some of its leaders were named unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terror finance case in U.S. history.The Washington, D.C.-based group is suing a father-and-son teamthat conducted an undercover probe that came up with 12,000 pages of internal documents confirming CAIR’s role as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in the U.S. The findings were published in the WND Books best-selling expose”Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America”

AsWND reported, Walid was a headliner at a conference in Detroit recently along with the co-author of areport that slanders critics of radical Islam, including Spencer,Daniel PipesandSteven Emerson. Anti-tax campaigner Grover Norquist also was featured at the National Leadership Conference Sept. 30 to Oct. 2, sponsored by the Arab American Institute.

Rogues gallery of terror-tied CAIR leaders

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CAIR: Under The Mask


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